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Chapter 318: Lowly Man
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Mr. Du of the Cottage was naturally a legendary man. Even if he really couldn't cultivate, as rumored, he was still a legendary man if he could build a place like the Cottage.

In the Eastern Barren Territory, there were many rumors about him but only very, very few truly knew him. His location was always mysterious. It was rumored that the disciples of the Cottage often couldn't find him, let alone people of the other forces. As for what he wanted to do, Liu Fei Yang didn't know. His father claimed that Mr. Du wanted to create a different Eastern Barren Territory. This confused him more.

"The Qin Dynasty is planning for the world and targeting the College and Cottage," Emperor Liu said. "Only they are the matches of the Qin Dynasty. The Eastern Barren Territory has come to a turn. Under this situation, the only thing we can do is choose an option." As the ruler of the Liu Kingdom, these words may seem to underestimate him; however, he understood that the top forces all knew the region was about to change. They knew since the Dongqin College was established. Otherwise, the Donghua Clan, Moon Clan, Royal Xuan Temple, Fuyun Sword Clan, and other forces wouldn't go cultivate in the Dongqin College. The Qin Dynasty had just given them a reason to choose it.

Now, the Qin Dynasty was giving the Liu Kingdom a reason to choose them.

"If we must choose, I would rather choose the Cottage." Liu Chenyu, who had stayed silent, looked to her father. Her pretty eyes were resolute. The Qin Dynasty's proposal was a catastrophe for her.

Emperor Liu gazed at his daughter. Liu Feiyang and Liu Chenyu had always been the two children he loved. He didn't want to hurt Liu Chenyu but she didn't seem to understand him.

There was a clear difference between the Qin Dynasty and Cottage.

The Qin Dynasty created the Dongqin College, targeted Ye Futian, married the Moon Clan, used the conflict between the Cottage and Royal Xuan Temple to get close to the latter, and used the rivalry between the Sword Saint and the Fuyun Sword Clan to ally with the latter. Now, it was proposing to the Liu Kingdom. They would use any tactic to achieve their goal—that was the Qin Dynasty.

The Cottage was just and moral.

If they chose the Qin Dynasty, the Cottage wouldn't do anything to them unless provoked. But would the Qin Dynasty just give up if they chose the Cottage? Furthermore, the Cottage didn't even think of allying with other forces. He didn't know what the consequences for rejecting the Qin Dynasty would be.

"Chenyu, do you have feelings for someone else?" Emperor Liu asked.

Liu Chenyu looked up, her dark eyes gazing at her father. After a pause, a figure appeared in her mind. Did she like him? She couldn't help but think of many memories. They first met in the Ancient Barren World. Ye Futian had forced them to be together. It had been like that every time after that and she gradually got used to it, like it was the norm. She thought of the Cangye Kingdom. The two had strolled by the river, the sky filled with fireworks. That scene had been too beautiful.

If she married into the Qin Dynasty, married their youngest prince, Qin Yuan… Thinking of this, she suddenly smiled. She understood her heart. The figure that had somehow been planted into her mind was the one she liked.

"Yes." Liu Chenyu nodded.

"Ye Futian of the cottage?" Emperor Liu asked. "I heard that his girlfriend is Hua Jieyu from the Moon Clan." Clearly, Emperor Liu had mistaken Liu Chenyu's lover for Ye Futian. After all, he'd heard that Liu Feiyang and Liu Chenyu often hung out with Ye Futian. He was also so extraordinary. Compared to him, Ye Wuchen was more subtle. This was why Emperor Liu would misunderstand.

"No." Liu Chenyu shook her head.

"No?" Emperor Liu was surprised. "Who is it?"

Liu Chenyu lowered her head and didn't reply. She could sense from her father's words that the Liu Kingdom bore great pressure for this proposal. If the Cottage wanted to fight, they might be able to fight against the Qin Dynasty. But Ye Wuchen wasn't a disciple of the Cottage. He cultivated in the Fuyun Sword Clan but couldn't even represent them. He was only a swordsman of the seventh summit.

How would her father choose now?

Seeing Liu Chenyu's expression, Emperor Liu sighed inwardly. "In that case, I will send out invitations for all young prides to come to our kingdom. They will be here for the Qin Dynasty's marriage proposal."

Liu Chenyu froze. She vaguely understood her father's intentions.

The Liu Kingdom quickly sent invitations to all top forces, inviting their strong cultivators to come visit. Many people didn't understand. Was he planning on accepting or refusing? But no matter what, they were willing to witness the Qin Dynasty's proposal. This event would cause a stir. Once the marriage was successful, the Qin Dynasty's force would be even more terrible, taking up half of the Eastern Barren Territory.

At the seventh summit of the Fuyun Sword Clan, Ye Wuchen was anxious. He couldn't calm his mind and his cultivation was affected. He knew about the Qin Dynasty's proposal. Every top force was talking about it. He would know about even if he didn't want to.

