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Chapter 534 Reversion Although this canyon was not a necessary passageway, it was the shortest route. It was obvious that Zuo Zhenxuan and Zheng Chu had the map of the top one Profound Realm for them to came. It surprised Chen Xiang a lot that there were other people entering this top one Profound Realm through exactly the same path he took! "We'll be arriving very soon. These two guys seem to be riding on some sort of powerful magical equipment, so they move very fast." Long Xueyi said. Chen Xiang hurriedly jumped into the cave of a Black Rock Dragon and hid within. "Xueyi, can you please delay Zuo Zhenxuan, or lure him away which would be the best. Although I'm this guy's savior, I'm worried that he will stop me from killing Zheng Chu later!" Chen Xiang said as he clenched his fist tightly. He must make use of this opportunity to slaughter Zheng Chu. "No problem!" As Long Xueyi spoke, she turned into a ray of white light and flew out of Chen Xiang's body. At this moment, Chen Xiang saw Long Xueyi rushing towards a rapidly approaching object and accurately striking Zuo Zhenxuan, knocking him off his feet. Following that, a huge tornado with a white glow suddenly appeared. Zuo Zhenxuan was sucked into the tornado before he was flung far away. "That's all I can do!" Long Xueyi did it aptly, causing Chen Xiang to click his tongue. In just a short moment, she had taken Zuo Zhenxuan away. Zheng Chu came down from the Heavenly Realm. Chen Xiang was worried that Zuo Zhenxuan would join forces with Zheng Chu to attack him in order to secure his position as principel. At that time, it would be difficult for Chen Xiang to make a move. Zheng Chu stopped. Only then did Chen Xiang see that Zheng Chu was riding a huge rune which was glowing and flying very fast. This was the first time Chen Xiang had seen something like this. "Is that Black-Stone Dragon. It stinks down there." Zheng Chu noticed that there were many traces of blood on the Black Rock Dragon. He frowned slightly. "Who is it? Don't be so sneaky." Zheng Chu quickly came to the conclusion that someone killed many Black-Stone Dragons here before. This canyon led to the place where the spiritual medicines were planted. Zheng Chu and the others had to ride powerful spiritual talismans in order to arrive here fast, but now there were individuals that had arrived earlier than them and ambushed them, which turned him surprised. "It's me!" Chen Xiang laughed sinisterly as he summoned the Hands of God of Slaughter and the Azure Dragon Devil Slaughtering Slayer, power of the former became even stronger as it was re leased by the tiger-skin gloves. A cold killing intent accompanied by a sharp saber energy covered the sky and rushed towards Zheng Chu. Although this blade was not chopped with Chen Xiang's horribly dense True Qi, the aura it released was still majestic and shocking. Its speed was as fast as lightning as it violently chopped down from Zheng Chu's head, giving rise to waves of tornado-like energy. "Chen Xiang!" Zheng Chu was extremely shocked. In that short moment, he hastily dodged and let Chen Xiang hack the flying talisman into pieces. Although he missed the first attack, Chen Xiang did not feel that it was a pity. He reversed his hand and chopped once again brought forth a swift and fierce slash that carried with it an explosive "pa pa pa pa" sound. It shook the air and swept everything in its path, condensing an extremely terrifying force that was as fast as lightning, as if it could pierce through everything in the world and stab towards Zheng Chu. With a "sou" sound, the powerful force passed through and pierced through Zheng Chu's left shoulder, hitting the mountain wall and leaving a fist-sized hole on it. The hole was so deep that one couldn't see the bottom! Zheng Chu had passed the eighth Nirvana Tribulation, thus his reaction and speed far surpassed those of the Extreme Realm cultivators. Hence Chen Xiang's two quick and violent attacks were unable to kill him. Chen Xiang had gathered all of his aura and strength into those two strikes. Now that he hasn't been hit, his aura has also receded quite a bit. He had to start from the beginning. Both of their feet touched the ground at the same time. Chen Xiang's previous two strikes were completed when they fell. It was clear how fast he was. Chen Xiang expressed rich killing intent on his face. His entire body surged with killing intent like a dragon. His firm and cold eyes clearly showed his determination to kill Zheng Chu. Seeing his expression, Zheng Chu was pretty terrified. An unprecedented fear rose up in his heart. He had just witnessed Chen Xiang's strength as well as that monstrous killing aura. "You…want to kill me?" Zheng Chu suddenly became so angry unconsciously. He let out a load roared. He was an elite who dominated immortals in the Heavenly Realm, but now a man merely at the Extreme Realm intended to kill him. This caused him to feel that his dignity was being trampled upon. Chen Xiang brandished his divine saber, then a series of crackling sounds could be heard. As Chen Xiang chopped down his weapon, a wave of incomparably tyrannical Demon Subduing Force condensed into a point and sho t towards Zheng Chu. "Of course I can kill you since you want to kill me!" Following his words, Chen Xiang once again used his Demon Subduing Force to pierce through Zheng Chu's body. This time, it was on his right shoulder. Even not using True Qi, the strength that Chen Xiang displayed was beyond Zheng Chu's imagination, especially the terrifying force flow. It was something as powerful as True Qi, and could only be produced after the body had been repeatedly tempered and smelted in a furnace. Only a very diligent cultivator could make it. "You …" Just as Zheng Chu said this word, a burst of energy rushed out from under Chen Xiang's feet. His entire body was like an arrow shot out of the mystery as he flew towards Zheng Chu. "Hmph!" Chen Xiang used his blade to slap Zheng Chu's face, sending him flying into the mountain wall. With the Hand of God of Slaughter and Azure Dragon Devil Slaughtering Slayer, Chen Xiang was extremely formidable in an environment where no one could use True Qi, causing Zheng Chu to be incomparably afraid. Seeing Chen Xiang attack him one after another without any scruples, Zheng Chu realized that Chen Xiang would really kill him, while he had not even the chance to retaliate. Zheng Chu, who laid on the ground, was just about to get up when he saw Chen Xiang leaping high into the sky then suddenly fell down like a steel plate, after which his foot trampled on Zheng Chu's left button. "Crack!" Zheng Chu's Nirvana Realm flesh body and his bones that he had refined with powerful True Qi for many years were both crushed. His flesh and blood splattering everywhere, and he let out a mournful roar. At that moment, Zheng Chu was miserably fragile. "Your body is too rotten!" Chen Xiang's eyes flashed with a hint of coldness. Demon Subduing Force gushed out from his feet as he ferociously stomped on Zheng Chu's right shoulder and crushed his bones, which caused Zheng Chu to be in excruciating pain. "So what if you came down from the Heavenly Realm? I can still trample you to death!" Chen Xiang's expression was malevolent and his eyes were vicious. He crazily stomped on Zheng Chu's body. He precisely controlled the strength of his attack that did not crush Zheng Chu into meat, but caused blood to spurt out from his mouth like a fountain. The incomparable humiliation and pain made Zheng Chu feel like an ant. Even though he had monstrous hatred in his heart, he could do nothing about it. He never imagined that a genius like him who was even famous in the Heavenly Realm would be ruthlessly trampled upon by a kid who wasn't even in the Nirvana Realm.
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