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Although Chen Xiang only used the strength of his fleshly body, it was still possible to defeat him easily. The strength of his fleshly body was something that even he himself found somewhat unexpected, as he never thought it would be so strong, "What a terrifying physique, his body is much thinner than Old Gu, but he's so powerful. His footwork is also very strange, and with the combination of his physique's strength and the various fist techniques that he's extremely familiar with, he can easily win. Murong Jin said.

"Indeed, in our Thousand Floors, other than the disciples from the major families, there is actually such a person." Mu Rong Ling was suddenly very curious about Chen Xiang.

"All of you, go apply for a duel. Otherwise, the top 10 will be pulled out of the competition …" Gu Qingtian stood up and said: "Also, the guy who is ranked third has not appeared for a few days. I don't know what's going on, could it be that he has been accepted as a disciple?"

"I'm not sure. The second place will not be taken away anyway. You're already first so why are you still working so hard?" Liang Jinjun laughed.

"There's nothing I can do about it. If I don't beat him up for a day, I won't feel comfortable." After Gu Qingtian finished speaking, he jumped down from the balcony and rushed to the battle location.

… ….

In the blink of an eye, a month had passed. Chen Xiang had fought more than 10 matches every day, and each match had been his consecutive victories. Right now, he was already ranked tenth, and a few of the top 30 contestants had been defeated by him.

His current fame was similar to those of the top five; after all, he had only been here for a short month.

Other than him rushing forward, there was also Liang Youxing, who was also ranked thirteenth. Although the two of them frantically requested to battle, in the end, they did not meet.

Liang Youxing did not wish to meet Chen Xiang. He knew very well that the result would be the same if he were to fight with Chen Xiang ten times.

"One more day. I must enter the top ten. Right now, there is only a difference of three points between me and that tenth guy. I will be able to pull him out after four more rounds." Chen Xiang was very confident at the moment, because there were still more than ten hours until the deadline.

However, Liang Youxing's hope was not very high, because the difference between his and Tenth Order was too great, he had a full seventy points.

The top five rankings didn't change much, but the scores continued to increase. This month, the top five hadn't stopped fighting in order to maintain their points. Even if they lost a few matches, they would still be in the top ten.

The top five had fought with each other before. The top ranked Gu Qingtian and the third ranked Zhao Yunqiao had a great battle, and in the end, Zhao Yunqiao had lost.

Then, it was Murong Jin and Murong Ling, the two brothers, who had fought together. In the end, it was Murong Jin, the younger brother, who had won, and the two of them had both used the God Murdering Sword Techniques to fight.

At night, Chen Xiang's score was already equal to ten, and because he only reached that score after, he was still number eleven. The person at number ten had fought with someone previously, and was injured, so he could no longer compete with them for more than ten hours.

"This is the last match." Chen Xiang never thought that within a month, he would really have to charge into the top ten rankings. As long as he obtained another point, he would be able to enter the top ten.

And now, the end of the competition was approaching, so few people were willing to register. Everyone had been very tired this month.

When Chen Xiang came to apply for the competition, no one queued up, but there were a lot of people here, and they were all waiting for the final result.

"Chen Xiang, I heard that there's only one guy who's applying for a match, and that's the Gu Qingtian who's ranked first." One of them said to Chen Xiang.

Everyone here were very familiar with Chen Xiang. After all, when they lined up for the battle, most of them would see Chen Xiang there.

"Only Gu Qingtian is left. This guy is someone that even the Murong Brothers, Liang Jinjun Qiong and Zhao Yunqiao are afraid of. Can he win?"

"Chen Xiang, forget it. You've worked so hard this month, so you must be very tired now. However, Gu Qingtian has only fought a few times a day, so he should be able to rest enough."

There were some injuries that would take many years to heal. After all, they all felt that Chen Xiang had that potential, and that he would definitely be stronger next year.

"You have a winning streak right now. If you lose, it will be a blow to you." An old man tried to persuade Chen Xiang, but Chen Xiang still walked to the front of the stage and applied.

This matter caused a great deal of commotion, because it was equivalent to Chen Xiang challenging the top ranker, Gu Qingtian.

"Next year, next year I might even enter the Six Gods Stage." Chen Xiang thought, and shook his head with a smile. He had seen Gu Qingtian's battles before, even if he lost, he would not receive any injuries.

After Chen Xiang applied, he started to rest. In his battles before, he had always been reserving a certain amount of strength, so it could be said that he was very energetic right now.

… ….

"What, this guy really wants to fight me?" When Gu Qingtian heard this news, he could not believe it. He thought that he could get some rest since it was already late at night.

"Isn't this a good thing? Then we'll be able to see his true strength. This guy is very secretive and doesn't talk much with others. However, his character isn't that bad, and he doesn't really hurt anyone." Murong Jin laughed: "How about you accept the challenge and give him some water so he can pass."

Liang Jinjun laughed softly. "Old Gu, are you willing to do such a thing?"

"If you're known to have gone easy on me, the consequences will be quite serious. It would be better for you to just honestly fight. If he wins against me, that would be considered as his ability." After Gu Qingtian finished speaking, he jumped down from the balcony again and prepared to accept the challenge, while Murong Jin and the rest followed closely behind.

Chen Xiang was currently recuperating with his eyes closed, he was extremely attuned to this final battle.

"Gu Qingtian is here, and Liangjun and Murong Brothers, the relationship between these juniors from Venerable families has always been pretty good."

"Gu Qingtian is a big brother among them, his strength should be the strongest. I heard that he cultivates one of the Four Great Sacred Techniques, the Heavenly spirit kunfu."

"Is this for real? The Heavenly spirit kunfu, it sounds so scary."

"It's true, those big families have more or less mastered a part of their divine arts, Gu Qingtian's body is so strong, he must have cultivated the Heavenly spirit kunfu."

He opened his eyes and looked towards Gu Qingtian who was walking over. He himself also trained in the Heavenly spirit kunfu, but it was not its limit.

"Let's go up." An old man shouted.

Chen Xiang anxiously walked over, with Gu Qingtian following behind him.

"Kid, please forgive me when I get injured later." Gu Qingtian suddenly said.

"Mm, you too. This battle is extremely important to me, so I won't be merciful." Chen Xiang said, Gu Qingtian's character was not bad, many people knew of his character,

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