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Chapter 531 Supreme Treasure Profound Realm

Inside the Demon Subduing Academy, raged Zheng Chu was blaming Zuo Zhenxuan fiercely. Actually, he couldn't punish Zuo Zhenxuan because Zuo had trained his Demon Subduing Force to the tenth level. This was something that even Zheng Chu himself couldn't do, neither were many people in the Heavenly Realm.

Moreover, the Academy needed a powerful person to guard it, and Zuo Zhenxuan was the best candidate. Although he killed a few powerful elders, this proved that he alone could match up to those elders and Liu Yufang.

"I must kill this kid called Chen Xiang. How dare he provoke me?! He doesn't put me in his eyes at all!" Zheng Chu said angrily. He never thought that Chen Xiang would actually slip away from under his nose. This was also a great insult to him.

Zuo Zhenxuan shook his head with a sigh and asked, "elder, you don't come down the Demon Subduing Academy to deal with such a trifling matter, do you? I remember that you have a high position in the Demon Suppression God Shrine. You have control over the immortals. How could such a small matter disturb you!"

Zheng Chu frowned. "You really know a lot of me. No wonder. You've been a principle for so long and have communicated with the Demon Suppression God Shrine many times. You've also come into contact with a lot of people from the Heavenly Realm, but I want to know who mentioned me to you?"

"Haha, Elder Zheng is so young. He only spent five hundred years to pass the eighth Nirvana Tribulations. When people from the Demon Suppression God Shrine came and chatted with them, most of them talked about this matter." Zuo Zhenxuan laughed. His flattery didn't hurt at all, and it was pretty effective.

It was precisely because Zheng Chu had a high position in the Demon Suppression God Shrine that he was provoked by Chen Xiang over and over again when he came to the Mortal Realm. This made him extremely angry.

Zheng Chu looked out the window and said, "do you know why the sky is suddenly dark now?"

Zuo Zhenxuan's brows furrowed as he looked out of the dark window, "as the eclipse occurs, the Supreme Treasure Profound Realm would open. It's said that even the Heavenly Realm is interested in this mysterious Supreme Treasure Profound Realm. It seems like the tale is true!"

"There's nothing we can do about this either. The Great War of the Three Realms is about to begin, and there is a shortage of resources. The rich resources contained within this Supreme Treasure Profound Realm can alleviate the embarrassing environment of martial artists in the bottom level of the Heavenly Realm." Zheng Chu nodded.

Zuo Zhenxuan was a little dissatisfied, "this is a profound realm in the mortal realm, how can you send the resources inside there to the Heavenly Realm?"

"Hmph, it's not just us who are watching on it. The Fire God Shrine and other forces of the Mortal Realm that have people in the Heavenly Realm also know about the Supreme Treasure Profound Realm! You're not in the Heavenly Realm, so you don't know that the map of the Supreme Treasure Profound Realm is everywhere. If we don't go, others will go as well." Zheng Chu said.

Really? Is there really a map?" Zuo Zhenxuan had stayed in the Mortal Realm for many years, but he had only heard of the top on Profound Realm, but he didn't know the exact location.

"Why else do you think the upper levels would take efforts to send you here?" Zheng Chu took out a map and said, "it is right here. this island is called Sun Moon Island. The eclipse will last for at least a month, so we still have a month!"

An old man suddenly appeared in the lobby of the Divine Martial Hall on the King's continent. "This is a map. We need to find the Sun Moon Island. At that time, many forces will surely rush into the Supreme Treasure Profound Realm. I want to prepare for the worst!"

Similarly on the King's Continent, the hall master of the Fire God Shrine had urgently gathered all the experts of the hall. He had a map in his hands as well!

Not only the ancient powers on the King's Continent, all people who had ascended into the Heavenly Realm had also obtain the map. Many of the outstanding individuals from the sects in the mortal world would be attracted by the Heavenly Realm when they ascended. They did so for the benefit of their original sects.

Of course, there were only a few forces that could transport goods from the Mortal Realm to the Heavenly Realm.

"Master, I received news from above about the top on Profound Realm under the heavens. I obtained a map of it, and now is also the time for the eclipse, thus the upper level sent me to take a look at the Supreme Treasure Profound Realm." Gu Dongchen said from beside the huge crater.

"Then go for it. Be careful. The situation in the Mortal Martial Realm is getting more and more complicated. It seems that no one with sufficient strength will come after me to intimidate us." Huang Jintian said.

Many sects had existed for tens of thousands of years, or even more than a hundred thousand years, and there were some headmasters who had ascended into the Heavenly Realm. At this moment, they were all using their greatest strength to spread the news of the top one Profound Realm.

But now, Chen Xiang was complacent and thought that he could take the entire Profound Realm for his own, but he didn't know that there were many powerful old fellows rushing towards Sun Moon Island, nor did he know that the profound realm like was called the Supreme Treasure Profound Realm in the Heavenly Realm!

"It's really far away. I cannot arrive at the Sun Moon island in one go with my current strength, but need to take ten steps." Chen Xiang held onto the Luotian Gate and found the location of the Sun Moon Island. This meant that Wu Canghong had also been to the Sun Moon Island.

It was completely dark, and such a state would last for a month, so Chen Xiang only had a month of time. Otherwise, the top one Profound Realm would close, and he would have to wait until the next time to open it.

Chen Xiang used Luotian Gate to open up a spatial gate. After entering it, he went to the sea and then continued opening the spatial gate …

After thirteen consecutive times, he finally arrived at the Sun Moon Island!

The Sun Moon Island was a humongous round island. At this moment, there was a layer of white light surrounding the it. The center of the island was gushing with an extremely dense wave of Yin Qi, causing people to feel incomparably cold after entering.

"This is indeed a strange place. The Profound Realm deserves the name, so as every other Profound Realms!" Chen Xiang looked in disbelief at the huge spatial rift that was slowly opening in the middle of the Sun Moon Island. From afar, it looked like a huge door that emitted a white glow as it slowly opened up.

"This is the legendary top one Profound Realm in the world! Who would have thought that I am the person who obtains it after Li Junji, the King of Dan!" Chen Xiang laughed and ran towards the center of Sun Moon Island.

"What a powerful spatial power. This Profound Realm isn't simple. It's very solid. If your strength isn't enough, then you must use your Luotian Gate to get into it!" Long Xueyi said.

From afar, the huge crevice in the middle of the Sun Moon Island looked like a white light shooting up into the sky. However, when he walked in and took a look, the entrance was shockingly large, causing Chen Xiang to feel as if it was a gate of heaven from within waves of dense Spirit Qi came out but was quickly absorbed back.

What he didn't know was that there were already many top Mortal Martial Realm martial artists rushing over fast. Moreover, he was very familiar with these old fellows!

"I have something good to eat!" Long Xueyi giggled. Chen Xiang was very generous to her right now because he could quickly create a large amount of elixirs with the divine liquid, so he had a rich reservation.

Chen Xiang walked into the huge crevice then stepped into a passage filled with white light. After he stepped out of the passageway, he heard the crisp roar of beasts and an incomparably dense Spirit Qi rushed out.

"What is going on with this Profound Realm? I remember that the days and nights in the Profound Realm should be the same as they are outside. It's in an eclipse right now in outside world!" Chen Xiang looked at the countless green mountains before him in bewilderment. At this moment, he felt that it wasn't a Profound realm, but a great world.

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