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Chapter 496 The Pure Essence Golden Dan

Inside the secret room, Chen Xiang's Dan furnace started trembling with a loud bang.

"It is the damned fifth time!" Chen Xiang laid on the ground. His forehead drenched in sweat. This was the first time he had failed so many times in his practice. This Pure Essence Golden Dan was indeed very difficult to refine.

This kind of spiritual energy consumption caused his head to sink. He closed his eyes and rested for a moment, thinking about the reason for his failure.

"Damned, it's all because of those leaves. Why are the same leaves with different natures? Some of them are stubborn enough to burn with fire, while others are gentle enough that they would disappear by accident. Moreover, once they disappear, the Dan furnace will be in chaos and detonated the Pure Essence Fruits." Chen Xiang's head was extremely big. There were at least a few dozen of leaves, each of which was different in size. It was equivalent to dozens of different types of spiritual medicines, either very stubborn or very fragile.

Coupled with the supplementary medicinal herbs, it was equivalent to refining sixty to seventy different medicinal herbs at the same time. This made Chen Xiang extremely frustrated.

"These leaves are all the same in the beginning, but after being incinerated by the flames, all kinds of changes will occur. Don't look down on these leaves. They would not have been the main herbs without such variations! You have to grasp the nature of each leaf as soon as those leaves mutate. You have to remember it well in order to properly refine it." Su Meiyao said.

These leaves were not mutating simultaneously. Some of them were faster, while others were slower. You would not grasp it if any tiny accident occurred. It seems like all of the leaves mutated in one instant, but they did not mutate in the same instant, because there was a very weak time gap between them.

Therefore, Chen Xiang had to remember the properties of dozens of leaves in half an instant and then quickly refine them. According to the results of the refining, he had to hastily adjust them in half an instant before attempting to refine them again.

"Dan refiners at the Level of King of Dan can split a moment into two hours. Even though it is only a moment, in the eyes of the Dan Kings, it is as slow as two hours, so they have enough time to refine it! You should know that refining methods requires a very high level of mastery of time. Sometimes, you will be defeated in less than half an hour!"

"You must know, the Heavenly Grade Dan refined by the King of Dan can only be obtained once in a thousand years, so they must not fail!"

The time was short, but if his perception was very keen and he took fast lapsing time very slowly, he didn't have to fail due to short of time.

It was just like when the enemy was punching quickly, if one had strong eyesight and divine sense, he could slow down the enemy's fast fists and then dodge or block them.

Chen Xiang now understood that refining a higher level Dan did not rely on multiple failures to successfully refine it. Rather, it required other aspects of improvement.

After resting well, Chen Xiang continued refining the Pure Essence Golden Dan. This time, he had to focus on the moment when the leaves changed. He had to slow down that moment so that he would be able to know every leaf thoroughly before properly refining it.

To do this, Chen Xiang's observation ability needed to be faster and more accurate!

After ten times, Chen Xiang had already made a breakthrough and was able to "slow down" his cultivation. However, he still used up a lot of his spirit energy. Now, he knew why he needed to refine higher level Dan to increase his strength.

Even though he was a cultivator of the Divine Path and had a powerful divine sense, he still couldn't handle it.

"This time, I must cross that threshold!" Chen Xiang rested for an entire day in put himself in a peak condition. The last time he failed, he was only failing on getting aware of the property of one leaf.

He still had some Pure Essence Fruits and leaves, enough for him to try a few more times. If he still wasn't successful, he could only wait a few more days and plant more before refining them.

After a short moment, Chen Xiang let out a sigh of relief. He finally stepped past the rock that was obstructing his path to success. Right now, he could hold onto those dozens of leaves with different characteristics and begin the correct training.

Difficulties were overcome bit by bit, and success was accumulated through continuous failures. Even though he hadn't succeeded yet, Chen Xiang felt very excited because he had stepped over a hurdle.

Very soon, it was time to condense and form Dan, which was also the most difficult time in a refining process. He had to continuously refine, adjust the wrong me, practice again, and adjust again …

The exchange was extremely intense, and was going on and on until the formation was successful!

If he did not use his magic power to supplement the formation process, he would not have enough divine sense right now because he had consumed a lot in the previous refining steps.

Even though using magic power could reduce the burden on his divine sense, he was still drenched in sweat and had a splitting headache. Fortunately, he had already gotten used to refining other Dan earlier, otherwise he would have gone crazy.

Chen Xiang's forehead was full of veins. The muscles on his face started to twitch, and the Flame Dragon Furnace trembled crazily. This was the critical moment for the Core Formation!

After a short moment, Chen Xiang's pale face reddened. He, who was tensed up, relaxed, while Dan stopped shaking. Although he failed twenty times, it only took him a few days to successfully refine the Pure Essence Golden Pill.

"It's finally done!" He opened the lid of the Dan furnace and saw four glittering Dan inside. Those were the Pure Essence Golden Dan!

Even though it was only four pills, its effects were much better than 40 Five Elements True Essence Dan!

"One more than that recorded in the book. I feel that when I familiarize myself with it, I should be able to produce five in one go." Chen Xiang gave two Pure Essence Golden Dan to Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou, and reserved one for Long Xueyi.

"Superior quality! When many alchemists learn to refine new pills, they will reduce the quantity and quality of the Dan they refine to the lowest level to guarantee success, then improve quality and yield after familiarizing themselves with the process." Su Meiyao said.

Chen Xiang, on the other hand, had already decided from the start that he wanted to refine superior quality and large amounts of Dan, which was the exact opposite of what many alchemists wanted.

"It seems that I need to refine more of this kind of Dan. Once my cultivation stabilizes, I can take them. Other people can also take them to improve quickly!" Chen Xiang began to plan.

If it was before, he might have to plant trees first, but now he only needed to chop the Pure Yuan Leaves and Fruits into minced pieces and then use the power of creation liquid to water them.

Next, he would begin to condense and create the divine liquid. This was the name he had given to such a magical item!

"Make it more, so I can sell it to those green hands and make a huge profit." Right now, he was the one who possessed over a billion crystals. However, he was still insignificant in the eyes of those headmasters.

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