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got another point. Before this, he was the same as the fourth, with three hundred and seventy points, but because the fourth was earlier, he was ranked in front of him. Now that his score had exceeded fourth, he was already ranked fourth.

Just as Chen Xiang was about to leave, he felt a faint sense of imminent danger. That was a very dangerous feeling, and when he had this feeling, it meant that someone with terrifying strength was approaching.

"Isn't this one of the three overlords of the Primordial Sword Truth, one of the Yuan Shi Tao School?"

"In the Primordial Sword Dao, there are three Supreme Elders. This is the youngest of the three, the Third Supreme. However, according to the legends, his strength is on par with the One Sovereign of the Sword."

"What is he doing?"

Chen Xiang also saw this Supreme Realm martial artist. This was the first time he had seen Tai Zun realm, and he looked to be a handsome and suave young man.

"I've seen the Grand Preceptor without any complaints."

The old man beside the arena quickly bowed.

"Junior Murong Jin pays his respects to the Great Honored Warrior, Wu Hen." Murong Jin immediately bowed respectfully, because this Grand Elder Wu Hen was also an extremely terrifying person. Even though he looked young, he was someone who had participated in the great battle against the Flying Dragon Palace back then.

"No need to be so polite." "Murong Jin, I have been paying attention to you for a long time. I wonder if you are willing to be my disciple."

Everyone was immediately shocked.

The Grand Preceptor had directly come to take in disciples. To be able to become his disciple, his status was much higher than true disciples, not to mention inner disciples.

"Senior, for you to think so highly of this junior, junior feels extremely happy. It's just that …" I want to stay on the ground and become a true disciple of the Yuan Shi Tao School step by step. Junior has also heard that cultivation in the Yuan Shi Tao School is extremely difficult, especially from the outer sect disciples to the inner sect disciples. If I am unable to pass this stage, I will not have the face to be a senior disciple. " Murong Jin did not hesitate at all and directly said those words.

This made everyone even more surprised. He had actually rejected her offer just like that.

"Alright." "If that's the case, then I'll wait for you on the Primordial Heavenly Mountain. If you can become an inner disciple, then you can directly come to the Hall of No Resentment and accept the examination. After passing my examination, you can become my disciple."

"Of course, if you change your mind, you can come and find me at any time. I'll accept you as my disciple."

"Thank you, senior." Murong Jin said with a humble smile.

The Grand Elder patted Murong Jin's head and laughed as he flew away.

This made many people speechless. If it was Murong Jin, then it would have been fine if he had directly agreed to become the Unresentful Great Honored Warrior, but he refused the offer. Becoming a direct disciple of the Yuan Shi Tao School was something that many people here yearned for day and night.

"This fellow's mentality is pretty good. I can't allow myself to meet him. In the worst case scenario, I might even lose ten points to him." Chen Xiang was only worried, but he was not afraid of Murong Jin. Instead, he wanted to fight with Murong Jin.

After that, Chen Xiang found out that other than Murong Jin, there were two other people who had tried to recruit them as disciples as well. They were only aware that they were still participating in the competition.

Chen Xiang had already arrived at the fighting arena, and it was his turn soon enough. He did not need to extravagantly hope to enter the top five, as long as he could enter the top ten, it would be enough to enter the Yuan Shi Tao School this year.

… ….

In a pavilion at the side of the plaza, Murong Jin sat on the balcony, drinking tea with two men and one woman. These people were all in the top five, which showed that their relationship was not bad, and there was even a female.

"My little brother has already put me down. I've fallen to fifth." He was Murong Jin's older brother, Murong Ling. He was previously ranked fourth, but now, he had already been surpassed by Murong Jin.

"Damn you two brothers. You both rejected the Supreme Emperor's offer to take in a disciple." A strong and handsome man shook his head and sighed, "Why don't I have such a good life?"

This muscular man was the number one in the ranking board, Gu Qingtian.

"Oh right Jin Qiong, didn't the Granny in Yuan Shi Tao School want to take you as a disciple? You said that you wanted to think about it, but you didn't answer Grandma Wuqiong." Gu Qingtian asked a lady in green.

This girl was very pretty with a smile on her face. She was very charming. She took a sip of tea and said, "Of course not. I also want to see how cruel the outer sect disciples are, so I rejected."

She was the only girl in the top 30, called Liang Jinjun. Although she looked pretty and gentle, she was famous for her thunder dao abilities, and was the elder sister of Liang Youxing, the person who Chen Xiang had defeated earlier.

"It seems that even if I am accepted as a disciple by all of you, I still have to refuse. Otherwise, I will be despised by all of you." Gu Qingtian laughed bitterly.

"The reason why I didn't accept you as a disciple is because you look too lacking. There are already many big fish in the top 30." Mu Rong Ling laughed loudly.

"It should be a question of looks. All three of you look more popular than me. There's no helping it, this is a world where one only looks at one's face." Since Gu Qingtian was ranked first, he must be pretty strong. He himself didn't know why the Great Honored Warrior didn't fancy him, and the Gu family that he was from was also a rather strong family.

"Jin Qiong, didn't your little brother drop out of 30? Who was it that defeated him? According to this year's standards, your little brother's strength is at least in the top 10." Gu Qingtian asked.

Liang Jinjun frowned slightly as she mentioned this. She looked towards the arena and said, "In the 17th arena, that man in black defeated someone who was interested. He didn't have any background, but he was able to defeat my younger brother within a short period of time."

Chen Xiang was about to fight, but he didn't know that he was being watched by the four genius ranked in the top five.

"I've also heard that he easily overcame his battles. Currently, he hasn't even reached ten points. I wonder if he will be able to make it here within a month." Murong Jin said: "Seems like your imposing manner is quite good."

"It has begun. Everyone, look at this person's background. Although my younger brother was defeated by him, he did not complain about it. You all know my younger brother's personality, he would not accept it so easily." Liang Jinjun said.

The four of them were staring at Chen Xiang from afar. Although they were far away, to strong people like them, it was as if they were right in front of them.

Chen Xiang would definitely not go all out now, he did not even use his Dao power sometimes, but only used his powerful physical body coupled with his footwork to fight his opponent. This way, he would not be able to injure his opponent, and would also be able to train his body a little.

Under the situation where he was hiding his strength, it was difficult for him to determine the origin of his cultivation technique.

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