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Liu Luoxi.

The woman that Long Fei was always worried about.

After not seeing her for a few months, Long Fei had no choice but to suspect that something had happened to her.

He had come back in a hurry because he was worried about her.

The Great Clan Elder frowned and said softly, "Let's talk about this later. With so many distinguished guests present, we must do our host's duty. In addition, I also want to know what happened at god's matrial ground."

After all, so many sect elders had come.

Long Fei could not reject the Great Clan Elder's respect.

He could only agree.

However …

The more the Great Clan Elder didn't say anything, the more worried Long Fei became, "He shouldn't be back yet."

"I wonder how Uncle Fang is doing."

Long Fei called Wu Huo over, "Go to North Peak and see if Uncle Fang has returned!"

Wu Huo did not linger and immediately rushed back to North Peak.

A group of people majestically entered the great hall.

The palace had already prepared all sorts of strange fruits, and they were all good items to raise one's cultivation.

Since ancient antiquity had become the number one sect, they naturally could not be too petty. Furthermore, these things were far inferior to the gifts that the various sects had sent over.

"Come, come, come!"

"Everyone, please take a seat."

Meng Tu welcomed her warmly.

However, Long Fei was not interested.

… ….

In another place.

divine space, Profound God Mountain.

Xuans Headquarters.

A huge mountain range floated in the middle of the sky. The surroundings of the mountain range were filled with dense heaven and earth spirit energy.

A Holy Source Vein Mine that stretched for millions of kilometers wrapped around the Profound God Mountain, and those streaks of heaven and earth Holy Source were visible with the naked eye, becoming extremely dense.

The entire mountain range was situated on the veins of the Holy Source, the powerful Holy Source held up everything.

An entire mountain range was suspended in the air. How terrifying was this power?

The Holy Source Vein Mine was something that every clan would want to obtain. It was the most precious cultivation resource in the ancient world and also the best cultivation resource.

The divine space's vein mine was even more precious, and this was also the reason why the Xuans was able to quickly rise to power.


Such a huge vein mine with Holy Source s was floating in mid air. Who wouldn't want it? However... No one dared!

Because …

This was Xuans's territory, Xuans's headquarters!

Because of fear, because of fear, no one dared to covet it.

"What did you say?"

"That brat Long Fei appeared in ancient world?"

"What door is that Long Wushen fellow guarding at?"

"Isn't he supposed to be guarding the entrance of Universal Realm? Is he asleep? "

"Useless thing!"

Within a large hall of the Mysterious God Mountain.

The white-robed elder's body glowed with an extraordinary light.

They were all elders of the Xuans.

Furthermore, his cultivation had reached such a terrifying level.

A disciple said, "This disciple doesn't know."

"Since that remnant of the Long Family has appeared, what are we waiting for?"

"Just send someone to kill him."

"You're right!"

"This kid pisses off Master, we have to kill him."

Several elders said in a low voice.

A purple-haired elder said: "Master should be in the Ancient Ashura Abyss now. His spiritual sense cannot penetrate that place and we can't find the old man. His spiritual sense can't come out either."

"This Long Fei brat wants to kill me."

"However, he has already arrived in the ancient world. He should have let the Master know about it before issuing the order."

emperor Xuan brought two outer space powerhouse s into the abyss of the ancient Ashura.

This place was very special.

Once you entered, no divine sense would be able to enter. It was like a special map within a game.

Long Fei was definitely someone emperor Xuan wanted to kill.


That was outside of ancient world.

Now that Long Fei had entered the ancient world, how was the emperor Xuan going to deal with him?

Everyone wanted to avenge their own deaths and to behead their enemies.

After all, the emperor Xuan hated Long Fei to the bones. If they did not do well and provoked the Master's displeasure, then they would really be out of luck.

As the other white-haired Elders heard the purple-haired elder's words, they also froze.


Long Fei was already in ancient world, if they went beyond their authority, wouldn't it be too much?

"He killed the disciple of our Xuans, is this matter alright?"

"That won't do!"

"When did our Xuans ever suffer such a loss?"

"Since we haven't been able to find the Master yet, we can't ignore this matter."

Third Brother, you are the Law Enforcement Elder. If Master is not here, then your words are an order.

The purple-haired elder thought for a moment, then said: "Of course we can't ignore this matter. If Master isn't happy about us killing that brat right away, then let a dead man do it for us."


The purple-haired elder laughed coldly, "Long Wushen!"

The few Elders immediately laughed.

"It's his fault that he didn't defend the gate. He should have taken action."

"The Dragon clan's Dragon clan's Dragon clan. If he, Long Wushen, can't even deal with this brat, then there's no use in keeping this dog."

"You're right!"

The purple-haired elder said, "Someone, come!"

A disciple walked into the hall.

The purple-haired elder said, "Send a telepathic message to Long Wushen, tell him to go to the ancient antiquity. Tell him the person he wants to wait for is there."

"If he doesn't do it well, then he doesn't have the qualifications to be a dog for the Xuans."

Not qualified to be a dog.

Then there would be no value at all.

To this kind of person who had no value, the Xuans would never let him live!

The disciple immediately nodded and said: "Yes sir!"

The disciple walked out.

The few elders smiled faintly.

Following that …

An elder thought of something and said: "ancient antiquity, Third Brother, if you didn't say it earlier, I would have forgotten. It seems that a small team from the Xuans went to this mortal sect."

"It seems like he has taken a fancy to a woman with the sacred yin body, and wants to offer her up to the Master."

The purple-haired elder's eyes flashed with a cold light. "Saint Yin Body?"

"It actually appeared in the mortal world?"

"Alright then!"

"The war for the God of Boundary is about to begin, the women with the Saint Yin Body are actually quite good cultivation resources for the Master!"

"When Master returns from the Ancient Ashura Abyss, he will definitely be happy to give this sacred yin woman to him."

… ….


"He has already entered the ancient world?"


After receiving the divine sense sound transmission from the Profound God Mountain, suddenly stood up, and the flames on his body reached a height of thirty meters. He had waited here for a long time, but he had not expected Long Fei to come in already.

"Tell the third elder that I will definitely bring that son of a b * tch to the Mysterious God Mountain."

Long Wushen knew that the only way for him to survive was to take Long Fei's head, in order to prove that he was valuable.

He was afraid of the emperor Xuan!

He was afraid of death.

The Dragon Vein Mountain was gone, he didn't care as long as he was alive.

"Long Fei, you son of a bitch, it's all because of you that the Dragon clan became like this, I'll definitely kill you with my own hands!" Long Wushen let out a furious roar as his figure turned into a shooting star and instantly flashed towards the ancient Lie Mountain...

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