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Lang Ruoxian hugs pregnant Yan Hua, feeling her soft body and smelling her good scent. The pregnant woman has a big and round belly, which does not weaken her sexual appeal to him, but makes his lower abdomen even hotter.

"Young Master! This guy wants to escape." Xiaokai drags Lang Yi in.

Yan Hua is still crying. Lang Ruoxian carries her to the bed, then stands sideways to hide his erect penis.

"Woo... Em..." Yan Hua sobs like a child.

One of her hands firmly grasps Lang Ruoxian's clothes.

"It's okay now, Yan Hua." Lang Ruoxian knows that she is really scared, so he pats Yan Hua's shoulder and comforts her in a low voice.

Next to him, Lang Yi begins to trash talk again, "Ha ha, I want to tell my mom and grandpa that you have had an illicit love affair with her for a long time. Ah..."

Xiaokai punches him and says, "Shut up, or I shall break your nose."

"Take him back to Lang's mansion." Seeing Yan Hua's current situation, Lang Ruoxian decides not to leave her alone right away. He turns to look at Lang Yi coldly and says to Xiaokai, "Take him to my good auntie, and by the way, tell her what her good son has done."

Xiaokai happily follows the instruction and takes Lang Yi away.

Yan Hua cries till she is exhausted and falls asleep finally. Lang Ruoxian calls in the doctor. The doctor listens to the fetal heart and ensures that there is no problem. Then Lang Ruoxian carefully loosens the fingers of Yan Hua bit by bit and sits down on the sofa by her side.

Fortunately, fortunately she was smart to secretly dial the phone number she just saved. When Xiaokai answered her call, Lang Ruoxian heard the situation here, which made him so angry that he really thought of killing Lang Yi when he was at the door just now...

"Di--" A beep is from his phone. There is a message sent by Xiaokai.

"Young Master, Lang Hongyue has gone to the hospital."

Lang Ruoxian turns his phone off, goes to the rest room to tidy up, and then sits back on the sofa. Hardly when he just sits down, Lang Hongyue rushes in.

"Yan..." She sees Yan Hua who has fallen asleep in the bed, thus lowers her voice and asks, "Is she okay?"

"If I came later, I don't know what would happen." Lang Ruoxian shakes his head and says, "Auntie, if I didn't forget taking my car key and returned, I am afraid..."

Lang Hongyue nods in a panic. "I know, I know that Lang Yi does something wrong. I have locked him up."

"You can't always lock him up." Lang Ruoxian sighs. "Forget it, if only you could know that. I have to go on a business trip tomorrow. Therefore, I will go back now."

Lang Hongyue doesn't pay attention to what he says now. She waves her hand casually and hurriedly stares at Yan Hua's... her belly.

Lang Ruoxian stands outside the door, with a gloomy blink, and turns away.

"Hua? Are you awake? Do you feel anything uncomfortable?" Yan Hua opens her eyes and sees Lang Hongyue who is looking at her nervously and keeps asking various questions.

After waking up, her mind whips back to last night. Yan Hua closes her eyes and opens again, with tears.

"Auntie, I almost... almost..."

"Oh, don't cry. If you are too excited, it is not good for the fetus!" Lang Hongyue says so while calling in the doctor.

Yan Hua really wants to kick her, but cries more sadly instead. "Woo woo woo..."

Lang Hongyue spends quite a while comforting Yan Hua but it doesn't work. In the end, Lang Hongyue says with a determination. "Don't worry at all. From tomorrow on, I will arrange some men to follow him 24/7. If he dares to harass you again, I will send him abroad."

"I hope so..." Yan Hua curls her lips, gradually calms down after pretending sobbing a few times.

Lang Hongyue nervously goes to ask the doctor for advice. She leaves only when she is certain that the baby is completely uninjured. As soon as she leaves, Yan Hua gets out of the bed energetically. She washes her face before she calls Xiaokai.

