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Chapter 538 Fire God Law Right now, Chen Xiang could do whatever he wanted. For him, those in the Nirvana Realm were all the same. He could kill whoever he wanted, not to mention the headmaster of such vicious powers. "Chen Xiang, you can't kill me." the middle-aged man said through clenched teeth. "Well, why?" Chen Xiang stomped on his abdomen and a "pa" sound rang out. Under the attack of Demon Subduing Force, the middle-aged man felt as if his abdomen was being struck by lightning. He was in so much pain that blood flowed out from his mouth. "I just killed those three guys. Do you think I will let you go?" Chen Xiang laughed loudly as he stomped on his abdomen and chest, shattering his bones and organs. Horrifying howls reverberated in the air, giving people goosebumps. The middle-aged man knew that if he wanted to live, he had to take out some things to exchange, otherwise he would be killed by Chen Xiang. In this short period of time, he completely recognized what kind of person Chen Xiang was. Chen Xiang would not even hesitate as he killed Nirvana Realm martial artists, for which the middle-aged man himself would do some consideration. "I know you have a fire soul, one that is larger than our imagination. If I'm not wrong, yours should be the Heaven and Earth Fire Soul, isn't it!" The middle-aged man gritted his teeth and said while enduring the pain. Chen Xiang slightly frowned. He didn't think that the man would be seen through it. He stepped on the middle-aged man's leg and increased his strength. "Then what action are you planning to take against me?" "Our Fire God Shrine has a secret technique to extract fire souls. Normally, the people whose fire souls get extracted are mostly disabled, delirious, and die! Our Fire God Shrine is spreading throughout the world to collect the scattered fire souls. Anyone works for the Fire God Shrine will be rewarded with low level fire souls." The middle-aged man knew that he must tell the truth for living, "we really do want to take your fire soul, but we still have some scruples. However, we've already decided that we will take advantage of the chaos to capture you when the Great War of the Three Realms breaks out!" "You guys are too naive. Do you really think I'm that easy to deal with? " Chen Xiang sneered. "That's right. Although you're not powerful, it's very difficult to capture you. However, after my inves tigation, your friend and your women …" After hearing his words, Chen Xiang was filled with fury. With an explosive sound, the Demon Subduing Force surged forth with killing intent, making a bloody hole in the middle-aged man's abdomen. "Ah …" The man yelled painstakingly. He, a grand elder of the Fire God Shrine, a worrier who had survived the seventh Nirvana Tribulation, was now being ravaged by a little kid at the Spiritual Martial Realm. This made him extremely angry, but it was of no use. It was not on him even to commit suicide. "As long as you let me go, I will teach you a martial art, a secret technique of the Fire God Shrine. It is only suitable for those who possess a fire soul to cultivate. The stronger the fire soul is, the more powerful the technique is." The middle-aged man said. Chen Xiang gave a cruel smile, "there's no need!" With that, he slapped the middle-aged man's head and chanted an incantation as he searched through the middle-aged man's memories. This man had lived for a very long time and had a lot of memories. If he absorbed them all in one go, it would only give Chen Xiang a headache. Thus he only looked for what he wanted. However, it did hurt the man a lot. "These guys are really despicable. They included sister Menger, Xiangyue and Elder Dan on the kill list …" Chen Xiang found a list of names. The people on it were all outstanding with fire. "Fire God Law?" Chen Xiang murmured. He found a book with a lot of content. It was instantly absorbed into his mind and became his memory. What he needed to do now was to properly understand the Fire God Law and see how powerful it was. "It is indeed the Fire God Law. It is a famous marital art even in the Heavenly Realm, also the key of the power of Fire God Shrine. Many of the disciples in the Fire God Shrine were created using this Fire God Law, and only those who possess fire souls and are loyal to the Fire God Shrine can learn it! You probably don't have all of it in your hands!" Su Meiyao said in surprise. The middle-aged man's face was deathly pale. He was in the Nirvana Realm, and even though Chen Xiang had tortured him multiple times, he still hadn't fainted yet. "You …What did you do to me?" the middle-aged man said angrily. "I've searched through your memories!" Chen Xiang smiled faintly. "What? How could you know such a forbidden demonic art, you …you …" Before he could finis h his words, Chen Xiang's broadsword carried a deep killing intent as it mercilessly slashed down and killed the middle-aged man. "He's dead. There are many good stuffs. Keep them properly." Chen Xiang used a restriction to seal up the corpse. Corpse of a man from Fire God Shrine was precious because it contained a fire soul and a powerful fire attribute True Qi. If he had the chance in the future, he could slowly devour that power and figure out a way to extract the fire soul. "If only I could encounter more people from Fire God Shrine. If they can extract fire souls from someone else, I can also do it!" After Chen Xiang finished dealing with the four corpses, he adjusted his condition and shattered the stone tablet. After that, he ran towards the place where the real elixirs were hidden. He just learned from the middle-aged man's memories that many maps were scattered across the Heavenly Realm the day before the eclipse. That's why many major powers came here. While Fire God Shrine and Demon Suppression God Shrine obtained the maps earlier. They also got a detailed map of the top one Profound Realm. "It must come from Li Tianjun. This guy really likes chaos!" Chen Xiang cursed inwardly. "There were a lot of people trying to kill him back then. I think he probably harbored some hatred in his heart and wanted these people to kill each other within the top one Profound Realm. Perhaps he even raised many powerful things inside of it!" Su Meiyao said. Thinking of this, Chen Xiang's expression turned heavy. Luckily, he knew from the memories of the Fire God Shrine that Liu Menger hadn't come. Otherwise, he would be worried of her. This was because no one dared to claim himself invincible in such an environment. If he got surrounded and unable to escape, then death would be inevitable. "In the future when I get to the Heavenly Realm, I must meet Li Tianjun!" Chen Xiang said. "There will be a chance. Defeat him when you concoct Dan." Su Meiyao smiled satisfactorily. She had a lot of confidence in Chen Xiang. After all, she was the one who taught him. After a month of traveling, Chen Xiang finally arrived near the location engraved on the stele and saw many mountain peaks marked on the map. This time, he was not as excited as he previously did, because this could be a farce set by Li Tianjun, or a trap with lots of powerful sects inside. Chen Xiang had to keep alert.
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