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Author's: Fantasy Oriental fantasy Upgrade Cultivation Hot blood Shuang Shuang Beauty Queen Palace Martial God Elegant Ambiguous Pills Silent Rogue Arrogant Pill God More Please remember the name of this site: Golden House Pride World Pill God Chapter 2825 Demonic Dragon Wave

The parents of Bat Super Venerable were both high ranking members of the Flying Dragon Palace, but they died mysteriously later on. The Bat Super Venerable was talented and intelligent, his talent was extremely high, he had been too respected since a long time ago, and right now, he was still in the late stage of the Supreme Lord Realm. He stayed in the Flying Dragon Palace, all so that he could find out the truth behind his parents' deaths.

Because he felt that his parents found the higher ups of the Flying Dragon Palace to kill him, he did not have any sense of belonging to the Flying Dragon Palace and had often caused trouble for the Flying Dragon Palace. But because of his powerful strength and his powerful dragon bat, the people inside the hall did not dare to say anything.

The only reason why Bat Super Venerable had such an appearance was because of the strange technique he was cultivating. He did not say what kind of cultivation technique he was training in, but only said that this cultivation technique would make him grow up to be like this his entire life.

"You are also very mysterious. What kind of method did you use to take away the Heavenly Refining Upanishads?" Bat Super Venerable was very curious about this matter.

"This is my secret, I can't tell you. Otherwise, others will be on their guard." Chen Xiang laughed.

"So you're saying that the Golden Pagoda Lingzhi was stolen by you as well?" The Bat Super Venerable said.

Chen Xiang nodded.

"Heh heh, they really are the same kind of people." Bat Super Venerable started laughing, this was the first time Chen Xiang saw him smile, his smile was extremely sinister and cunning.

"My methods are much gentler than yours, you seem to be using all kinds of methods to snatch it, right? And they're even hitting people! " Chen Xiang said: "Super Origin Dan Hall's Master Wang was beaten by you."

"That guy asked for it after getting beaten up. He actually wants my A'Fu's blood. I'm not giving it to him!" At first, I only promised him that I would play with him, but in the end, I beat him up, but I gave him back his Dao crystal. " Bat Super Venerable replied, "I was just teaching him a lesson."

Chen Xiang would never tell Master Wang that the brat who beat him was actually above the six divine mirrors. Master Wang also didn't know, because the interior of the six divine mirrors had already been sealed by Chen Xiang.

"Since the Flying Dragon Palace is so well-informed, then do you know why the seal on this place has suddenly disappeared?" Chen Xiang kept having the feeling that nothing good could happen to the Dragon King's land.

"It was broken through by the blood of a wyvern. As for why, I'm not too sure either. Anyway, it's relatively safe here right now. It will be hard to say later!" Speaking of that, Bat Super Venerable's expression became serious: "The Dragon God's Land of Death will be sealed by a barrier, which means that there must be something very powerful inside. My Ah Fu can also sense it, but that thing still hasn't woken up yet."

"What could it be? The legendary Dragon Demons? " Chen Xiang started to worry, one had to know that the Bat Super Venerable was a Late period of Tai Zun realm, and the Leader of the Original Tao Sect was also this kind of cultivation.

The Late period of Tai Zun realm was one of the few strong practitioners amongst the thousand floors, and the Bat Super Venerable was one of them.

"What's that on that side?" Chen Xiang suddenly shouted.

Bat Super Venerable also saw it. In the distance, there was a huge blood pillar of light. If one looked carefully, they would see many black figures flying around.

"Hurry up and take a look!" Although Bat Super Venerable was a little worried, he was even more curious, so he wasn't afraid.

The reason why he could see the pillar of light from afar was because the pillar of light was simply too big. When he got near, he could only see a black curtain of light in front of him, unable to see just how big the pillar of light was.

In front of this blood-red pillar of light, they were nothing more than ants!

"Those inside are all Dragon Demons!" The Bat Super Venerable suddenly shouted, "Leave this place quickly!"

Just as he said that, the group of black shadows suddenly flew out from the light pillar. Upon closer inspection, they were humanoid figures.

The Dragon Demon had the appearance of a huge human, covered in black scales, hands and feet with black dragon claws, and a black dragon head.

Although this group of flying Dragon Demons looked the same, there was still one thing different about them, and that was their horns.

Some of the Dragon Demons had a pair of black antlers, while others had a pair of sharp horns.

There were a few smaller Dragon Demons, and some with smaller horns as well. They should be weaker in size.

Seeing the Demonic Dragons flying over, Chen Xiang anxiously used the six divine mirrors to distance himself from the place. The Demonic Dragons did not chase after them, they only scared them away, and then returned to the huge blood light pillar.

The blood-colored pillar of light seemed to have sprung up from the ground, containing some kind of power that could give birth to a powerful Dragon Demon.

"I never thought that there would be so many Dragon Demons inside. I just don't know when they will make a move!" Chen Xiang now understood the fear of the Heavenly Refining Divine Sects Great Clan Elder.

In that massive blood-colored pillar of light, there were a lot of Dragon Demons, and all of them looked very powerful.

"I have no idea. In short, these Dragon Demons are very brutal. Let's go back!" Bat Super Venerable did not want to continue staying here. Although he was strong, he knew that there were terrifying existences within the Dragon Demons.

Chen Xiang activated the six divine mirrors and flew out of the Dragon Demon's Lair. However, after half an hour, Chen Xiang suddenly felt a strong killing intent coming from his back.

"The Dragon Demon is out!" Bat Super Venerable shouted in shock.

Chen Xiang immediately increased his speed, the ruthless Qi wasn't released by just one Dragon Demon, but countless Dragon Demons.

"Did we lure it out?" Chen Xiang asked anxiously, he had already used his spatial energy.

"I don't think so. We just happened to make it in time, in short, those who entered the Demonic Dragon's land of death, if they weren't strong enough, most of them would have died." Bat Super Venerable said, "Fly upwards and hide!"

Chen Xiang flew into the air and then used the Counter Power to hide himself. The Draconic Demons below him were like a swarm of locusts filling the sky.

"Look at their bodies. They are all wrapped in a faint red light, and it is these red lights that make them fly extremely fast. They should be trying to fly to all parts of the Dragon Demon's Death Ground in one go." The Bat Super Venerable said.

Chen Xiang looked at the location of the blood light pillar: "Look over there, the light pillar is getting smaller and smaller!"

"Not bad indeed!" The Bat Super Venerable said, "This Flying Dragon Tower is really scary. It can't believe there are so many of these things hidden."

Chen Xiang activated the six divine mirrors, flying towards the direction of the light pillar: "Let's go take a look, the light pillar is no longer there, we should be able to see something clearly."

Bat Super Venerable also nodded in agreement. Because they had already hidden themselves, it should be safer.

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