"Miss Yan!" Xiaokai seems to be very happy to receive a phone call from her. "Is there anything I can help?"

"I just want to ask whether Lang Yi is really locked up."

"Yes, he is locked up. Lang Hongyue takes away his car keys and credit cards. She says that if he wants to go out he will have to go to school. Otherwise he must stay at home."

Hearing so, Yan Hua feels relieved. She thanks him and hangs up.

Five days before the expected date of childbirth, the doctor offers Yan Hua a prenatal examination and tells her that the fetal position has been corrected smoothly. Now they are waiting for her successful childbirth. But it's been one week since the due date, Yan Hua shows no sign of giving birth.

Until one morning, Deng Jingjing, who has just returned from abroad, comes to visit her. At then, Yan Hua is looking at the outside street garden in front of French window of the ward. It is only one night passing that all the peach blossoms in the garden are in full bloom.

"This is a good omen!" One of the maternity matrons taking care of Yan Hua, says excitedly, "If you could give birth to a girl, how wonderful it would be!"

Looking at the flourishing flowers, Yan Hua is in a good mood. She touches her belly, says with a smile, "It is a pity that I will give birth to a son. However, maybe the flowers forebode that there will be many girls who like him in the future."

When Deng Jingjing comes in, she sees pregnant Yan Hua with a big belly standing by the window and laughing. The sun coats Yan Hua's jade white skin with gold, who is incredibly beautiful even when she is going to give birth, really God's favorite.

"Why do you stand there? Hurry to lie down on the bed." Deng Jingjing is very jealous of Yan Hua's beauty, so her tone is a bit harsh.

No sooner has she finished speaking than Yan Hua holds the belly with a pale face. Deng Jingjing is even more disgusted with this young girl, and is about to criticize why she pretends so. Then Deng Jingjing hears that the maternity matron nearby shouts.

"Hurry to inform the doctor that her water breaks and she is going to have a baby!"

When Lang Hongyue arrives in a hurry, Yan Hua has already been sent into the delivery room. Lang Hongyue immediately questions Deng Jingjing.

"Jingjing, what have you done?"

"Pay attention to your attitude." Deng Jingjing glares at her. "Yan Hua has pregnancy reaction as soon as I arrive. What's the matter with me?"

Lang Hongyue doesn't believe what she says. Deng Jingjing suddenly comes to the hospital. And coincidently Yan Hua has pregnancy reaction and is going to give birth. There must be something wrong.

"Where are the doctors?" She seizes a passing young nurse and asks.

The young nurse is taken aback and points to the operating room: "They are all... all inside!"

"Auntie." Lang Ruoxian, who has received the news, also arrives. Seeing that Lang Hongyue still tries to let the young nurse to call the doctor out, he quickly stops his auntie and says, "Since it is normal, let's wait. You will affect the doctor by doing so."

When Lang Hongyue sees him coming, she goes to the door of the operating room with an awkward facial expression. She grabs the young nurse who is going inside and whispers, "Tell your director that do not forget what I tell her before."

"Okay..." The young nurse feels strange, but it's not up to her to worry about it, so she enters to pass on the message.

Deng Jingjing unpleasantly reminds Lang Ruoxian, "Look at her furtive manner. Haven't she played tricks?"

Lang Ruoxian turns to look at her and says, "It's no joking matter. Auntie shouldn't have played tricks."

"Fool." So she can't be blamed for despising this bastard. He doesn't understand the rules of the rich and influential family.

But this is also good. If he is too smart, he will be a threat to her.

"Hongyue." Deng Jingjing walks straight over and asks, "What have you just said to the young nurse?"

Lang Hongyue crosses her arms across her chest and answers, "Jingjing, don't act as if you care about Yan Hua very much. I let the young nurse tell the doctor whatever problem is, they must keep our Lang Family's grandson."

"What about you? Do you want to protect that girl?" Lang Hongyue needn't pretend now. If Yan Hua dies during the operation, it is good for everyone.

