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Chapter 533 Black-Stone Dragon Seeing the expressions of the crowd, Zheng Chu was full of pride showing on his face. From his perspective, those who born in the Mortal Realm would definitely be inferior to him, thus he looked down on them from the bottom of his heart. Of course, no one thought that Chen Xiang would offend such a fellow. Everyone was just reminiscing with old friends and flew towards that huge white crevice. They went inside to get those elixir, and if necessary, they might even fight with their old friends. After the experts entered the top one Profound Realm, they immediately felt that something wasn't right. Their expressions changed greatly, and they were all shocked because they couldn't use their True Qi. If that was the case, then they could only rely on their own physical body to deal with the danger. Moreover, there was a certain amount of gravity in this place. Many people were considering whether or not to leave this place, because the occasional beast roar carried a lot of power, whereas it would be extremely dangerous if they got sieged by demons and beasts while not able to use True Qi. Soon enough, someone made the decision to retreat, then quite a few people followed out. However, there were still fifty experts that didn't fear at all. The top one Profound Realm was huge. The crowd dispersed and chose their own paths and search for the rich resources. They knew that they didn't have much time here, so they immediately scattered. … At this moment, Chen Xiang was walking through a canyon which was rather gloomy and dark. Beside, there were some caves in the walls of the canyon, as if there were something powerful hidden inside. His pace suddenly became very slow, and he didn't make any sound as he walked. His aura was also restrained, because he felt that the danger was right in front of him in the huge caves on both sides of the mountain wall. "This aura …seems to be the Black-Stone Dragon." Long Xueyi suddenly exclaimed. "Black-Stone Dragon? You mean the creature evolving from the Black-Stone Python?" Chen Xiang's heart skipped a beat. This sort of thing was extremely powerful. "Exactly." Long Xueyi reminded him. "Be careful. Kill them if you could, then take out their beast cores. You can eat their beast cores." Just as Long Xueyi finished her words, Chen Xiang observed a black shadow suddenly flying out from a cave and came over. Chen Xiang had been on alert the entire time. When he saw something attacking him, he evaded and simultaneously took out the Azure Dragon Devil Slaughtering Slayer. On the other hand, the Black-Stone Dragon did not run into Chen Xiang, but plunged into the rocky ground. Without a python's body, black stone-like scales covering its body, horns on its head, and claws, the creature looked like a small dragon. However, it was very different from a dragon, but it had a domineering aura that the python did not possess. Even Chen Xiang could clearly feel its physical strength from the side. The Black-Stone Dragon let out a roar and swept its tail towards Chen Xiang. Not only did Chen Xiang not dodge, he even slashed down with great speed. Even though he did not use True Qi, the speed of his blade was still as fast as before. The blade sliced through the air as if it wanted to split a space crack. It ruthlessly smashed against the huge tail that was sweeping over. The edge of the blade hacked down on the stiff tail, causing the Azure Dragon Devil Slaughtering Slayer to let out a dragon's roar and a black clump of soil. Chen Xiang was also blowed away by the impact and crashed into the wall, but the Black-Stone Dragon also let out a painful cry. The enraged creature roared and opened its bloody mouth to swallow Chen Xiang. Its speed was as fast as the wind, and the burst of energy caused the stones on the ground to be reduced to dust. "That's it! You can't use True Qi either! " Chen Xiang suddenly waved his arm fiercely and steadily, just like waves of wind of saber. with an invincible power as he rushed towards the Black-Stone Dragon's bloody mouth. The fierce power exploded from the Azure Dragon Devil Slaughtering Slayer and entered the Black-Stone Dragon's mouth, instantly shattering its teeth, pouring into its throat, and then rushing back to its tail! Although the Black-Stone Dragon had a sturdy skin, it was extremely weak inside. After its long body was thoroughly attacked by such a wave of formidable force, everything inside got destroyed. The Black-Stone Dragon suffered a lot as it let out waves of mournful cries and rolled around. Thanks to Long Xueyi's sense, Chen Xiang found the location of the Black Rock Dragon's beast core. He raised his divine blade high up in the air and chopped the beast down to two halves. Extremely hot blood was flooding out with very dense sense of life, then a fist-sized round crystal shivering green light came out along with its blood and organs. . "Such small?" Chen Xiang frowned. However, when he held it in his hand, he discovered that the beast core of the Black-Stone Dragon contained very pure energy, which made him sur prised, since such a power should be in the level of Soul Martial Realm, hence the creature that carried it must be a profound beast. "Be careful!" Long Xueyi suddenly reminded him. Chen Xiang also felt a wave of air currents coming over. He leaped a hundred feet away and saw another Black-Stone Dragon flying out of a cave. What made him amazed was that these Black-Stone Dragons were all fighting one-on-one. However, he would not be afraid even if all of them came out together. Currently, he already understood the strength of these creatures. They could not use True Qi, so their strength would be greatly reduced. They could only rely on a powerful physical body to attack, but Chen Xiang had the Azure Dragon Devil Slaughtering Slayer which could cut through diamonds, not to mention these rock-like scales. "Roar …" The Black-Stone Dragon let out a roar as its thick body suddenly became extremely nimble. Its speed was as fast as lightning as it pounced towards Chen Xiang. Chen Xiang only let out a sneer. He didn't use the Azure Dragon Demon Slaughtering Slayer. Instead, he threw a palm at the huge bloody mouth, following by five consecutive explosions. Even though he couldn't use True Qi, a surge of energy had been generated in Chen Xiang's body. One could only possess such kind of energy flow after he trained his body for thousands of times. At that moment, Chen Xiang utilized this sort of energy to perform Demon Subduing Force. At the same time the sound of Demon Subduing Force was heard, it pierced through the Black-Stone Dragon's throat. After that, waves of blood mist bursted forth from its throat to tail. It was totally blown by the Demon Subduing Force. Before Chen Xiang could take out the beast core, another black shadow flashed over. "Perfect timing!" Chen Xiang took a step forward and unleashed another palm. The Demon Subduing Force exploded again and pierced through the Black-Stone Dragon's rigid rock scales, knocking out its beast core. After losing its beast core, the Black-Stone Dragon died instantly. One after another, these Black-Stone Dragons were so stupid that Chen Xiang could not believe. In just a short period of time, there had been thirty of them coming to their deaths. Chen Xiang used either his Demon Subduing Force or his divine saber to slaughter those huge Black-Stone Dragons one by one. After killing them, Chen Xiang took out their beast cores and conceal their corpses properly. "Someone's coming! It's Zuo Zhenxuan and Zheng Chu!" Long Xueyi suddenly shouted with a surprised voice.
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