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Chapter 532 The Sun Moon Island

After taking a few steps forward in a plateau, Chen Xiang's expression suddenly changed, because he suddenly felt not able to circulate his True Qi as if it had been cut off from him. He could feel the True Qi in his body, but could not to use it!

It was the same situation when he was in the Profound Martial Realm. Even Long Xueyi, who had a large amount of memory inheritance, did not know how the Profound Realm was formed. However, it could be confirmed that some of the Profound Realm had been modified by some powerful martial artist by adding some powerful formations and restrictions.

"It's too unsettling that I cannot use my True Qi!" Chen Xiang took out the Azure Demon Subduing Slayer. The weight of this divine saber was still there and increased as his strength elevated.

"I can also use Black Tortoise Armament Armor." Chen Xiang released his Black Tortoise Armament Armor, wrapping it around his body, which made him extremely majestic and handsome.

Even after confirming that these life-saving items were usable, Chen Xiang still couldn't feel at ease. He took out the Luotian Gate and activated with his divine sense, but Luotian Gate could not extract the True Qi within his body. Such a formidable spatial weapon was also constrained.

"We got some trouble." Luotian Gate was the thing that Chen Xiang used to flee. He was in the top one Profound Realm in the world, while no one knew the dangers within. Thus he had to be considerate with his actions.

Right now, he could only use his magic power and divine sense. He easily transformed into a bird by performing the Seventy-Two Transformation Technique, which was a method he used to conceal himself, especially in the forest.

After switching back to human force, he began to spell the chant and released out his magic power, then Spirit Qi raised up in the sky far away and crazily gathered together. That was the Heavenly Dragon Magic Seal. Although it was unable to extract the True Qi in his body, the technique could condense the Spirit Qi in the sky for him to take attack. However, the process would take some time.

Hearing the gloomy howls coming from all directions, Chen Xiang lightly took a breath, "I'm going all out!"

The further away he got from the entrance, the heavier he felt, as if his body was pressed down by a thousand pounds.

"It seems like I've truly entered the top one Profound Realm now! There was actually such a strong pressure! If the demon beasts and plants here are also affected by this pressure, then they must be strong." Chen Xiang was slightly excited in his heart, since the magical flowers and grass that were able to survive in this environment must have a supreme quality.

Of course, the beasts would also be stronger!

"It's about twenty times gravity here, which means the gravity you are currently bearing is as heavy as twenty of your weight!" Long Xueyi's voice was somewhat surprised. "The time is also different from the outside. Ten days inside only count for one day outside. This is a world of high quality."

The better the quality of a world, the harder it would be to collapse. For example, the Heavenly Realm was much more stable than the Mortal Realm and had a dense amount of Spirit Qi.

"Twenty times gravity? I feel nothing different." Chen Xiang faintly smiled. He felt excited as he thought of finding rare elixirs here.

Walking into the depths of the forest, Chen Xiang discovered that all the plants here had very strong vitality, and their recovery ability was also formidable. He hacked a knife into the tree trunk, but it only took a moment for it to recover. Beside, the trunk was very solid, that he could only cut in a little bit of it.

"What a pity. If only I could absorb the vital Spirit Qi here." Chen Xiang circulated his Tai chi Dragon Subduing Technique, but he was unable to absorb nothing.

"Try Devouring Demonic Art!" Bai Youyou said. Although the Devouring Demonic Art was not an offensive technique, for Bai Youyou it was a technique that was even more powerful than many divine and demonic arts, since it devoured. In fact, Chen Xiang took a lot of advantages of learning the Devouring Demonic Art.

What surprised Chen Xiang was that the moment he used the Devouring Demonic Art, a large amount of Spirit Qi suddenly entered his body to his Dantian, then began to refine itself, but he still could not use it.

"These Spirit Qi contains a very rich vitality that can accelerate the growth of the elixir! While you have not found even a single useful elixir after walking for half a day. It seems like the elixir should be planted in a designated place." Su Meiyao said. She was very familiar with spiritual medicines, and she observed that no elixir was present among the large amount of plants along the way.

Once again, Chen Xiang took out the map of the top one Profound Realm. The map merely shew nothing but a route to the Sun Moon Island, while Chen Xiang had watched it for many times.

But now that he had taken out the map, the map suddenly floated out and spread out horizontally. On it slowly appeared a few golden spirit patterns, after which the surrounding Spirit Qi flowed into the map, causing Chen Xiang to be dumbstruck.

"Li Tianjun is indeed a mythical person. Even the map he drew is so magical." Chen Xiang sighed in admiration. Right now, the map had already turned gold, and on it was a simple map of this top one Profound Realm. One of the locations was marked with a red dot, which Chen Xiang guessed was the location of the elixir.

"This Profound Realm is really huge! It's actually even bigger than the King's Continent!" Chen Xiang looked at the map and deduced the size of the Profound Realm. The place he was currently at was the edge of it. Even though he had walked for more than half a day, he was still at the edge, whereas the red dot located on the northeastern edge of the Realm.

He was at the southernmost point, while he could not use the Vermillion Bird Fire Wings nor True Qi. This way it would take him a very long time to get there, at least half a year for the round trip. Fortunately the rate of time elapsing here was different than outside, otherwise it would be impossible for him to arrive at the red dot within a month.

Half a day after Chen Xiang entered the realm, a large group of people had gathered in Sun Moon Island that was illuminated by white light. These people were bustling, talking, laughing, and also mocking each other. They were the powerful martial artists from numerous continents, in a total of seventy to eight individuals.

Gu Dongchen, Lian Mingdong, and Xiao Ziliang were the only ones who came from the Chen-Wu Continent. The remaining people were all quite surprised at the time, especially not seeing Liu Menger, the female emperor, and Hua Xiangyue from the Dan Garden.

Liu Menger's Heavenly Kingdom of Divine Weapon had a very long history, while Hua Xiangyue was a famous alchemist grandmaster of the Mortal Martial Realm, but none of them were coming.

They didn't know that Liu Menger and Hua Xiangyue were both preparing for the eighth Nirvana Tribulation.

The hall master of Fire God Shrine snorted coldly as he saw Gu Dongchen, "the kid from your Extreme Martial Sect does not come?This is really unexpected!"

"I wish to bring him here as well, but I couldn't find him." Gu Dongchen smiled lightly.

"You're talking about Chen Xiang, ain't you? This brat offended an impressive fellow." An imposing aura suddenly enveloped them, causing the seventy or eighty experts to be shocked.

This level of aura was something that they had only seen when facing Huang Jintian!

However, this person wasn't Huang Jintian, but someone else.

Zuo Zhenxuan and Zheng Chu had arrived. Their two auras were released at the same time, which intimated many people.

"I am Zuo Zhenxuan, the principle of Demon Subduing Academy!" Zuo Zhenxuan smiled.

"I am Zheng Chu, a temporary elder of the Demon Subduing Academy! I just came down from the Heavenly Realm and saw Chen Xiang killing the former principle of the Academy. If any of you have a trace of Chen Xiang, please let me know. I will pay a great award for it." Zheng Chu could not conceal the anger on his face when he mentioned talked about Chen Xiang.

It was pretty stunning for those people to see a person coming down from the Heavenly Realm. Immediately, all of their shew reverence as they looked at Zheng Chu.

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