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Chapter 530 Eclipse

A threatening aura crazily surged in the sky, creating a breathtaking atmosphere that made everyone unable to breathe. A middle-aged man in a white robe suddenly appeared from within the whirlpool in a peaceful manner.

The aura released by the middle-aged man was very strong. He was currently looking at Chen Xiang and frowning slightly, after which a wave of pressure immediately enveloped Chen Xiang's body, almost causing him to kneel on the ground.

Chen Xiang's blood rushed in all directions due to the invisible pressure. He almost vomited blood. Then he secretly clenched his teeth and circulated his dragon force. The dragon power shook within his body and dispersed the pressure, following by a highly raised slayer that fiercely chopped down.

"Keep him alive!" The scholarly middle-aged man let out an explosive shout as he waved his hand to release a ray of light. At the same time, his entire body suddenly flashed and appeared in front of Chen Xiang.

He released a white light that hit Chen Xiang, but Chen Xiang knew ahead that he was going to make a move, so he used the Water Mirror Technique to dodge it. The white light landed on the illusionary statue and poured into the ground. The force was highly concentrated. It straightly penetrated to deep earth and exploded beneath it, causing a considerable chaos

Just when the middle-aged man thought that he killed Chen Xiang, Chen Xiang's blade had landed on Liu Yufang's neck.

Liu Yufang's body was suppressed by a pressure. Now that her head was suddenly severed, the blood that was churning in her body spewed out. It was like a fountain as it violently sprayed onto the middle-aged man's body.

The entire crowd was in an uproar. Everyone was alarmed as they looked at the fountain of blood sprinkling onto the elegant middle-aged man in white.

Everyone could guess that this middle-aged man was probably sent by the Demon Suppression God Shrine of above the Heavenly Realm, but no one expected that Chen Xiang dared to behead Liu Yufang in front of him. This young man really got the gut!

Even the elegant middle-aged man did not expect it. He originally thought that Chen Xiang would stop, but at the same time Chen Xiang dodged his attack, he also cut off Liu Yufang's head. His speed was so fast that the middle-aged man was speechless.

Now his body was covered by blood, and a hideous head was placed on the ground in front of him. Liu Yufang originally thought that she had been saved and was in high spirits, but she never expected that Chen Xiang would be such a bold person. Although Heavenly Realm send a delegate down, he still dared to kill her with his saber!

Everyone present swallowed their saliva. The scholarly middle-aged man was also stunned. He glared at Chen Xiang and said, "you …How dare you! Go death!"

The middle-aged man was extremely angry. He felt like he had been provoked by an ant. He waved his hand to released a powerful energy, accompany by a "sou sou" sound, creating a strong shockwave as it charged towards Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang wanted to escape, but Zuo Zhenxuan suddenly leaped over. He pushed out both his palms, blocking the force into the sky, creating a gust of air and a whooshing sound.

"Although you are sent by the Demon Suppression God Shrine, you should still act according to the rules of the Mortal Realm! You haven't figured out what's going on, while you have attacked someone who's so much weaker than you twice. If the message is leaked out, the Demon Suppression God Shrine will definitely lose all its face." Zuo Zhenxuan said coldly. He wasn't afraid of that middle-aged man.

Chen Xiang let out a slight sigh of relief. He was terrified when that scholarly middle-aged man appeared. He did not plan on killing Liu Yufang, but that refined middle-aged man wanted to kill him, which provoked him to made the cold-blooded decision of beheading her.

"Don't worry, this fellow's strength is not as strong as your master. No one could use the strength exceeding the eighth level of Nirvana Realm in the mortal world, except in the Profound Realm!" Long Xueyi said.

Once one passed the ninth level of the Nirvana Realm, he or she would be sensed by a mysterious power, then sucked into the Heavenly Realm!

No one could escape the fate. Therefore, someone with Huang Jintian's strength could only hide in the Profound Realm. This elegant middle-aged man's was at most with relatively thick True Qi. Otherwise, his attack would not be easily blocked by Zuo Zhenxuan.

Zuo Zhenxuan had a certain amount of resentment towards the Demon Suppression God Shrine, since it made the decision of locking him in the dungeon, thus he naturally had to protect Chen Xiang at this moment.

The scholarly middle-aged man looked at Liu Yufang then Zuo Zhenxuan before coldly saying, "Liu Yufang colluded with some people to usurp the position and use resources of Demon Subduing Academy for her own benefits. We have already investigated this point clearly. Even though this is the case, she will not be punished to deaths! Besides, it's not that boy's turn to behead her. "

The middle-aged man stared at Chen Xiang and shouted, "My name is Zheng Chu, I was sent by the Demon Suppressing God Shrine of the Heavenly Realm to deal with the urgent matters of the Demon Subduing Academy!"

His voice shook the sky and his imposing manner caused everyone extremely uncomfortable. They all secretly hated this person called Zheng Chu. Heavenly Realm sent someone down, which was fine, but he released such a pressure to frighten them, which was intolerable.

"Are you from the Demon Subduing Academy?" After Zheng Chu revealed his identity, his tone became even more forceful. It seemed that he had to punish Chen Xiang in order to intimidate these people.

"Yes!" Chen Xiang replied. He was also prepared to escape at any time. Seeing his fearless expression, both Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan let out a sigh of relief.

"Liu Yufang should have not been executed due to her crimes, and you don't have the authority to kill her, so you have to undertake a severely punishment." Zheng Chu snapped.

"Punishment?" Chen Xiang's brows twitched, "I have a grudge against Liu Yufang, and it is only a personal matter for me to kill her. What does that have to do with you?"

"You bullshit!" Zheng Chu was infuriated. True Qi in his body exploded out, inducing to earth-quake and mountains shook. Lightning flashed and thunder rumbled. However, he only saw a smile on Chen Xiang's face. After that, a stream of water shot out from beneath Chen Xiang's feet and Chen Xiang disappeared.

The water escape art of Black Tortoise Divine Technique allowed people to quickly escape to the place with water the closest to him. At this moment, Chen Xiang's True Qi as very thick, so the speed at which he used the water escape art became even faster, allowing him to escape even further. In the blink of an eye, he had appeared in a river very far away from the Demon Subduing Academy.

"Bastard! How stifled I am! I don't even have the power to defense against such a guy!" Chen Xiang said with sacred. His strength was too weak. Not to mention those who had survived the eight tribulations of the Nirvana Realm, he couldn't even deal with a Hundred Smelting Realm martial artist. Right now, he couldn't wait to let his strength soar.

Chen Xiang sat by the riverbank and recovered his Profound True Qi, but the sky gradually darkened. He raised his head and saw that the raging flames in the sky had already been partially blocked.

"Eclipse!" This was the first time he had seen such a scene.

After observing the phenomena, he hurriedly took out his Luotian Gate and looked for locations closed to the Sun and Moon Island. He had obtained a map from the Medicine King, Li Tianjun, which recorded that there was the top one Profound Realm in the Sun and Moon Island, and it was the biggest treasure trove in the Mortal Realm. Inside it were many precious spiritual medicines. Li Tianjun was chased down by many people just because he got the news about this Profound Realm.

World's top one Profound Realm opened only in the time of eclipse. Chen Xiang had missed it once, so he absolutely could not afford to miss it this time!

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