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Chapter 495 The Power of Creation (Part II)

Chen Xiang was every happy. Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao were also extremely excited inside the ring!

"I don't need to plant that kind of damed trees any more in the future, I can just use this thing to make a lot of the fruits!" Chen Xiang laughed loudly as he hurriedly gave the watermelon-sized Green Profound Fruit to Long Xueyi, causing her to laugh out loud in excitement.

Chen Xiang dripped another drop, quickly turning a small piece of fruit into a watermelon sized Green Profound Fruit. This time, he placed the Green Profound Fruit into his ring, for Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou to appraise its quality.

"I wonder if there is such an effect on the Ling Dan?" Once Chen Xiang thought of this, he immediately went to do it. He cut open a Zhenyuan Dan and dripped a drop of the power of creation into it. However, he waited for a long time without any reaction.

"I don't think so. Your Dan doesn't have life force! But the Green Profound Fruit has that, which is why it can be created." Su Meiyao said, "The quality of that Green Profound Fruit is very good, it's equivalent to ten Green Profound Fruits!"

Chen Xiang asked Su Meiyao to take out a little bit of Soul Retrieving Herb that only in the size of a fingernail. He dripped a drop of power of creation onto it. Not long later, the small piece of Soul Retrieving Herb was surrounded by white lights, and after the white lights disappeared, the small piece of grass was only slightly larger.

"This is indeed an upper rank Earth Level Elixir. It grows up too slow!" Chen Xiang was a little disappointed, but that was within reason. Following that, his dropped all the small bottle of power of creation onto the small herb.

It didn't take long for the fingernail-sized herb to grow to as big as a finger.

"Another half of the bottle should be able to transform it into a complete and mature Soul Retrieving Herb." Sui Meiyao said in excitement. This was much faster than using the grass seeds to plant. According to the speed at which Chen Xiang condensed the power of creation, he could get one Soul Retrieving Herb within four hours. In the past, it would take a pretty long time to grow.

Following that, Chen Xiang not only tried the Soul Retrieving Herb, but also the Nine Element Flowers and White Jade Lotus Seed. This time, he tried a different method. He split the White Jade Lotus Seed in half and then using half of a bottle of power of creation on top of it. This way, the power of creation could make White Jade Lotus Seed to create another half of itself spontaneously.

It was the same with the Nine Element Flowers. This way, he didn't need to spend too much time growing more trees then waiting for them to mature. Now, all he needed to do was to create fruits straightly!

It required an actual body to create something. It could be a small piece or a half!

After a day, Chen Xiang was able to prepare two medicinal ingredients of Life Retrieving Dan. This method was so efficient. If the Dan alchemists of the Heavenly Realm were to find out about it, Chen Xiang would definitely be in a great trouble.

"No matter how you do it, you can chop some medicinal herbs into pieces, then dilute the power of creation into water and use it to water the medicinal herbs. Very quickly, the medicinal herbs will become complete, then you can chop them into pieces water them again…"

As Su Meiyao said this, she was so excited that she took a deep breath!

The power of creation was self-division, then fusion, and division and fusion again, in a cycle that circulated endlessly. It was the same principle as creating a batch of medicinal herbs

This was the power of creation within the universe!

"Haha …" Chen Xiang laughed maniacally. As long as he obtained a set of precious medicinal ingredients, he would be able to duplicate them in bulk. He would definitely be able to make a lot of benefit in a world where Dan was so scarce.

In just five days, Chen Xiang already had prepared ten servings of Life Retrieving Dan. This made him want to find Liu Menger immediately, but he knew that he couldn't interrupt her cultivation.

Of course, it was not that he had nothing to do; he had plenty of things to busy himself with. He had promised Elder Dan that he would be able to refine a low rank Earth Level Dan within three years and compete with him!

Now he began to refine a middle rank Profound Level Dan. Previously, he had obtained a Spring Garden Fruit Tree and some Pure Essence Fruits from the Evil Demon Profound Realm in the King's Continent, which could be used to refine Pure Essence Golden Dan. The Pure Essence Golden Dan was a kind of pellet that could help people quickly increase their True Qi. It was suitable for a Ninth or Ultimate Stage Genuine Martial Realm artist to consume.

According to Chen Xiang's knowledge, the Pure Essence Golden Dan was also rare in the market and its price was very high. One pill was worth two to three million crystals. However, even if one had crystals, it was hard to find and buy one.

The Pure Essence Golden Dan was not only a rare ingredient, but it was also very difficult to refine. The main ingredients included fruits and leaves of Pure Essence Fruit Trees, as well as some yearly supplementary medicines.

The Pure Essence Fruit was a very special spirit fruit. As long as it was stimulated, it would explode. Therefore, when refining, one needed to use a very mild flame. Even so, it would accidentally explode anyway.

As Chen Xiang obtained the Pure Essence Fruit Tree, Su Mei Yao had already plucked the leaves and fruits. She divided them into portions so that Chen Xiang could refine them faster.

"This kind of Dan is much better than the Five Elements True Essence Dan. After all, it's a middle rank Profound Level Dan! In the world of Dan, one rank difference means a huge gap. Although only two main medicinal ingredients were needed, they were extremely difficult to find. Moreover, once they were stimulated, those Pure Essence Fruits would also be destroyed. Last time a number of Pure Essence Fruits were destroyed when you brought here a whole tree." Su Meiyao said.

If those Dan refiners had so many Pure Essence Fruits destroyed by Chen Xiang, their hearts would ache a lot. However, Chen Xiang did not care at all. As long as he had a few days, he would be able to make a whole bunch of them. He could even use the Pure Essence Fruit as an explosive pill to attack others.

"As long as I can refine a few types of low rank Earth Level Dan, I will be able to compete with Elder Dan! At that time I should be able to see how she looks like. I've been curious for a long time!" Chen Xiang said. Of course, what he was most worried about was Elder Dan's safety in the Nirvana Tribulation. He already considered Elder Dan as his good friend, so he decided to meet Elder Dan and give her some medicinal ingredients of Life Retrieving Dan.

Chen Xiang took out the Flame Dragon Treasure Furnace and sighed with emotion. He knew that once he obtained the Heaven and Earth Fire Soul, he would be able to refine the pills even faster, especially as he burned and refined those stubborn medicinal ingredients.

Chen Xiang's Dan refining skills were not learnable to anyone. Now that he was gradually getting used to using magic power to refine, which was much easier to use divine sense. For example, his magic power could easily squeeze those tyrannical Spirit Qi.

He carefully placed the medicinal ingredients needed to refine the Pure Essence Golden Dan into the Flame Dragon Treasure Furnace, then infilled flames into it. After that, a muffled bang was generated.

"It exploded just like that?" Chen Xiang's flame was already very gentle, but before he could even take a practice, the Pure Essence Fruit exploded and blew up all the other herbs.

"I told you. It seems like your refining method is not good enough. You need to react faster. In the future, there will be more medicinal herbs of this type." Su Meiyao said.

Chen Xiang nodded his head and continued. Just now, he was already familiar with the characteristics of the Pure Essence Fruit, so he could refine it more accurately the second time.

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