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Chapter 35 Seductive


This was the first time someone had disobeyed his authority and ignored his existence!

"Your King of Qi Highness, Head of Situ Family, your servant shall take my leave!"

After Zi Yun finished speaking, Zi Yun ran out as fast as she could.

"Your Highness the King of Qi?"

"Do you think we should go after her?"

Situ Yelei raised his eyebrows and asked when he saw the dark expression of Xuanyuan Haofei.

"I will not follow them personally this time. Just tell them to follow them!"

It was all Situ Yelei's fault. he said that Feng Zhiyao had climbed up another high branch, but now, he had rushed over to capture Feng Zhiyao, only to end up being duped by Feng Zhiyao.

"Ur …"

Situ Yelei wanted to say something, but stopped himself. He didn't wish for the woman he liked to have too much contact with the cold man. He wanted nothing more than to grow wings on his back and fly over.

"Yelei, she's not a woman that you can think of!"

Xuanyuan Haofei gave Situ Yelei a warning glance and his black eyes became deeper and deeper. His sword-like eyebrows slightly raised as he laughed and ordered elegantly towards the door, "Chu Yi, go take a look at the young lady of the Feng Family. Tell me exactly where is she tasting the tea and report to me."

"Yes, my lord!"

A gloomy voice sounded through the door, followed by a light, feathery sound of air leaving the room like a bolt of lightning.

"Your King of Qi Highness, shall we just sit here then?"

Seeing that he was unable to convince Xuanyuan Haofei, Situ Yelei had the urge to say his goodbyes.


After a soft snort, Xuanyuan Haofei leisurely lifted the corner of his robe and gracefully sat on the stool Feng Zhiyao had just sat on.

Situ Yelei was so anxious that he felt like an ant on a hot pan. He had just managed to shake off Xuanyuan Lingxi's entanglement at the Ming Cui Restaurant, but now, he was being held up by Xuanyuan Haofei.

Situ Yelei had tolerated it for the sake of the Situ Family. Thus, he stood by the window with his hands behind his back, gazing at the scenery on the street.

"Young master, the madame has invited the princess to go to Jade Lotus Store to buy some jewelry. She told me to tell you to follow along!"

A servant of Situ Yelei stood outside the door.

"My future brother-in-law!"

"What are you looking at me?

"Go quickly, don't let your mother and Lingxi wait too long!"

Xuanyuan Haofei's eyebrows twitched, his expression was full of ridicule.


Situ Yelei politely clasped his hands and bowed before turning around to leave.

"Shi Wu, follow Head of Situ Family. I wonder which direction he's headed in?"

Xuanyuan Haofei recalled the scene of Feng Zhiyao throwing herself at Situ Yelei at the Songhe Restaurant. He immediately felt uncomfortable, and he coldly harrumphed as he spoke in defense.

After the time of burning half an incense stick, Shi Wu returned. He said that Head of Situ Family did not go to the Jade Lotus Store.

Then he said he'd lost him.


Xuanyuan Haofei flew into a rage and almost smashed the table with his palm.

Fortunately, Chu Yi returned, the news he brought made Xuanyuan Haofei forget about the punishment, because when Xuanyuan Haofei heard the news, he immediately jumped out of the window!

"Wake up?"

Ye Weiyang asked when he saw Feng Zhiyao's slightly fluttering eyelashes.

"When did you arrive on the cruise boat?"


"Where's Zi Yun?"

Feng Zhiyao was surprised. Didn't she say to change the teahouse for tea?

Right now, they were on the Great Jade Lake, with dense lush green lotus leaves rising up and down. At first glance, it was as beautiful as a painting, as if the two of them were standing in the waves of rippling green waves, only feeling a faint fragrance from the lotus leaves.

"I asked Zi Yun to hire a carriage. She sent your clothes, jewelry and snacks back to the Prime Minister's Mansion first."

Ye Weiyang played with the tassel on his Spirit Serpent Sword and told her where was Zi Yun.


Feng Zhiyao faintly nodded, "But I'm so hungry!"

It was past noon.

"Here -" Ye Weiyang turned around and took out a plate of pastries and a soy sauce duck from cabin.

"Weiyang, this is too sweet, and this is too greasy!"

Feng Zhiyao pouted coquettishly.

"Then …"

"Then I'll go to the Ziyan Baiwei Retaurant and buy your favorite roasted pigeon?"

Ye Weiyang hesitated for a moment before asking.


Feng Zhiyao looked into his eyes and saw the gentleness in his eyes. Her heart trembled, but her face didn't show any emotion. She only slightly nodded.

After Ye Weiyang had flown away with her lightness skills, Feng Zhiyao sat on the deck in boredom, slowly swinging her white and delicate feet, taking off her stockings. She patted the clear lake water, creating beautiful sparkling splashes.

However, there was someone who made her restless. In the distance, an orange-colored figure jumped off a beautiful cruise and dashed towards her.

"Yao'er, I've finally found you!"

Situ Yelei's gaze fell on her face, burning with emotion.

"Young master Situ?"

Feng Zhiyao looked up at him, stunned. Wasn't he with King of Qi?

Why did he suddenly appear in front of me?


"He really doesn't know how to take care of you, why did he leave you alone on the cruise boat?"

Situ Yelei's face was full of sympathy. As he spoke, he bent down. When he saw those small and exquisite feet, his eyes flashed with astonishment.

"What are you doing here?"

Feng Zhiyao clearly didn't welcome him.

"Your feet are beautiful!"

It was as white as jade, as smooth as grease. The toes of each slender foot were as beautiful as a painting, sparkling and translucent. They were as agile as a clear spring, as clear as a lotus.

"Thank you for your praise!"

Feng Zhiyao responded straightforwardly, then giggled like a beautiful silver bell.

Ye Weiyang wouldn't be back for a while, so sneaking around was good!

"Yao'er, why don't you stay with me?"

Situ Yelei smiled at her. Recalling the kiss he had given her in the outskirts of the city, he couldn't help but feel agitated. Thus, he began to speak with impatience.


"I can't afford to offend that tiger!"

Feng Zhiyao elegantly put on her stockings, then rolled her eyes at him.

She hadn't forgotten Xuanyuan Lingxi had kicked her that time at the Songhe Restaurant!

Indeed, Xuanyuan Lingxi was a tiger!

Situ Yelei could not help but nod, sighing in his heart. This Royal Princess had made it impossible for him to have a maid in the room and go to the brothel. Now, he was living a life of misery like a monk!

"Yao'er, but I …"

"I like you."

Situ Yelei didn't know what was wrong with him, and actually said these words.

"'Like' means nothing!"

Feng Zhiyao gently pressed her hand against his chest and gently punched it, then said with a playful smile.

"Then what do you want?"

Situ Yelei's body trembled when she lightly punched him. Her slender fingers seemed to possess some magic, making him want to do something to her.

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