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Yu Jinggong's big brother was called Yu Jingming. Although he was Yu Jinggong's big brother, he was usually very afraid of his own brother, and was often ordered by his own little brother, and sometimes even loudly rebuked!

However, Yu Jingming had never complained or been angry before. This kind of patience made many people feel that it was really scary. Access:.

This was what the Master Wang had told Chen Xiang, but Chen Xiang himself had seen the real Yu Jingming before!

When Yu Jingming searched through his memories, she looked exactly like a demon, so when Master Wang talked about Yu Jingming's performance in Super Origin Dan Hall, Chen Xiang couldn't believe that such a berserk person could actually be so patient.

The old man brought Yu Jingming here and quickly left, because in exchange for this, there would not be a third person present. This would only interfere with the decisions of others, and would not have a good impact.

"What are you planning to exchange for my Jade Dew Fruit?" Yu Jingming was also wearing a black robe at the moment. His old face did not have any expression, which made him look a little scary.

Yu Jingming should be around the same age as his younger brother, but he looked so old. His younger brother was only middle-aged, and was also extremely handsome.

Right at this moment, a plan formed in his mind, and then, a short conversation was held with Master Wang.

"We'll talk about it after we get the gold jade fruit." Master Wang said. Because he had suffered a loss once, he was now very cautious.

"Unicorn Fruit." Chen Xiang took out another Rare Horn Fruit.

"Not bad ingredients!" Yu Jingming nodded his head, the gold jade dew fruit in his hand was not too precious. If it was taken out for auction, it would be far inferior to that many Dao crystal that could be sold by the Qilin fruit.

The ornamental ability of the Unicorn Fruit was also very strong. A beautiful Flame Fruit had grown a Qilin horn. No matter how one looked at it, it was something very special.

"Alright!" After Yu Jingming thought about it for a while, he also agreed.

did not dare to act shamelessly here, otherwise, if the matter got out of hand, he himself would be in deep trouble, so he did not dare snatch Chen Xiang's Qilin fruit.

After Chen Xiang obtained the Golden Jade Dew Fruit, his heart was excited. He had finally gathered these ingredients, and he would be able to refine the Six-gods Guiyuan Dan very soon.

"Elder Yu, after so many years, you should have had enough of your brother!"

After Chen Xiang obtained the Gold Jade Dew Fruit, he suddenly said this. At the same time, he also finished his defense, used the Chuangshi god furnace to protect his own Spirit of the Dao gods, and placed a Six Realms mirrors outside the Chuangshi god furnace to release the power of the shot.

Previously, when he was struck by the Spirit of the Dao gods, he was unable to use his Dao Energy and almost suffered a calamity, so this time he became extremely cautious and knew that he had to protect the Spirit of the Dao gods well.

"You … How do you know who I am? "You recognize me?" Yu Jingming didn't think that the person in front of him was related to Chen Xiang.

"I'm Chen Xiang, of course I know." Chen Xiang smiled and changed back to his original appearance.

"You …" When Yu Jingming saw Chen Xiang, he immediately wanted to take him down.

"There's a Heavenly Refining Conference going on here, do you want to die?" Chen Xiang chuckled, then sat down and said: "Eat, eat, eat!"

"What are you trying to do?" Yu Jingming's voice was ice-cold. "You also took away the medicinal ingredients in the Master Wang's treasure trove!"

When Yu Jingming thought of this, he felt extremely uncomfortable in his heart.

"No, the Master Wang did it himself. The Master Wang did not die, he still has a doppelgänger!" Chen Xiang said: "You guys really want to underestimate Master Wang too much, after all Master Wang is the Supreme Pill God, how can he die so easily?"

Yu Jingming's heart trembled, the Master Wang was still alive, he was very clear about the influence of the Master Wang.

"What are you afraid of?" Chen Xiang saw that Yu Jingming was sweating profusely, and laughed: "It's not like you are the one who is going to attack Master Wang, it's your brother Yu Jinggong right!"

Yu Jingming thought about this and heaved a sigh of relief. Although he knew about this, he was not the one who did it, and even if they started to investigate, the consequences would not be too severe.

"Look at you, with such potential, it's no wonder that your own younger brother would play with you!" "Don't think that it will be fine just like that. Your little brother will definitely push all of this away and blame it on you."

It was very obvious that Chen Xiang was trying to sow discord between the two brothers.

Yu Jingming could also tell, but he had no doubts at all about Chen Xiang's words. He was very clear about what kind of person his little brother was!

"I know, when you attacked me, it was all because of your little brother's idea. He wanted to let my precious son obtain my Heavenly Alchemy Dao line and cultivate my alchemy skills! Even if you succeed, you won't get any benefits, so I don't blame you. " Chen Xiang said while eating, and looked like he was not on guard at all.

Yu Jingming thought for a moment, then sat down, rolled up his sleeves, and saw that there was a white centipede wrapped around his wrist, like a bracelet.

"What is this?" Chen Xiang frowned.

"This is the White Jade Centipede from Myriad Tao Mausoleum, I have poison in my body, I need this White Jade Centipede to help me take drugs, in order for me to live, otherwise I'll be dead, and in order for the White Jade Centipede to be willing to absorb the poison from my body, I need to eat a pill!" And those pills were all concocted by my little brother. Only he has the medicinal formula and only he can concoct them. "

Hearing Yu Jingming's words, Chen Xiang finally understood him.

"So that's how it is!" Chen Xiang said: "Looks like if I kill your brother, you won't agree, right?"

"Of course, killing him is equivalent to killing me! Besides, how could he be so easy to kill? He is the third hall master of the Super Origin Dan Hall after all, and is even daring to 'kill' the Master Wang, so he won't be that easy to deal with. Yu Jingming said: "In the end, you left the Original Tao gate … The reason why he is able to do such a thing in the Super Origin Dan Hall is also because there are people within the Original Tao. "

"If I can cure you of the poison, are you willing to help me get rid of Yu Jinggong? Furthermore, you have to guarantee that you won't let anyone else know about my possession of the Heavenly Alchemy Dao line. " Chen Xiang said. This Yu Jingming had a lot of uses, he definitely could not let him go.

And Yu Jinggong was currently participating in the Heavenly Refining Conference, if he revealed that he had the Heavenly Alchemy Dao line here, the consequences would be dire!

"You really can?" Yu Jingming's body trembled, he had a very deep understanding of the poison in his body, he had tried many different ways to cure it, but none of them worked.

"I can give it a try!" Chen Xiang couldn't guarantee anything now: "I've cured quite a few poisons before, I'm a bit confident now! "However, I need to know. After I cure you of the poison, I will be able to obtain the benefits above." [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents]



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