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Chapter 540 Legends of Mysterious Dan Chen Xiang trembled thoroughly as he heard the words 'Flying Nine Death Flowers'. Incomparable ecstasy welled up from his heart, causing him to nearly go insane with excitement. This was because Flying Nine Death Flowers were used to concoct the Flying Dan, which was at Lower Grade Heaven Rank. Even though it was called the Flying Nine Death Dan, it was something that people who had passed the eighth Nirvana Tribulations dreamed of. After consuming a Flying Dan, one could directly transcend the ninth Nirvana Tribulations, obtain incredible strength, and then ascend into the sky without experiencing the most powerful Ninth Nirvana Tribulations. No one knew what kind of energy such a formidable Dan could have to make someone avoid Nirvana Tribulations and obtain energy that was even more powerful than a worrier who passed Ninth Nirvana Tribulation, but it was clear that one who took it would either succeed or die. Although it was called the Flying Nine Death Flower, one who took a Dan concocted from it had 50% chance of successfully ascending, while the chance was only 10% if he or she took the flower directly. "Don't celebrate too early. This kind of flower is only useful when the ninth Nirvana Tribulations comes. After you eat it, there is a fifty percent chance that the Nirvana Tribulations will not come. If it comes anyway, then you must deal with it, otherwise you would die." Su Meiyao said. "Well, it doesn't seem to be the same as what's written in the books." Chen Xiang thought that one could eat it no matter which level of Nirvana Tribulations he or she was. "That's reasonable. Very few people have eaten the Flying Dan, but I've refined two of them before. One of the trier successfully avoided and passed the ninth Nirvana Tribulations, but the other one still did not and died miserably after that." Su Meiyao said. Bai Youyou added, "junior master said that if we take ten Flying Dan, the Nirvana Tribulation will definitely not come!" "Junior master?" Chen Xiang asked doubtfully. It was against the law if one who took ten Flying Dan could avoid the most terrifying ninth Nirvana Tribulations. Moreover, Chen Xiang had the God Liquid of Creation, thus as long as he had enough time, he would made more of this kind of thing than beans. "He was the one who taught me how to refine Dan. He said so, but he has never tried. Whether it is in the Heavenly Realm or the Mortal Realm, no one has ever collected ten Flying Dan together, so it cannot be verified. But now, there is a chance for us." Su Meiyao smiled seductively. She was very i nterested in this area, and Chen Xiang was also carefully moving this flower in. "Little dragon, come out and help out. Just don't eat it unchecked. Pick and eat the stuff I already have." Chen Xiang asked Long Xueyi to come out and help. This place wasn't safe, so Chen Xiang didn't want the two beauties in the ring to take the risk. "Leave nothing behind us! Take them all!" Now that Chen Xiang had obtained this batch of elixirs which was enough for him to refine Lower Grade Earth Rank Dan. However, he only had two years left, which was definitely insufficient. He was aware that there was no way for him to reach that level no matter how talented he was. Therefore, he needed to enter the Star Transposition Realm in Demon Subduing Academy to win some time. Now, he could only concoct Pure Essence Golden Pill which was at Medial Grade Profound Rank. He needed to concoct at least two different types of Dan before he could ascend another level. "An Upper Grade Profound Rank Dan is a big challenge for me, let alone an Earth Rank Dan. The test that Elder Dan gave me is really difficult." Chen Xiang sighed hopelessly. Elder Dan was about to undergo his Nirvana Tribulations, but it was hard to tell whether she could succeed or not. If she failed, then this lady would perish. Chen Xiang had always wanted to remove the veil of this mysterious woman. Ever since he entered the Extreme Martial Sect, he had felt that this woman knew him and slightly hated him. "Maybe she's ugly. Then it would be troublesome if she sticked on me after I win against her." Chen Xiang shook his head and smiled. Elder Dan had once said that Chen Xiang could took her as his woman and do whatever he wanted on her as long as he won over and obtained her recognition. "I could easily tell from her skin, hair, and figure that she is a beautiful woman, but it's hard to say about her face." Su Meiyao said with a smile. Very quickly, all the remaining elixirs in the top one Profound Realm were collected by Chen Xiang. These elixirs could be made into two dose of Dan, or one at least. However, Chen Xiang could make as many as he wanted with them. The batch of elixirs he obtained this time were very useful. They were all rare and popular. Chen Xiang was certain that if he brought them to auction, he would definitely be able to sell them for a high price. "Face Preserving Dan. With this kind of thing, I can have as many women as I want. I feel that there will be many Hundred Cultivation Realm women who are willing to take off their clothes and sleep with me." At this moment, he couldn't help but recall the erotic events that happened in the cave with Xue Xianxian. It made him nostalgic. This was because some people would encounter bottlenecks in their cultivation process, and their fleshly body would age after a long period of time. Some people broke through before their body became old, then they could stay young forever, therefore there were both young and old Nirvana Realm marital artists, while those with young looking were pretty gifted. However, if one had a Face Preserving Pill, he or she could avoiding aging. Thus it attracted many beautiful female martial artists. Therefore, if Chen Xiang grasped this kind of thing, he would definitely be able to establish a huge harem, because a woman could only stay young appearance by taking Face Preserving Dan consistently, not only one. "Hmph, you little rascal. I am going to kill you if you dare to use Face Preserving Dan on bad things." Su Meiyao threatened him. "Haha, can I take this as you being jealous?" Chen Xiang laughed. "You'll get more women if you have a Rejuvenation Dan, those who turn back young from old." Bai Youyou's words caused Chen Xiang to feel goosebumps all over his body. Long Xueyi giggled and said, "If there's a sort of Dan that makes men into women, then this little rascal will have even more women!" "There is, indeed, that kind of thing, called Gender Reversion Dan, but they are used only on beasts, because some rare demon beasts are very hard to find. If you have two males or females of them, you can use this Dan to change one of them, and that way, you can match them up to make offsprings." Su Meiyao laughed exuberantly, "of course, you can use it on a person!" Chen Xiang suddenly felt disgusted. "Stop talking, I want to vomit!" "Haha …Thus you better not flirting around everywhere in the future. There are some men who take Gender Reversion Dan in order to obtain large amounts of cultivation resources from other men…" "Stop saying that, Sister Meiyao. By the way, is there truly a Rejuvenation Dan? I guess many old guys should be interested in it" Chen Xiang asked. There must be a lot of very old martial artists who wished to take it and turn young. After all, no one wanted to have the appearance of an old man. "Of course there is, but it's a Lower Grade Heaven Rank Dan, and ingredients are hard to find." Su Meiyao said. Chen Xiang did not leave this place because of the dense spiritual energy here. The lake was itself rich of spiritual energy, and the Spirit Gathering Array underneath it made it an extremely good environment of cultivation. Thus, Chen Xiang decided to cultivate the Fire God Law here.
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