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Chapter 537 Benefit From A Conflict Seeing the people from the other factions arrive, face of the Fire God Shrine's middle-aged man became extremely dark. "Are you guys sent by the newly risen King's Shrine? You are just ants in the Heavenly Realm." The middle-aged man sneered. "No, we are from the Divine Martial Sect. I think it will not take for us to have a place in the Heavenly Realm. Of course, you have to be alive until you ascend to the Heavenly Realm to see it." An old man from the Divine Martial Sect lightly smiled, but his eyes were filled with killing intent. Chen Xiang was shocked. He knew that the Divine Martial Sect was a branch of the King's Shrine in the Mortal Realm, but now they intended to be independent. This meant that behind the Divine Martial Sect there was someone with strength comparable to a human king supporting them. Conflicts between sects were by their nature extremely cruel. Now Chen Xiang gained a higher level of understanding of the Divine Martial Sect. "I admit that your Human King bloodline is a bit arrogant, but our Fire God Shrine is not a pushover either. Furthermore, both of us can't use True Qi right now, so don't forget what our Fire God Shrine elders have!" The Fire God Shrine's middle-aged man clenched his fists, and a scorching aura began to emanate from his body. This caused Chen Xiang to be slightly surprised. Under the circumstances where he couldn't use his True Qi, the man from Fire God Shrine was actually able to release heat, which meant that he could use fire. As for Chen Xiang who possessed the Heaven and Earth Fire Soul, he couldn't do this! "Fire Soul! It seems the stories are true. We've heard long ago that all men from Fire God Shrine are demons that specialize in stealing fire soul then fuse them with your bodies with evil techniques!" The old man from the Divine Martial Sect tightly clenched his fist. The bones in his body started to crackle as energy crazily surged in his body. The strength of both sides were about the same, but both of them were restricted of using True Qi, thus their battles were not that fierce. These four people with equal strength no longer bickered and launched fierce attacks at the same time. All of them were engaged in close quarters combat. Even though they couldn't use his True Qi, the power they exerted through their bodies was also extremely powerful, and Chen Xiang was also waiting for an opportunity to make his move. The Fire God Shrine was an evil sect. It specialized in robbing fire souls, so Chen Xiang would not miss such an opportunity. Moreover, the Divine Martial Sect also wanted him die, hence he would show no mercy at all. Since he could n't use his True Qi, the battle between the four Nirvana Realm warriors didn't cause much of a commotion and wouldn't attract anyone else. Most people didn't put too much energy into their bodies when they could cultivate True Qi, unless they reached the peak of the Hundred Cultivation Realm which required they to do so. However, once they stepped into the Nirvana Realm, many people would put aside their bodies and focus on training their thick True Qi. In this sort of gravitational environment that was 20 times more than normal, they had consumed a great deal of their physical strength. After only about two hours, all four of them had fought to the point of being hard to bear. They had used up over half of their strength and sweated continuously. At this moment, the Fire God Shrine took the advantage because they had fire souls that allowed them to release an oppressive heat when attacking. It was a type of torture to others as well. "It's about time. Little dragon, focus on the timing to cooperate with me." Chen Xiang said. Long Xueyi would not be affected in this kind of environment because she was using magic power. She could gather the spiritual energy of the world anytime, and use it as her own power to attack. "Find those elixirs and share some with me." Long Xueyi said very obediently. Chen Xiang was not surprised by this old woman who always acted like a little girl. "Just a moment ago, you guys were still so stubborn. It seems like you all are only mediocre at this level! It is a great crime if your Divine Martial Sect wants to betray the King's Shrine. If you can't kill us, haha … " The Fire God Shrine's middle-aged man panted as he spoke. Both sides stopped fighting. They knew that if they continued, both sides would suffer losses. At that time, neither side would gain anything. This was all because they were too confident. Otherwise, they wouldn't have spouted nonsense from the start. "Rest assured, none of you will escape today!" Hearing this voice, the elders of the Fire God Shrine and Divine Martial Sect trembled. They were very familiar with Chen Xiang. How could they not recognize this voice? Following the sound of Chen Xiang's voice, a green light flashed and Chen Xiang suddenly appeared. The Azure Dragon Devil Slaughtering Slayer in his hand had already been raised high into the air. He suddenly chopped down towards the head of a young man from the Fire God Shrine. Since the four of them had gone through a long battle of endurance. Now, their strength and speed had been greatly reduced. In front of Chen Xiang's violent and fast attacks, they simply had no way of defending against them. At the same time that the azure l ight flashed, red blood splashed out. It was like a red flower blooming, splattering in the air and splattering onto the faces of the other three, causing them to quiver involuntarily. "Chen Xiang!" The Fire God Shrine's middle-aged man roared and threw a fierce punch at the sudden appearance of him. However, when his fist struck towards Chen Xiang, Chen Xiang's body flashed and dodge to the back of the two elders from the Divine Martial Sect in a light movement. "Pa, pa, pa, pa …" A series of explosions rang out as the echoes reverberated through the silent wasteland. At the same time that Chen Xiang's broadsword slashed across the wasteland, he unleashed his invincible Demon Subduing Force. His speed was as fast as lightning, breaking the waists of the two elders who were trying to escape. In the blink of an eye, Chen Xiang had killed three powerful experts who had passed the seven Nirvana Tribulations! However, Chen Xiang was not touched by that at all. He had done such kind of job for a long time ago. At this moment, Chen Xiang was extremely calm and had a smile on his face. The Fire God Shrine's middle-aged man only had one thought in his mind, and that was to escape for his life! He didn't know what abilities Chen Xiang had for him to hide in the surroundings and appear when they were exhausted then use his lightning fast attack to kill the three of them! Thus, he was certain that his current strength was inferior to Chen Xiang the freak. If he continued to linger, then he would be the next to die. Chen Xiang had no choice but to admit that the Fire God Shrine's middle-aged man was using all his might to escape. His speed was shockingly fast as he left behind a long afterimage. Only after a blink of eye that he had flew to a top of a high mountain far away. However, Long Xueyi was even faster than him. She shot out like a ray of light, turning into a white belt of light and coiling around the escaping middle-aged man. Observing that Long Xueyi had succeeded, Chen Xiang slowly put away the storage rings on the hands of the three dead men. However, as he was about to open them, he discovered that the storage rings were already damaged. "They are truly a bunch of sly old foxes. They had done some protection." Chen Xiang sighed. Some storage rings were equipped with profound formations. If the owners died, the storage rings would self-destruct. The escaping Fire God Shrine's middle-aged man was bundled up by Long Xueyi and brought to Chen Xiang. "Fire God Shrine? Well, you guys are the evil forces that specialize in robbing fire souls. You do make me tremble with fear." Chen Xiang lightly said as he stepped on the middle-aged man's face.
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