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Chapter 529 Visitors From the Heavenly Realm

Zuo Zhenxuan won! The message made Chen Xiang overjoyed. He hurriedly rushed out of the cave to find Leng Youlan and Xue Xianxian. The two girls were playing with the water on the beach, which led their bodies wet. Their thin and tight clothes shew up fascinating curves, leaving Chen Xiang who just experienced the sexual fulfillment unconsciously turned on.

"There will be plenty of opportunities in the future. If there is the first time, there will be the second and third…." Chen Xiang recalled the joy he obtained when he made love with Xue Xianxian.

Chen Xiang ran over and took out the Luotian Gate.

"Dry your clothes. We're going back. The old man won." Chen Xiang laughed as he greedily swept his gaze at the two ladies' alluring and moist bodies.

The two ladies let out a wave of heat and instantly dried their clothes.

"Brother, did you bring us here last time with this thing?" Leng Youlan asked curiously.

"Exactly. That is your brother's treasure. I rely on it to escape!" Chen Xiang laughed.

"More precious than your two balls?" Leng Youlan asked with blinking eyes.

Seeing Leng Youlan's serious expression, Xue Xianxian laughed coquettishly, "Youlan, why do you keep thinking about your brother's balls?"

Chen Xiang was also speechless. It was truly a terrifying thing that Leng Youlan the violent girl kept thinking of his balls, because she often said vulgarities like "I'll blow your balls up". This was something she learned from her father.

"Damned girl, I already said that those two balls are the root of my life! Go ask sister Menger. She'll tell you in detail. " Chen Xiang patted her head and pinched her face.

"Would you not be able to pee without those two balls?" Leng Youlan asked innocently, like a curious child.

Chen Xiang felt a headache. "Didn't you often say something about catching an egg or something? That's what it means. It's the most vicious attack against a man. You can use it against others, but never to me. It is pretty severe. And, of course, I should still be able to pee even without them."

"You two siblings stop chatting! Let's go back quickly!" Although Xue Xianxian was smiling coquettishly, her face had completely blushed.

Chen Xiang suddenly had an evil idea. He wanted to sacrifice something so that Leng Youlan could experience that kind of thing personally. This way, she would learn some knowledge.

Of course, he knew that Xue Xianxian would not agree for the time being since Leng Youlan's feelings towards Chen Xiang were still very vague.

After entering the spatial gate, they came to the outside of the Demon Subduing Academy that had undergone a thorough change. The beautiful forest and hills were gone; everything was scorched black. Many high mountains had collapsed, and the earth was filled with cracks. However, the Academy was basically intact, only two high halls of which collapsed.

Chen Xiang released Zuo Zhenxuan and was his savior. Therefore, he and the two ladies would definitely enjoy an easy life in the Demon Subduing Academy in the future. Thinking of this, he became excited and pulled the two girls' hands as he ran over.

Along the way, he could see many students of the Demon Subduing Academy, their faces filled with fear and doubt. Just now, they felt as if the world was about to be destroyed, and they were still shocked by the majestic scene of battle.

Seeing Chen Xiang carrying two beauties running towards the Academy, all the male students were filled with jealousy and envy. At this moment, the Demon Subduing Academy had already calmed down, and there were also some bold people who ran towards the it like Chen Xiang.

"For all the students of the Demon Subduing Academy, if you still want to stay in the school, then hurry up and gather at the Grand Martial Arts Practice Field!" Zuo Zhenxuan's voice was full of majesty, making it impossible for others to resist. The Demon Subduing Academy was also enveloped by his might.

Although many people were puzzled, they knew very well that he could have killed all of them if he wanted.

The Grand Martial Arts Practice Field was a huge square. Normally, it was the gathering place of students at the Academy, but now on the high platform laid several corpses of old men. All of them died very miserably. Some of them got their heads shattered, and others were crushed into flesh and blood; only the principle Liu Yufang was still alive, but her face was pale white, and her head was stepped on by Zuo Zhenxuan on the ground.

When the students who came here saw this scene, they couldn't help but shiver in fear, since the incomparably formidable principle and those mysterious elders were all defeated by Zuo Zhenxuan!

Everyone was immediately filled with fear towards this old man, Zuo Zhenxuan. This kind of strength was extremely rare in the mortal world!

Many people thought that Zuo Zhenxuan was here to destroy the Demon Subduing Academy, but they felt more at ease as they saw the chancellor Zhao Ting, Yu Baixiang and other teachers standing behind him.

"I am Zuo Zhenxuan, the former principal of the Demon Subduing Academy. Three hundred years ago, this old woman colluded with these bastards to conspire against me. They imprisoned me in the dungeon! For tens of thousands of years, my contributions to the school had been erased from the annals of history by this wicked woman! The teachers behind me can testify to this! From today onwards, I will reinstate my administration of the Demon Subduing Academy." Zuo Zhenxuan's voice was loud and clear, resonating in all directions. It was like thunder in everyone's ears, making them feel powerless.

"Those who don't want to stay in the Academy can leave now. I will not prevent you!"

Many students were dissatisfied with principle Liu Yufang because she always protected those who violated the rules, which led those bad guys acting tyrannically in the Academy and bullying the weak. Now that Zuo Zhenxuan had displayed his powerful strength, the crowd had no choice but to accept it.

"Hmph!" Zuo Zhenxuan gave a cold snort and kicked Liu Yufang in front of Chen Xiang!

Everyone was shocked again as they saw such a scene. Why did Zuo Zhenxuan kick Liu Yufang to Chen Xiang? Soon, everyone remembered that Chen Xiang had escaped from the dungeon. They began to guess that it was Chen Xiang who released Zuo Zhenxuan!

"Chen Xiang, it really is you! I should never have locked you in the dungeon. " Liu Yufang said malevolently, her face full of regret.

"I said, I will not rest until you die!" Chen Xiang's expression turned ice-cold as a green light flashed in his hand and the Azure Dragon Devil Slayer appeared. A cold killing intent gushed out from the blade, causing the people around him to shiver.

Liu Yufang suddenly laughed sinisterly, but it was as if she was crying. "Chen Xiang, are you really going to kill me? I've already informed the Demon Suppression God Shrine. It won't take long for someone descends from the Heavenly Realm, and all of you will die by then!"

"So what?" Chen Xiang raised his broadsword while Zuo Zhenxuan's expression turned serious. He knew that Liu Yufang was telling the truth.

However, he wasn't worried at all, because he could blame all of this to Chen Xiang. He could claim that he killed those accomplices for revenge, and it was Chen Xiang who killed principle Liu Yufang. Beside, the Demon Suppression God Shrine could hardly find another formidable principle if they put him down.

Just as Chen Xiang was about to slash down with his blade, a powerful spatial energy suddenly came from the sky. A huge cyclone appeared in the dark blue sky and an extremely powerful aura came out from it.

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