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The quality of the Sansu flowers that Chen Xiang had cultivated with the World God's Spring was indeed very good. Master Wang could tell with a single glance that the powerful Alchemist attached great importance to the quality of the medicinal ingredients.

"The Sansu flowers is still here!" The elder took out a few Sansu flowers s and frowned: "This brat must have a lot of them. This guy is very mysterious, you should pay more attention to him!"

"Oh right, don't tell your father about this. If he finds out that our scheme involves the Master Wang, neither of us will get away scot-free." The elder said solemnly.

Yu Haorui nodded: "I understand!"

… ….

Chen Xiang followed Master Wang to a very quiet place. This was a very big courtyard with only a few mansions, the rest were herb fields.

"These medicinal ingredients are all relatively precious, especially those two medicinal fields over there. The medicinal ingredients in them are all supreme divine medicines!" The Master Wang pointed to the two golden colored dirt fields and said: "These are all heaven's divine medicines, although they are only of high quality, most of them are relatively rare! As for the more common ones, I will let others plant them! "

Chen Xiang looked at those medicinal herbs, and his heart was already blooming with joy.

"Master Wang, little brat Chen Xiang has also learned how to refine pills before, I hope master can give me some pointers in the future." Chen Xiang immediately said.

"This is good too, since you can make the Sansu flowers be so good, it means that your mental state is not bad! "If there's any difficulty in refining pills, come find me." Master Wang was very easy to talk to, as he smiled and nodded.

Chen Xiang now understood the situation of the Super Origin Dan Hall, these Pill Refiners were the most authoritative people here, it could be seen from how the arrogant Yu Haorui treated the Master Wang.

"That brat will thank the Master Wang first!" Chen Xiang said: "Right now, this punk is going to take care of the Master Wang's medicinal herbs."

Regarding the cultivation of medicinal herbs, even if Chen Xiang did not use the Creation God's Spring, he would still grow them well. For example, he would use the special Primitive Tao Power to condense a year old right now, and then rain down on those medicinal fields.

When Master Wang saw the Sansu flowers, he was pleasantly surprised and said, "Chen Xiang, the Dao Energy you use contains a very strong life force. No wonder the medicinal ingredients you plant are so good."

"Really? "I didn't know that there was such a life force in my Dao!" Chen Xiang said, he pretended not to know, because this kind of life force was not something that just anyone could have.

"I'm not surprised. Some people are born with some sort of special Dao meridian!" If these herbs were to be watered by you for a period of time, the quality would surely soar! Why didn't I meet you earlier? " Master Wang's face was full of joy. At this time, he also liked Chen Xiang a lot.

After the watering was done, Chen Xiang came over to help the Master Wang deal with the Sansu flowers.

"Master Wang, I have been stuck at the Late period of Three profound realm and have been unable to break through. Is there any pills that can help me break through to Six Gods Stage?" Chen Xiang boldly asked.

"Yes!" Six-gods Guiyuan Dan! The ingredients needed to concoct this kind of pill are extremely rare. I only have four pills with me, so I still need two more. " The Master Wang sighed: "Although this is only a high-grade Heavenly Dao medicine, it is more difficult to find! "And the difficulty level of the refining process is also quite high."

"What medicinal herbs are they?" Chen Xiang asked anxiously.

"The Five Elemental Dew Fruits are one of the five, but I only have four of the Five Elemental Dew Fruits. Besides the Goldsoul Dew Fruit, the rest are in this herb field!" Other than the five Five Elements Dew Fruits, the last one is the Spirit Returning Purple Bamboo. " Master Wang said: "If you can find these two, I am willing to refine a batch of Six-gods Guiyuan Dan for you!"

"Where do I need to go?" Chen Xiang didn't have a clue when he broke through the Six Gods Stage.

Master Wang shook his head. "I'm not sure where I can find it, but there's a huge possibility that the location of these two herbs would be in the Taichang Forest, which is very close to Heavenly Alchemy Divine Sect. There are all kinds of strange flowers and herbs in the Taichang Forest."

"Elder Wang, do you mean that we can find it inside?" Wouldn't Taishang Forest be very dangerous then? " Chen Xiang was very familiar with this kind of place. There were all sorts of strange flowers and plants here, and it was impossible for there to be no danger.

"Indeed! But you don't need to go in yourself, just buy them with enough Dao crystal. Generally speaking, these two medicinal ingredients are only worth a hundred million Dao crystal, you can use fifty million to buy one. " Although the Master Wang was only concocting pills, he knew the rules for entering the Super Origin Dan Hall. Chen Xiang would definitely be relatively wealthy if he was able to take out a billion pills.

Seeing Chen Xiang being so anxious, Master Wang laughed: "You don't really want to go right? Actually, there was no need to be too anxious! How about this, you first learn how to make Natural Law Dan that can hit high rank, then come with me to participate in a pill gathering, maybe we can get there! "

Chen Xiang knew that there were not many high ranked Natural Law Dan that could be refined, so being able to learn it was a good opportunity.

"Alright, then I'll be troubling Elder Wang." Chen Xiang said, he also wanted to see the level of Alchemist in the thousand floors.

After they had arranged the Sansu flowers, Master Wang took out a pill furnace and began to explain the characteristics of the three types of flowers, as well as some of the changes that needed to be noted during the refining process. Chen Xiang listened attentively, and although his pill techniques were different, these were all very useful things.

After Master Wang finished his detailed explanation, he began to refine the pill. He placed the three Sansu flowers s into the pill furnace, and had Chen Xiang pay attention to the temperature changes in the furnace, as well as the reaction of the Sansu flowers s.

The Master Wang patiently guided Chen Xiang, but he did not tell Chen Xiang about his pill techniques. After all, Chen Xiang was not his disciple, and he also knew that Chen Xiang had his own pill techniques.

Therefore, he only needed to tell Chen Xiang about the changes in the medicinal ingredients as well as the various reactions and changes that would occur during the refining process.

In less than an hour, Master Wang had already opened the pill furnace. He took out four bright red pellets and laughed: "This is the Eternal Spirits Pill, it can quickly recover injuries and is extremely useful for cultivators of the Three profound realm. It can instantly regenerate bones and flesh, and replenish blood and Qi, it is a cheap and extremely effective Natural Law Dan."

The Master Wang's pill techniques were extremely brilliant, he had refined four pills in such a short period of time, and more importantly, in order to guide Chen Xiang, he had slowed down his speed.

"To be able to refine one pill in one furnace is to pass. To refine two pills is to be outstanding. To refine three pills is to be considered a genius. To refine four pills just like me is to become a master!" The Master Wang laughed and said: "You keep them. Maybe we can use them in the future. This is not expensive either.

Afterwards, Chen Xiang went to refine it himself. He had already accumulated a lot of experience in refining Natural Law Dan, the Tianhun gold Dan that he refined previously was one that he could do so on his own.

However, he found it rather difficult to concoct these kinds of Spirit-Returning Pill, which resulted in him being able to refine only two pills in a batch!

"Not bad, not bad!" "One furnace and two pills, even if the quality is high, you should be a genius now. In the future, you will have no problem refining three pills." Chen Xiang had surprised the Master Wang yet again.

"Okay, I will refine all these Sansu flowers for you. I will first help Leader refine a batch of pills, it might take a few days." Master Wang patted Chen Xiang's shoulders before disappearing without a trace.

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