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Chapter 528 First Attempt of Spirit Travel

Chen Xiang told the news about Zuo Zhenxuan to Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan, which shocked them a lot. They didn't expect that the war that broke out in the Demon Subduing Academy was caused by Chen Xiang.

"Brother, where did you get the Thunder Soul?" Leng Youlan asked as she carefully combed Xue Xianxian's hair.

"Liao Shaoyun obtained it from Zhong Quan, and I defeated him then took it over. I almost killed Liao Shaoyun." When Chen Xiang recalled this matter, he still felt not resigned. At that time, he only needed a bit more time and strength to kill Liao Shaoyun.

Almost killed Liao Shaoyun? That required highly formidable strength, but Chen Xiang was able to do it. This caused the two girls to be astonished.

"I used some methods to raise my strength. It is extremely harmful to my body. You all know that if I don't kill Liao Shaoyun, the anger in my heart will never dissipate." Chen Xiang shook his head and sighed.

"This is too risky!" Xue Xianxian rolled his eyes and snorted.

"Brother, don't do such a dangerous thing in the future. We will be very worried about you!" Leng Youlan hugged Chen Xiang. She didn't know what kind of feelings she had for Chen Xiang. In short, she wanted to stick to Chen Xiang and didn't want to part with him.

Chen Xiang hugged Leng Youlan and stroked her white hair as he said with a smile. "My little sister, in the future, you must promise me not to do anything dangerous. We are different. My ability to escape is invincible!"

"Hmph!" Leng Youlan let out a soft snort.

Chen Xiang's ability to escape was indeed impressive. At the moment, both Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan were unclear as to why Chen Xiang brought them to the small island by the sea. The Demon Subduing Academy was located in the middle of the huge King's Continent, and they had to cross a very long distance to reach the sea.

"Brother, you're so amazing. Am I not able to follow you around the world in the future?" Leng Youlan said in a sad tone.

"Of course not. I will bring you along if I have the chance!" Chen Xiang lovingly touched her cold and beautiful goose egg-shaped face.

Xue Xianxian, who just became a wife, appeared even more beautiful and attractive. Her skin was moist by Chen Xiang, and her cheeks were flushed red. She laughed softly, "Youlan, don't underestimate yourself. We will definitely catch up to him in the future!"

Leng Youlan nodded her head. Her face was full of smiles when she thought about how she could run around with Chen Xiang in the future.

"Rascal, we can't go back to the Demon Subduing Academy right now, can we?" Xue Xianxian said. The great battle among the Nirvana Realm martial artists was world-shaking. If Zuo Zhenxuan lost, he would only be courting death.

"We will go back in a few days. Now I need familiarize myself with the Thunder Soul. You can take Youlan to wander. I am worried that she will get stuffy." After fusing with the Thunder Soul, Chen Xiang's physical body had already advanced to the 20th phase of the Demonic Immortal Body. His divine soul also seemed to be around twenty years old. The next step, which was also the final stage of his growth, would be the transformation phase of the divine soul.

Xue Xianxian held onto Leng Youlan's hand and left, allowing Chen Xiang to cultivate in peace.

"Little dragon, teach me the Spirit Traveling in Nine Heavens Technique!" Chen Xiang said. He had been willing to learn it for a long time. After mastering this technique, he would be able to know what was going on outside even if he were to hide himself.

"You just passed the growth stage, so you can't just wander around like me with your soul. At most, you can only move around in this island. If you go any further, your soul will probably be unstable blown away." Long Xueyi said with disdain.

After being reprimanded by the dragon in such a disdainful tone, Chen Xiang was extremely unhappy. At the same time, he also cursed inwardly. He had trained his soul to such a degree but could only use the Spirit Traveling in Nine Heavens Technique to hop around on this small island. This was too deceitful.

"Whatever, teach me first!" Chen Xiang responded with reluctance. This small island wasn't small either, so it was quite useful if he could learn it.

"You little rascal, you plan to use the Spirit Traveling in Nine Heavens Technique to peep into others' baths, don't you?" Long Xueyi pouted and said.

"What are you thinking about? You view me too low. It is not necessary for me to sneak a peek. As long as I open my mouth, I can casually look around." Chen Xiang said smugly.

"Hmph, do you dare to watch sister Meiyao and Youyou taking a bath? " Long Xueyi said with disdain.

Chen Xiang shrugged his shoulders. He really did not have the gut.

"Enough of your nonsense, hurry up and teach me the Spirit Traveling in Nine Heaven Technique." Chen Xiang said.

"It is also a divine art. At a certain level, one could separate his or her soul from the body. Now, I can only release my consciousness and grant it with five senses! If your soul becomes even more powerful, in the future, you could send your soul far away, use it to attack or manipulate items, or control it to use all sorts of powerful technique with magic power. It would be very formidable." Long Xueyi proudly said. This divine art was exclusive in their Royal Dragon Clan.

Something suddenly appeared in Chen Xiang's mind. It was a part of the Spirit Traveling in Nine Heavens Technique. The moment it entered Chen Xiang's mind, he felt that he had already memorized the chant of this technique.

"It's pretty simple!" Chen Xiang smiled slightly. If he wanted to detach his divine sense from his body, he only needed to be quiet, strengthen his divine sense, allow it to protect itself and generate five senses. It felt like he was watching something with his own eyes, with the only difference that he did it with divine sense in this case.

Chen Xiang had a solid foundation. In order to reach the state of spirit traveling, one must first have a powerful physical body. If the physical body got disturbed, the consciousness that was released would also be affected and dissipate easily.

He took a deep breath and calmed himself down. According to those methods, he turned his divine sense to a state similar to his soul, then separated it from his body, then let it go through the mountain rocks and float outside.

Very quickly, he saw a blinding light in front of him, which caused him to let out a miserable scream. His head hurt, and all the consciousness he had released completely dissipated.

"What's going on?" Chen Xiang held onto his aching head and asked. He felt that he had succeeded just now because he saw sunlight, as if he had seen it with his own eyes. It was a very strange state, as if he could fly and escape without any restrictions.

"Your soul is too weak. The soul power you released can't withstand the sun, so it melted! You better practice at night! Soul is negative. When one is using the Spirit Traveling in Nine Heavens Technique, his divine sense will absorb a certain amount of soul power to form a fake soul. If the soul power is not strong enough, therefore, it could hardly survive under the sunlight." Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang didn't expect that there would be so much complex knowledge involved in the technique.

"This way I must wait until night." Chen Xiang helplessly sighed, "little dragon, go check the situation of the Demon Subduing Academy. If Zuo Zhenxuan wins, we will immediately head back."

Long Xueyi responded, "I've been watching it for a while. My soul is getting stronger and stronger. Don't be surprised, this is the power of our Royal Dragon Clan. Humans will never be able to match it!"

"I don't believe it. One day I'll kill a royal dragon in front of you. "

"Stop bragging! Take those two beauties back to the academy! Zuo Zhenxuan won the battle!" Long Xueyi said with disdain.

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