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Master Wang had a greater understanding of Chen Xiang now. He knew that Chen Xiang was not ordinary already, otherwise he would not have been able to grow those medicinal herbs.

Chen Xiang listened attentively as Master Wang explained the refining process of the Six-gods Guiyuan Dan. He remembered every detail that he had to pay attention to.

"Are we going to refine it now?" Master Wang couldn't see anything inside the Six Realms mirrors, but he could guess that Chen Xiang was about to make a move and start concocting pills immediately.

"That's right, we are going to start refining now. I can't wait to step into Six Gods Stage." Chen Xiang said as he took out those medicinal ingredients. The Five Elements Gyokuro Fruit and the Spirit Returning Violet Bamboo were both very beautiful.

"Once these medicinal ingredients have been refined, there will be no more." The Master Wang said: "I think you should think of a way to grow another seed. It won't take long."

"I've already got a copy." Chen Xiang had done this a long time ago. He had the Creator's Well and the purple pearls condensed from the Alive Slain Method, so it was extremely easy for him.

"So fast." Master Wang did not believe it, because it was too fast. He had cultivated medicinal herbs for many years, and knew that it was not that easy.

"I have a special Dao meridian that allows plants to grow and reproduce faster." Chen Xiang said, the dao vein did exist, and Jiang Sijing possessed this kind of dao vein.

"Could it be that this is an Earth Dao meridian? This is a very good Dao meridian! It's very good for growing medicinal plants." Master Wang knew that Chen Xiang had such a dao vein before, but she never thought that it would be the Earth dao vein.

Chen Xiang took out the Chuangshi god furnace. He found out from the Master Wang how to refine it, and felt that it wasn't difficult.

"I have the Heavenly Alchemy Dao line, so refining it would be even easier." Until now, Chen Xiang had never encountered any difficulty in learning to refine new pellets.

The Heavenly Alchemy Dao line allowed his refining process to be even more smooth, and he was not sure if he could continue refining higher level pills in the future.

In just more than two hours, Chen Xiang had refined a Six-gods Guiyuan Dan, he was able to refine two pellets, and Master Wang said that he could refine three pellets.

"Not bad, to be able to successfully refine two pellets on his first try is already quite outstanding." The Master Wang praised: "Although there are two pills, it doesn't necessarily mean that you will be able to help him break through to Six Gods Stage. You can eat these two pills first, at that time, you can get a rough understanding of the situation."

"Elder Wang, I do not know anything about Six Gods Stage, I hope that you can give me some pointers." Chen Xiang said. He had never understood what the Six Gods Stage needed to cultivate.

"When the Late period of Three profound realm is in use, the three Three profound Divine Junctures s will become one, but they will not become one. However, after the three Three profound Divine Junctures s have become one, the 'Six Gods' will appear within the Spirit of the Dao gods and there are only six Primordial Spirits within. These six Primordial Spirits are extremely important, and the growth of the Primordial Spirit can cause the Spirit of the Dao gods to transform."

"When the Six yuan god reaches a certain point, the Spirit of the Dao gods will evolve on its own, and at that time, you will be able to step into the Tai Zun realm. But that is a matter of the future, the main thing for you to do now is to eat the Six-gods Guiyuan Dan and let the Three profound Divine Junctures completely fuse with it, nurturing the Six yuan god."

"I understand." Chen Xiang immediately ate the two Six-gods Guiyuan Dan s. This was only his first time refining one, if the effects were not enough, he would use the Crash method to improve his quality during the next time he refined.

After consuming it, Chen Xiang gradually refined the Six-gods Guiyuan Dan's medicinal power, because it was not refined from the Crash method, and it did not have a spirit god, so the refining time was rather long, and took a total of three days.

"It didn't succeed, but I can feel that under the stimulation of the medicinal power, the Three profound Divine Junctures showed signs of fusing. Seems like the medicinal power isn't strong enough."

Chen Xiang took out another batch of ingredients and quickly used the Heavenly Alchemy Dao line to refine them. This time he was going to start using the Crash method.

Chen Xiang did not know how high the final quality would be, because he had not tried it yet.

"It's not that the medicinal strength is insufficient just now, but it's just that the medicinal strength is not sufficient to advance, and is unable to push my three profound God s to merge together. If I were to use the Crash method to refine a Six-gods Guiyuan Dan, I would definitely be able to propel the medicinal strength sufficiently strong."

Chen Xiang felt that he would enter the Six Gods Stage very quickly, and he was almost there.

The higher the initial quality of the medicinal ingredients, the more difficult it would be to refine when clashing with them. The pills Chen Xiang refined using the Heavenly Alchemy Dao power were of extremely high quality.

Currently, he could only advance to the Six Crash s, and that was the limit he could endure. One must know that he was a Late period of Three profound realm cultivator right now, but he could only go so far when refining Six-gods Guiyuan Dan.

It also took Chen Xiang an entire day to concoct a pill under such extreme conditions, causing him to feel extremely tired.

"I should be able to break through this time." Chen Xiang planned to rest first and recover his energy before eating this high quality Six-gods Guiyuan Dan.

While he was resting, one of his jade talismans suddenly vibrated. He quickly took it out and checked it.

Yu Jingming had sent a message to him.

"Chen Xiang, I just received two important pieces of news."

"The first piece of information is related to Yu Jinggong. Yu Jinggong has a Gold pagoda Ganoderma in his hands, and this Gold pagoda Ganoderma looks like a pagoda shaped lingzhi that is nine stories tall. It is very common, and its main purpose is to cure the Voodoo Dead Poison in the Myriad Tao Mausoleum."

"The Witch Death Poison is a very deadly poison in the Myriad Tao Mausoleum. Even if it's the Late period of Tai Zun realm's, just by smelling a little, one would be tortured to death by this poison. If it's a mid or early stage Tai Zun realm's poison, one would be killed in a short period of time."

"Therefore, this Gold pagoda Ganoderma is extremely precious. If Yu Jinggong wants to auction it now, the final price he can get is probably around twenty billion."

"The second piece of news is related to this Heavenly Refining Auction. The purpose of this event is to prepare to enter the Myriad Tao Mausoleum. At this moment, many great powers' Pill Masters are gathered here to exchange their pills in preparation for entering the Myriad Tao Mausoleum."

"When the time comes, the winner will receive the Heavenly Alchemy Divine Sect's reward, and only the Six Gods Stage will be able to participate in this competition to encourage the young Alchemist. The Heavenly Alchemy soul is the soul of the Heavenly Refining Divine Cauldron that has been growing in the Heavenly Alchemy Divine Sect for a period of time, and it is able to release the powerful and mysterious special Heavenly Alchemy immortal power. I do not know much about the specifics, so it is very precious."

Chen Xiang received a whole bunch of important information in an instant. This was all very important news.

"Master Wang, what use does the Heavenly Alchemy soul have?" Chen Xiang hurriedly asked the Master Wang, and told him that the Heavenly Alchemy Divine Sect took the Heavenly Alchemy soul as a reward.

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