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Chapter 536 Stele Zuo Zhenxuan felt extremely helpless in this Profound Realm where he couldn't control his True Qi. After being thrown out by the tornado released by Long Xueyi, he had no way to control his body. He could only allow that huge force to fly him out. Although he didn't know what happened at that time, he was certain that someone had deliberately released that power to separate him and Zheng Chu. Zuo Zhenxuan quickly returned to the canyon, but he only saw some blood stains on the ground. It was Zheng Chu's blood, and he guessed that someone had kidnapped Zheng Chu and had ordered him to lead the way to the place where the rare plants were hidden. Zheng Chu had said that only he had a detailed map of the top one Profound Realm. Chen Xiang turned into a bird and quickly left the canyon, hiding deep in the mountains. "This box is really hard to open. It's small and full of powerful restrictions. If I forcibly destroy it, I will activate those restrictions and cause the box to explode." Chen Xiang frowned. Inside the box was a Heavenly Grade Dan, but right now it was very difficult to open it, which made him extremely anxious. "I should have used the Soul Taking Incantation to search that guy's memories. With my current understanding of formations, I am simply unable to open it." Chen Xiang shook his head and sighed. He could only temporarily put away the box containing Heavenly Grade Dan, and waited for Liu Menger to open it for him. To avoid meeting Zuo Zhenxuan, Chen Xiang didn't follow the map. He was worried that Zuo Zhenxuan also had a map. Beside, even though Zuo Zhenxuan knew he killed Zheng Chu, Chen Xiang didn't want to do anything to him. He wanted to build a good relationship with Zuo Zhenxuan so that he could benefit from Demon Subduing Academy. At this moment, Chen Xiang turned into a bird and rapidly flew towards his target. He knew that those sect headmasters would soon know what happened in Sun Moon Island, especially in this unique period, so he had to hurry to the place where the elixir plants was hidden. Although Chen Xiang had become a bird, due to his True Qi which was affected as well as the pressure down there, his speed became very slow. He continuously flew for more than two months before finally getting close to his destination. However, he was surprised as he saw the entire land he was standing on was extremely futile with all plan ts withered. "It's really far. Fortunately, the time here is different from the outside. Otherwise, the entrance would have been closed by now. I need to quickly go to that place and obtain more spiritual medicines." Chen Xiang looked around, "however, this place doesn't seem to be a place with a large amount of exilic plants." The Spirit Qi here was pitifully thin, and this place was also at the border of the top one Profound Realm. Chen Xiang guessed that the Spirit Qi of this Profound Realm was all concentrated in the central region, so after arriving here, he was very puzzled, because according to common sense, this place couldn't possibly allow a large amount of rare flowers and plants to grow for many years. "It seems like the marking on the map is not the place where the elixirs grew. It should only be a hint!" Su Meiyao said. If precious elixirs could still grow in such a place, there could only be one possibility, that there must be a powerful Spirit Gathering Formation there, but Long Xueyi didn't sense it. An hour later, Chen Xiang climbed over a desolate mountain. In front of him was a desolate plain with a stele erected on top of it. The stele wasn't big, only as tall as a person. Although it was still very far away, it was very eye-catching on this plain. "Damned Li Tianjun!" Chen Xiang cursed as he continued to run. On the way here, if it wasn't for him quickly arriving here, he would have already killed many powerful demon beasts and obtained many demon cores which should be a huge amount of wealth. But as he continued on his journey, he arrived at a place where even birds never shit. The words on the stele were written by Li Tianjun. It didn't contain much information, but was extremely infuriating. "The one who comes here, do you feel angry? Do you think it's all for nothing? Don't be angry, I only wish you to experience the beauty of the interior of this top one profound realm! Back then, I was trapped here for many years, so I got bored and wandered around here." "Hah, there were precious elixirs everywhere, but I've already harvested all of them. Most of them were reduced to ashes when I was refining pills, and only a small portion was moved to a place close to this top one profound realm. Below it is a map!" Chen Xiang wanted to smash this stele into ashes with his palm. He came here with so much effort, but it was only a joke by Li Tianjun. Lucki ly, there were still some elixirs inside, otherwise he would have vomited blood. "Don't worry, the elixirs Li Tianjun planted in the past have definitely grown!" Su Meiyao said. Chen Xiang also hoped so as he started to memorize the map engraved on the stele. "Haha …The precious elixirs in this top one Profound Realm all belong to our Fire God Shrine." A loud and excited voice rang with laughter. "The Demon Subduing Academy is too naïve. They definitely didn't expect us to have a map of this Profound Realm!" Another gentle voice spoke in a mocking tone. When Chen Xiang heard these two sounds coming from afar, he hurriedly turned into a rock and hid nearby the stele. "Dammit, what is going on here? It's not strange that these guys can enter the top one Profound Realm, but how could they all got maps! " Chen Xiang asked doubtfully in his heart. Very quickly, Chen Xiang saw a middle-aged man and a young man dashing over from the distance. They were wearing the customs of Fire God Shrine Sure enough, it was as Chen Xiang had expected. All of them went into a rage after seeing the contents on the stele. "I've checked around. There are no signs of anyone else coming here. It seems that we were the first to find this place." The youth said. At this moment, a burst of laughter came from afar, "that's right, but what if you found it first?" As they spoke, two old men wearing white robes flew over and appeared on top of the stone monument. With a glance, they saw the contents on it, then furrowed their brows. "They are elders of the Divine Martial Sect. I have seen them before! People from the Divine Martial Sect are all bad guys. Back then, they also planned to kill me." Chen Xiang thought. He suddenly discovered that there were many powers that had entered the top one Profound Realm, including the elders of the Divine Martial Sect and the Fire God Shrine. "Where are the hall master of the Divine Martial Sect and Fire God Shrine? They should be the first to arrive! " Chen Xiang was puzzled and continued to observe. It would be the best if the Divine Martial Sect and Fire God Shrine had a conflict. At that time, he would just wait to reap the benefits. At the same time, both the two powers learned that there was only one treasure in this place. In order to obtain it, there was only one choice, and that was to exterminate the other party and take the treasure for themselves.
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