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Chapter 1176: A Thousand Cups Are Too Few When Drinking with a Bosom Friend

With Xiao Chen's full-power strike, the three Ice Phoenixes flying over shattered. As snowflakes drifted, Xiao Chen downed the three cups of wine one after another.

"I really crave more of it; that was not enough!"

Xiao Chen put the wine cups down heavily, feeling very uninhibited. He seemed drunk yet not drunk. The more he drank, the more he got into the mood.

"As you wish!"

Liu Yang's expression turned unsightly. He stood up, and his full aura erupted out. His hands moved so fast that they blurred. Cups of Thousand Year Snow flew out together with Ice Phoenixes.

All the outstanding talents in the hall were somewhat stunned silly. They had not expected a simple toast of wine to lead to something so grand and majestic.

Wearing the Fleeting Shadow Gloves, Xiao Chen's hands flashed even faster than Liu Yang's when Xiao Chen saw the dazzling number of Ice Phoenixes.

Cup after cup after cup. Xiao Chen seemed to be truly drunk. He could not help laughing loudly amid the wind and snow.

He radiated a strong saber intent as he laughed boisterously. His usual calm was nowhere to be found; instead, he displayed an unrestrained arrogance.

Liu Yang's movement stopped. He realized that he had run out of wine. He had already emptied out all the Thousand Year Snow that he brought. As for Xiao Chen, he had already drunk more than a hundred cups of it.

"No more wine? Never mind, I have some. As the saying goes, a thousand cups are too few when drinking with a bosom friend. Although Young Master Liu and I cannot be considered bosom buddies, we are both people who love wine. Since you honored me with one hundred cups, I will return the favor with a thousand cups!"

Xiao Chen put down the wine cups and suddenly stood up. His hair flew about together with his clothes.

"Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!"

All the empty wine cups on every table in the second floor trembled endlessly under the influence of Xiao Chen's seventy-percent-comprehended saber soul.

However, it seemed like there were still not enough wine cups. The saber intent spread out to the vast hall of the first floor. As long as it was an empty cup, it trembled intensely.

"What's going on?!"

This phenomenon startled many cultivators in the Conflagration Restaurant for they did not know what was prompting it.


With a thought from Xiao Chen, all these wine cups gathered on the second floor—exactly one thousand of them.

Then, Xiao Chen took out the Thousand Year Flame that he stored in the Universe Ring. With a casual wave, the bottles emptied out. The golden wine poured out while flickering with a glistening golden light.

Without a single drop spilling, the wine filled up all the wine cups hovering in the air.

"Buzz!" The wine cups shook slightly as clumps of flame soared into the air. With the support of Xiao Chen's saber soul, they formed a huge Golden Crow.

The Golden Crow spread its wings, and a horrifying saber intent imposed suffocatingly strong pressure. The Golden Crow gave a startling cry as it flew towards Liu Yang while carrying one thousand cups of Thousand Year Flame.

When Liu Yang saw this, it frightened this descendant of the Black Sea Saber Sovereign silly; his legs trembled.

Under such situation, which outstanding talent here would dare to say they would not be drunk after one thousand cups!

Since you offered me one hundred cups, I will return one thousand cups. Do you dare to drink?!

The huge Golden Crow shone with a glistening golden light. Xiao Chen's puissant seventy-percent-comprehended saber soul made the Golden Crow's aura extremely sharp.

Accompanied by the thousand cups of Thousand Year Flame, it not only pressured Liu Yang, the descendant of the Black Sea Saber Sovereign, until his knees went soft but also stunned the other Great Bandits' descendants and made their hearts thump heavily.

At the same time, it inspired some fear in these people as well as relief that Xiao Chen was not targeting them. Just the thought of one thousand wine cups pressing over had them trembling in fear.

After drinking the one hundred cups of Thousand Year Snow, Xiao Chen felt somewhat woozy. He had not drunk so much in such a long time and had not been drunk for a long time as well. He could not even remember the last time he had gotten drunk.