Some people from the first summit purposely leaked the information to the seventh summit. They'd personally seen that Liu Chenyu and Ye Wuchen was close. Li Daoyun, who had liked Liu Chenyu, had also died in Ye Wuchen's hands. Many of the first summit guessed that this was one of the reasons why Ye Wuchen killed Li Daoyun.

At this moment, Ye Wuchen stood alone on the summit, gazing at the sea of clouds. Footsteps sounded behind him.

"Swordsman," the comer said. "The Liu Kingdom has sent invitations for everyone to visit the Liu Kingdom."

Ye Wuchen turned to look. It was the man he'd ordered to pay attention to the Liu Kingdom's news.

"Other than that, the Liu Kingdom also sent a letter." The man walked over to hand the letter to Ye Wuchen. It was marked to be only for the eyes of Ye Wuchen of the Fuyun Sword Clan's seventh summit.

The handwriting was elegant, as if written by a girl. Ye Wuchen ripped it open and took out the piece of paper inside. The writing on the white paper was the same elegant font.

Can you come? They were three very simple words. After seeing it, Ye Wuchen folded the letter and put it away. He gazed at the sea of clouds, a smile in his eyes. These three words expressed her feelings. He understood. Since he understood, he would go.

In the Cottage, Ye Futian also received the message from the Liu Kingdom and thought that Wuchen would probably go. Ye Futian and Yu Sheng rode the Black Wind Eagle down the mountain. Second Senior Sister had Loulan Xue follow. They first went to the Guqin Gardens and then brought Silver One towards the Liu Kingdom.

The kingdom was in the east of the Eastern Barren Territory. There were two top forces here: the Liu Kingdom and the Fuyun Sword Clan.

The vast kingdom controlled boundless land and its control of their territory was stronger than all except the Qin Dynasty. However, what decided a top force's strength wasn't their control of the territory. Instead, it was the strength of those at the tip of the pyramid. Why could the eight disciples of the Cottage shake the entire Eastern Barren Territory? It was because they had a few extremely powerful disciples.

The imperial city of the Liu Kingdom instantly grew lively. Strong cultivators of the top forces all arrived. Those from all over the Liu Kingdom also gathered in the imperial city to witness the Qin Dynasty's proposal.

Ye Futian's group didn't head to the palace immediately after arriving. Instead, they went to a restaurant for a meal. All sorts of people frequented restaurants and were great places to get news. Right now, the restaurant they were in had many people discussing the proposal.

"I heard that Qin Yuan of the Qin Dynasty came early yesterday. Is it true?"

"Of course. Not only is he here, but Princess Qin Mengruo, Qian Shanmu of the Donghua Clan, Qin Li, and many others also came as well. After Qin Yuan arrived yesterday, he visited eight lords in the palace in one day. He's very mannered. It seems that the Qin Dynasty has put much consideration into this."

"There is news today that Lord Kang is very satisfied with Qin Yuan, even praising him that he's like a dragon. He clearly approves of the wedding."

"Qin Yuan is the son of Emperor Qin and his beloved Concubine Nan. Concubine Nan is a famous beauty of the Qin Dynasty. Apparently, Qin Yuan inherited the good points of his parents. He's extremely handsome and extraordinary in every aspect. If the Qin Dynasty is genuine, Princess Chenyu will not be disappointed."

While everyone discussed, many people gazed unconsciously at Ye Futian, Loulan Xue, and the others. There was no reason other than that Ye Futian was a pretty boy and Loulan Xue, with her silver hair and eyes, was an icy beauty. They were both rare species.

Ye Futian made a face. What were they looking at him for?

"Maybe you are the prince of Qin?" someone asked jokingly.

"Do you think I look like him?" Ye Futian asked in reply.

"Haha, no. If you were the prince, I would see the others as well. Even though you have a nice temperament, something seems to be lacking."

"Indeed, he is lacking a royal aura," someone joked. "I'm just kidding. Please do not feel offended. You two can't be compared." He thought that Ye Futian wouldn't feel offended to be compared to Qin Yuan.

"Indeed they cannot be compared. Qin isn't qualified," a cold voice said. It was Yu Sheng. As soon as he spoke, the entire restaurant quieted down, everyone looking at him.

Qin isn't qualified? This guy really dared to speak his mind. Since he had the courage, he must be powerful. Could this group be from another top force? But even a top force couldn't dare to say Qin Yuan wasn't qualified to be compared to them, right?

Ye Futian shot a look at Yu Sheng. With his temper, they couldn't stay in the restaurant anymore.

"Let's go." Ye Futian rose and turned to leave.

"Who are you? You sound too confident," a voice called.

Ye Futian stopped at the door. "I feel quite insulted to be compared to those lowly people from the Qin Dynasty."

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