Deng Jingjing stuns and then mocks her, "You are really cruel and merciless. I think you have already planned to prevent that stupid girl from getting out of the operating bed..."

The two women drop their voices to quarrel, but neither of them notices that Lang Ruoxian watches them, who is standing nearby, face darkened with anger.

"Out they come!" Two hours later, the door of the delivery room opens.

Several nurses push out an operating bed and Yan Hua lays on it, with her eyes closed. A group of doctors are behind. The doctor in the middle looks embarrassed, especially after seeing Lang Hongyue. He hands over the baby to her, smiling guiltily.

"Lady Hongyue, Madam Hua gave birth to a son. Mother... Mother and son are safe and sound."

Lang Hongyue gives him a warning glance and takes over the baby.

A tiny red-skinned baby, hasn't opened his eyes. He couldn't be called a pretty baby right now, because on his face, there are still odds and ends of the amniotic fluid. But it is obvious that it can be seen from the facial features that he will be very handsome in the future. And...

"He looks like you, Ruoxian." Lang Hongyue has to admit it even though she doesn't want to, for she is not blind.

Lang Ruoxian comes over with an uncertain expression and looks at the baby, who is not bigger than his palm. Then he smiles and says, "Dad and Second Uncle are twins. Second Brother and I are so alike. Of course he looks like me. But I think his brow is like that of Yan Hua."

"Haven't you finished yet?" Deng Jingjing says impatiently, "He is too young to open his eyes. Can you recognize whom he looks like? Hurry to send him back to the room. "She glances at the baby with disgust and mixed emotions.

Lang Hongyue knows that Deng Jingjing doesn't like any children, so she curls her lips and leaves, holding the baby with arms. Deng Jingjing tidies up her hair and tells Lang Ruoxian, "I'll go back first. You stay here and watch your auntie. She is not as good as you think."

When she walks away, Lang Ruoxian notices that his sleeves are pulled. He bows to see a pair of eyes, whose owner is glad for survival.

"I am here. Take some rest now. Everything can be delayed until you wake."

Yan Hua stares at him for a while before closing her eyes. When returning to the room, she has already been asleep, and Lang Ruoxian carries her to the bed. In the small cradle next to the bed, there is a small baby lying, ruddy-cheeked.

"Where is my auntie?" Lang Ruoxian asks the young nurse.

"Lady Hongyue goes to the director."

Lang Ruoxian smiles slightly and says, "You could all leave since I am here."

"Oaky, Childe Ruoxian. But you must observe carefully. If there are symptoms of severe postpartum hemorrhage during 2rd hour to 24th hour after childbirth, you must immediately notify the doctor."

"I get it."

The room becomes quiet and Yan Hua's somehow unsteady breathing can be faintly heard. Lang Ruoxian listens carefully and finds that she sleeps deeply but not peacefully, probably having a nightmare. He then looks at the baby.

"You are ugly..." He says, frowning, but he raises his hands to gently touch the baby's red face. The baby is as round and plump as a meatball.

It seems to touch good, very soft. But...

"You look like an old man." Lang Ruoxian adds and finds that the little meatball suddenly begins to twist the body, which shocks him.

"You don't look like an old man..."

The baby continues twisting the body.

"You are not ugly, either."

The little baby keeps wiggling, then... he suddenly cries.

The baby's crying sounds like the cry of tiny animals. Yan Hua is awakened as soon as the baby cries. She sees the man holding the baby in midair with both hands, panicked.

"Is he hungry?"

Lang Ruoxian puts the baby back in the cradle and wants to call the nurse in.

"No need to call the nurse in. Just put him beside me." Yan Hua lies sideways, and Lang Ruoxian puts the wiggly meatball on the bed.

Yan Hua looks at Lang Ruoxian, but he does not move.

"What are you waiting for?"

"Isn't he hungry?"

"So do you want to watch me breast feed him?"

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