He no longer cared about his identity as the Azure Dragon King, or the Azure Emperor's descendant. He no longer cared about becoming a meteor if he did not reach Martial Emperor in four years.

Today, just let me get drunk for once. I do not want to care about anything. Just leave me be, to be arrogant and unbridled!

Xiao Chen's hair and clothes fluttered continuously, accompanied by the strong saber intent. He let out the air of an overlord, which he had kept repressed in his heart for a long time, without reserve.

"Hahahaha! Such a vast Black Sea filled with outstanding talents. Is there not a single person who dares to drink with me?!"

Xiao Chen held up the wine cup, his complexion flushed red. He looked at the scared silly Liu Yang and could not help laughing loudly. He laughed without any reservations or fear, feeling extremely delighted in his drunkenness.

The strange movements of the wine cups earlier already startled hundreds of cultivators in the Conflagration Restaurant's first floor. Even though this was a place where the Black Sea's fiercest cultivators gathered, these cultivators could not help feeling startled when they went to a higher elevation and peeked into the second floor.

"Damn! Who is this? He is insane!"

"He is truly boundlessly mad. This is the first time I feel pity for Liu Yang. Who would dare to accept these one thousand cups of wine?!"

"That is the white-robed bladesman who recently caused a big commotion by chopping off the head of the metal puppet in the city affairs office."

"So, it is him. I heard about him. I heard that back then, he managed to snatch the victory in an overwhelming fashion despite Xia Yang, the Thunder Fire Sovereign's descendant, being expected to win. At that time, he truly stunned a large number of people."

Seeing Xiao Chen abandoning all restraint, these cultivators peeping into the second floor chatted in whispers, their eyes filled with awe and respect.

Strength ruled. This was the same no matter where one was.

On the second floor, Ba Yan blushed with shame. This Brother Xiao Chen was probably really drunk, daring to say anything and offending all the outstanding talents with one sentence.

"Hehe! However, he is wild enough. I like it!" Ba Yan said with a grin.

When Liu Yang heard Xiao Chen's words, his complexion flushed and paled in turn. He felt somewhat ashamed and unable to show his face. Earlier, he said that Xiao Chen did not return the offering of wine. Now that there were one thousand cups, he was so remorseful, his intestines turned green.

[TL Note: Intestines turned green is the Chinese version of turn green with envy; it is not literal, just an exaggeration to show the level of its intensity.]

It was simply too difficult for Liu Yang to face such an imposing saber intent on his own.

"Don't you dare laugh at my Black Sea for not having anyone who dares to drink with you! I, Jiang Feng, will drink with you!"

Surprisingly, the first one to step out among the other outstanding talents was actually Jiang Feng, who had lost to Xiao Chen before.

Xiao Chen's vision was slightly hazy. However, when he saw Jiang Feng stepping forward, he laughed loudly and said, "I offer you one hundred cups, then!"


As Xiao Chen laughed loudly, he waved his hand, and one hundred cups of Thousand Year Flame instantly flew out quickly towards Jiang Feng.

Every cup was filled with golden wine containing Xiao Chen's strong saber intent. When the one hundred cups flew out, they were like a hundred strands of sharp saber Qi.

Jiang Feng's expression sank. He did not dare to underestimate them. His figure flashed, and his hands turned illusory as he received cup after cup and poured them into his mouth, drinking them in one go.

However, after thirty cups, Jiang Feng felt his legs go weak and his head spin. The strong kick of the Thousand Year Flame started to make itself felt.

"Pu ci! Pu Ci!"

After drinking another ten cups or so, Jiang Feng could no longer hold on. His actions slowed somewhat, and one cup of Thousand Year Flame immediately struck him. The wine splattered and covered him in wounds.

With this, the crowd realized the strong aftereffects of the wine and how strong Xiao Chen was to be able to remain standing stably after drinking one hundred cups.

"I'll drink with you!"

"I, Liu Yun, will drink with you!"

