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If the poison in Yu Jingming's body was cured, he would no longer need the White Jade Centipede to help him suppress the poison in his body, and he would no longer need to be manipulated by his detestable younger brother. In the future, he would be free to do anything he wanted. Access:.

"If you can successfully cure my poison, I promise you, I will definitely do my best to help you kill Yu Jinggong." Yu Jingming had had enough of his own brother. Even if Chen Xiang had not said it, once his poison was detoxified, he would go and kill Yu Jinggong.

"Good!" However, we need to get a 'blood contract'. I am still a little worried about you, since you almost destroyed me. " Chen Xiang smiled and said: "I still need you to help me with some things in the future. Of course … I will give you some benefits. "

"I can, but you can't threaten me like how despicable Yu Jinggong is." Yu Jingming said.

Chen Xiang nodded, and then signed a contract with Yu Jingming.

"Can you 'force' the poison out of his body?" Just force it out a little bit! " Chen Xiang said.

"I can't, I can't force it at all. The poison is fused with my soul, and cannot be separated from my body. When the poison reaches a certain point, I'll be in extreme pain, and only when the White Jade Centipede absorbs part of the poison will I feel much better." When Yu Jingming talked about this matter, his face was filled with pain.

"How did you get infected with this poison?" Chen Xiang asked. This was a rather thorny poison he had encountered.

Fortunately, Yu Jinggong had just captured the White Jade Centipede and helped me suppress the poison. Yu Jinggong did not refine pills normally but in terms of using poison, he was very strong. Yu Jingming said: "Of course, I suspect that this poison was' created 'by him. Because I have asked many people who entered the Myriad Tao Mausoleum about this, and no one has ever encountered this poison."

"Alright, relax your body now. I'll see if I can see what poison it is!" Chen Xiang's fingertip pressed onto the location of Yu Jingming's heart, then he used the Dao heart Eye to carefully examine it.

Before long, he saw Yu Jingming's entire body was wrapped in a greyish color. After he saw it, he immediately used his spiritual sense to lock onto it, and then activated the Devouring magic kungfu!

Just like what Yu Jingming said, it was extremely difficult to absorb, he had spent a lot of effort to only absorb a little!

However, this also caused Yu Jingming to be shocked, because he had used many methods previously and could not absorb even a little bit, but Chen Xiang was able to do it, which immediately filled him with hope!

"You … "Be careful, if you get infected by this poison yourself, you'll have to commit suicide." Yu Jingming said.

"Don't worry, if I had been hit by this poison, I would have fallen for it a long time ago." Chen Xiang was sure that this poison had no effect on him at all.

Then, he released the Creation Flame, and added in the Heavenly Alchemy Dao power. However, he burned that gray mist, and not long after, that gray mist was burned away.

"Is there a way?" When Yu Jingming saw that Chen Xiang could even burn that poison mist, he was overjoyed.

"I can't be sure! If your soul also has one, then I will need to use fire to burn your soul and body, and completely burn the poison. At that time, it will definitely cause you a lot of pain. " Chen Xiang said: "Can you endure it?"

"I can endure it!" Yu Jingming saw hope from Chen Xiang and said while clenching his teeth. As long as he could get rid of Yu Jinggong's control, he could endure any amount of pain.

"Alright, I'll start now!" Chen Xiang took a deep breath.

Yu Jingming nodded, and closed his eyes!

Chen Xiang began to release flames, controlling the flames to enter Yu Jingming's body and Divine Sense Sea's body. After that, he began to burn them little by little, which would take a very long time, because Yu Jingming's poison was very strong.

Yu Jingming was really able to endure it. Although it was painful, he did not scream out.

After three days and three nights, the White Jade Centipede that was coiled around Yu Jingming's wrist had fallen down.

The White Jade Centipede had left Yu Jingming's arm, which meant that Yu Jingming's body no longer had that poison!

"It's a success, it's a success!" Yu Jingming looked at the White Jade Centipede in the jade box and constantly recited the words in his mouth. Even he himself found it hard to believe.

"I see." Chen Xiang looked at the White Jade Centipede and sneered: That kind of strange poison is coming from this White Jade Centipede. Your poison shouldn't be very serious, but Yu Jinggong tricked you and made you get bitten by the White Jade Centipede.

"Then, let the poison grow stronger in your body and then absorb it. This way, the White Jade Centipede will grow nonstop! However, the pellet Yu Jinggong gave you has a power that can suppress the White Jade Centipede's growth, so the White Jade Centipede has been like this for many years. " Chen Xiang said: "Yu Jinggong tricked you so much that you were poisoned. Not only did he not say anything about it, he even purposely concealed a lot of things."

"This bastard, I must kill him!" Yu Jingming shouted in anger.

"If we don't rush to kill him and just let him die, that would be letting him off easy!" Chen Xiang sneered, then used a transformation technique to conjure a white jade centipede out of thin air and hid it on Yu Jingming's wrist. "You stay by his side, we'll work together to 'kill' him bit by bit … Of course, we have to start from his son, that bastard Yu Haorui! "

"Alright, I'll listen to you!" Yu Jingming had already signed a contract with Chen Xiang earlier on, and now that the remaining people were helping him cure the poison, coupled with the fact that they had a common enemy, they would definitely cooperate.

Chen Xiang took out a piece of jade tablet and handed it over to Yu Jingming. "This is the Communication Jade Pendant, hang it around your waist, if you have any important matters contact me, just channel your divine power into the jade pendant."

The spatial power that Chen Xiang cultivated was able to create a spatial communication treasure, it was something that was not here.

"How amazing!" Yu Jingming tried it, and he was very surprised.

"Alright, you should head back now!" Chen Xiang said. He had been very tired this entire day.

After Yu Jingming left, the Master Wang hastily sent a sound transmission to Chen Xiang: "Kid, you are truly amazing! I can't do anything about that poison, but you have a way. Seems like you have pretty good control of the Heavenly Alchemy Dao power! "

"Not bad!" Looks like this Yu Jinggong is not an ordinary guy, he's not easy to deal with! " Chen Xiang said: "Master Wang, I have already gathered the remaining two materials, the Six-gods Guiyuan Dan should not be difficult to refine, right?"

"It isn't difficult. I'll tell you about the forging process now..." Of course, if you had the Heavenly Alchemy Dao power, it would be even easier! When you step into Six Gods Stage, it will be time to get your hands on Taizun Dan. " Master Wang chuckled and said, "In time, you will definitely surpass me!"



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