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Chapter 535 Faerie Goods Chen Xiang picked up Zheng Chu's lapel and ferociously punched his face with his Demon Subduing Force again and again. Although it was only one sound of the Demon Subduing Force, it was enough to make Zheng Chu dizzy and swollen. "Chen Xiang, why don't you kill me?!" Zheng Chu's anger reached its peak. "You want to die? It's not that easy!" Chen Xiang sneered as he crazily waved his fists, which brought along a strong wind. The explosion of his fists caused the demonic energy to explode, mercilessly smashing into Zheng Chu's body, breaking his bones and shattering his meridians inch by inch. Zheng Chu wished nothing but death. In the canyon, the fist wind were howling miserably like tigers roaring. Thunders rumbled incessantly. Indeed, Zheng Chu's body was strong, that he survived under the devastation caused by Chen Xiang's explosive fists. "Don't be complacent... haha …. I am gonna die with you." Zheng Chu suddenly let out a sinister laugh that made Chen Xiang's hair stand on end. Suddenly, an intense wave of divine sense rushed over. Chen Xiang only saw Zheng Chu suddenly faint and a ray of white light surged out from Zheng Chu's head. The light carried an extremely powerful spiritual suppression that made Chen Xiang feel a sharp pain in his head and almost explode. "His soul left his body, seems like this guy is going to use his soul to die with you." Long Xueyi screamed. "Devouring Demonic Art, quick!" Bai Youyou hurriedly shouted. Chen Xiang hurriedly operated his Devouring Demonic Art, after which the soul force that was trying to penetrate his body was suddenly refined into an extremely pure soul force which then entered his Sea of Consciousness, fusing with his soul and strengthening his divine soul! A sharp pain suddenly transmitted from Zheng Chu's soul. He felt his soul being torn apart by a powerful force, which intimated him extremely, since this soul was his only hope. If Zheng Chu could use his soul to kill Chen Xiang, then he could wait until Zuo Zhenxuan arrived and save him. But now, Chen Xiang was using a terrifying evil art to devour his soul! "It's out of my prediction that this kid has cultivated his soul to such a level. It seems he wants to cultivate a divine soul, but no matter how strong his soul is, it is inferior to yours!" Bai Youyou said faintly, "this seems to be a soul technique from the Immortal Path, able to cause the soul to leave the body. However, it is very da ngerous." Chen Xiang let out a light sigh as he slowly circulated the Devouring Demonic Art and slowly devoured Zheng Chu's powerful soul. "Is that the Devouring Demonic Art... You evildoer!" Zheng Chu sneery yelled. Both Chen Xiang and Bai Youyou were surprised that Zheng Chu could recognize this Devouring Demonic Art. "So what? My demonic art is specifically designed to devour guys like you. Haha!" Chen Xiang laughed. Bai Youyou once said that very few people could recognize this Devouring Demonic Technique even in the Heavenly Realm. It was rigidly inherited and only a dozen of people could ever learn it. Chen Xiang could not devour Zheng Chu's power, but it would be more than includable for him to devour his soul! A divine soul could produce powerful magic power that contained an extremely mystical power. It allowed a person to change his or her forms and unleash divine abilities …One could see how extraordinary it was. Normal souls simply couldn't compare to it. Very quickly, Zheng Chu's soul was painstakingly devoured and refined by Chen Xiang, becoming a part of his soul. Long Xueyi had said that the first big stage of divine soul was divided into six phases: infant, young child, growth, transformation, maturity, and perfection. Each phase was further divined into ten levels. Chen Xiang was previous at the tenth level of growth phase. After devouring Zheng Chu's soul, he jumped into the first level of transformation phase. The divine soul within his Sea of Consciousness was currently being enveloped by a faint white barrier of air. As long as he reached the tenth level, his soul would form a complete cocoon, while he had already begin to transform. After transformation, he would reach the perfect stage, at which his magic power would even be stronger. "As expected of a soul that survived the eighth Nirvana Tribulation!" Long Xueyi exclaimed in surprise. Although it was a powerful soul that survived the eighth Nirvana Tribulation, it only raised Chen Xiang's soul by one stage, which showed just how powerful a divine soul was. "Don't waste this body. Seal it up first, and don't let the power in his body run out. When you have the chance, swallow this power, or use an indirect method to devour it for Liu Menger." Bai Youyou said that those who successfully devoured the eighth Nirvana Tribulation were all from the Heavenly Realm. Thus their body would definitely increase his power. Hearing that, Chen Xiang quickly stopped beating the body. He then froze it with rocks that released ice, placed it into a sarcophagus and sealed it inside his storage ring. "Hurry up and leave, Zuo Zhenxuan is coming back!" Long Xueyi hurriedly called out. Chen Xiang planned to check up Zheng Chu's storage ring, but he must leave now. He did not want to have any conflicts with Zuo Zhenxuan, because Zuo Zhenxuan was the principle of Demon Subduing Academy. He could take care of Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan in the Academy, especially with the help of the Stellar Transposition Realm that would save him a lot of time. Now that he had finished with Zheng Chu, he could still quietly return to the Demon Subduing Academy in the future. "This guy must have a very high position in the Heavenly Realm to actually have such rare items, thousands of them. That's amazing!" Su Meiyao couldn't help but suck in a breath of cold air. Bai Youyou also had an expression of surprise on his face. Chen Xiang didn't have the time to check the storage ring, so he could leave it to Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou to examine it. Hearing the two girls exclaim in surprise, Chen Xiang knew that the top quality crystal must be very valuable. "Is there any Dan or anything like that?" Chen Xiang hurriedly asked. "Let me take a look. There's a box inside. Although I can feel the elixir and Spirit Qi inside, I can't open it. There's a restriction or something. Judging from the Dan's aura, it must be at the Heavenly Grade!" Su Meiyao said. Heavenly Grade Dan! Chen Xiang was shocked. This kind of Dan was rarely seen in the mortal world. Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou had also said it was extremely expensive even in the Heavenly Realm. "What else?" At this moment, Chen Xiang was overjoyed. "There are also a few flying talismans, a low-quality immortal sword, and two maps." Su Meiyao said with some surprise, "one map shows the Sun Moon Island; the other shows this top one Profound Realm. It seems like Zheng Chu came down primarily for this Profound Realm." At that moment, Chen Xiang had turned into a bird. He had to leave the canyon before he could stop. However, he really wished to stopped immediately and took a look after learning that there were a lot of good items within Zheng Chu's storage ring. "An immortal sword? That is a good item! But it's no use to me. " Chen Xiang said. He already had the Azure Dragon Devil Slaughtering Slayer, which was a divine weapon that was even more powerful than an immortal tool.
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