However, Xiao Chen managed to incite the rashness of the crowd. With Jiang Feng as the initiator, people stepped forward one after another.

Instantly, the calm and refined second floor turned chaotic.

The various Black Sea outstanding talents got drunk. With such a strong wine like the Thousand Year Flame, one would already feel dizzy after one cup. Remaining sober after so many cups would be impossible.

Amid the chaos, someone got frustrated, drew his weapon, and charged at Xiao Chen.

The first one to do this was the badly bullied Liu Yang. The moment he drew his saber, his figure flashed, and he executed a killing move.

Xiao Chen laughed loudly and gently drifted into the air. He picked up a stray cup of Thousand Year Flame and drank it in one go as he dodged easily.

After that, he stretched out his hand, and his drifting figure executed the Thunder Dragon Steps. He took seven steps as he hacked out with the Lunar Shadow Saber using the Thunder Dragon Chop.


Liu Yang held up his saber to block and was sent flying back by Xiao Chen's attack to crash heavily into the restaurant's wall in a sorry state.

Xiao Chen brandished his saber as he stood on top of a table. Then, he staggered somewhat as he drank another cup of wine. He laughed with disdain on his face, "You are only so-so, and you want to sneak-attack me?!"

"Attack together!"

These outstanding talents were all drunk. When they saw Xiao Chen standing on the table, their blood rushed to their heads, and they could no longer endure.

"Good timing."

In a half-sober state, Xiao Chen felt unfettered. There was a kind of unbridledness that he had never experienced before flowing in his veins. The effects of alcohol amplified this feeling a hundred times.

Xiao Chen laughed out loud three times as he brandished his Lunar Shadow Saber and charged over.

Saber lights and sword images filled the place together with mysterious phenomena. Xiao Chen weaved in and out of the chaos, moving about.

Such chaos surprised the cultivators peeking in from outside.

A proper gathering actually devolved into such a state. This was probably something that no one could have expected.

The even more surprising thing was that the drunken Xiao Chen managed to resist so many outstanding talents alone without playing any tricks. Even so, he did not end up in a disadvantaged position.

In fact, the strong seventy-percent-comprehended saber soul allowed him to take some initiative. The thousand cups of Thousand Year Flame were already scattered around the room.

The wine cups containing Xiao Chen's saber intent did not shatter in the chaos. Instead, they all moved around, flying everywhere.

Xiao Chen went crazy. He unleashed all the pressure he could, occasionally drinking a cup of Thousand Year Flame as he challenged all the outstanding talents.

After four hours, aside from the tough building of the restaurant, all the tables, chairs, shelves, screens, and all sorts of other decorations littered the floor broken.

The various outstanding talents had all collapsed to the floor, either drunk or knocked out by Xiao Chen.

As Xiao Chen swayed on his feet, his white robes were stained red with blood. A portion of the blood was his, but most of it was from the Great Bandits' descendants.

As Xiao Chen stood on a shattered tabletop, he drank the last cup of Thousand Year Flame. Then, he looked around blearily and found no one left standing. So he could not help laughing loudly again.

However, this laughter contained some misery, a loneliness that others would find hard to understand.

"People of influence in the world come from my generation; on entering the world, we push on with the times. The peak of the road to Emperor is full of glory. However, it does not compare to a great drunken party."

[TL Note: This is a poem by Xiao Chen. Unfortunately, it is impossible to reproduce the structure and rhymes when translating it.]

Laughing loudly, Xiao Chen toppled over. The empty wine cup in his hand fell to the ground with a 'clink' and shattered.

Ba Yan, who had hidden in a corner the moment he saw a chaotic battle beginning, surveyed the trashed hall. He smiled bitterly and said, "I really should not have brought him along. The host of this gathering is probably crying."

Even up to now, Ba Yan had not seen the host of the gathering. This was fine with him as well. In fact, it was for the best.

Carrying Xiao Chen, Ba Yan quickly left this place. Xiao Chen had accidentally knocked out all the outstanding talents; this commotion was a little too big.

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