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Chen Xiang asked, and found out that the matter of suddenly changing the rules had never happened before, and the reason for the change, was mainly because the competition this time round was too easy, which meant that the people participating, as a whole, were not very skilled, resulting in some people with outstanding strength being able to obtain high marks very easily.

Some of the higher ups of the Yuan Shi Tao School who came to look frequently saw the problem, and felt that the people in the top 30 were all extremely strong, so they decided to do it now.

"This is great, the top 30 people won't be separated now. They will meet again this way."

"That's right. Previously, these guys had left as soon as they learned that someone with strength equal to their own had come here. They were worried that they would be selected and fight evenly with their strength. If they lost, then ten points would be deducted."

Before, Chen Xiang thought that the Yuan Shi Tao School had intentionally not arranged for the top thirty people to fight with each other, so it turned out that those people used the rules to avoid each other. This way, they would be able to sit stably in the top thirty.

"There are also geniuses with real talent, and a few of them did not avoid each other. They even hoped to fight with each other, but unfortunately, none of them got chosen."

"Those aquatic animals are definitely afraid of these people. After all, they are true geniuses, not afraid of anything."

Chen Xiang listened to the discussions of the crowd, and went to ask them himself. He quickly found out the origins of the geniuses, and understood them somewhat, because they were powerful experts who were very likely to fight him in the future.

"There isn't much time left now, only the tenth rank has 300 points. If I want to enter the tenth rank, I really need to win 300 matches in a row. This is still quite difficult." Chen Xiang did not want to wait until next year to enter Yuan Shi Tao School. At the same time, he wanted to test his own strength.

Of course, it didn't necessarily take three hundred points to enter the top ten, because if the tenth place lost a few matches in a row, his score would definitely drop.

Very quickly, two top thirty players were selected to fight. This sort of thing would happen quite often in the future.

Chen Xiang went to watch the competition as well. The two of them were ranked around 20, which was why many people called them "water beasts". Although they were called "water beasts", they were still considered strong, stronger than most of the people here.

Previously, Liang Youxing was much stronger than the two of them. If Liang Youxing wants to enter the top twenty, it should only be a matter of time. " After the battle ended, Chen Xiang secretly evaluated everything in his heart.

"The fifth and twelfth are arranged together."

"He's ranked fifth. I remember that guy. He's very strong. It's said that no one has ever been able to get close to him. Just nine feet away from him, he'll immediately be sent flying."

"Hm, no one can get close to him. Before, he also defeated a guy ranked 20 so easily."

"Of course, this fellow is famous for being the Murong Family, his name is Murong Jin, I heard that his Gate of Wonder is over 90, and the Murong Family is known for their sword techniques, he cultivates the God Murdering Sword Techniques, although he is not allowed to use weapons, but Murong Jin has already reached the state of condensing his energy and forming his sword."

"So it's the God Murdering Sword Techniques. It's really powerful."

Chen Xiang had heard about Murong Jin before, but he did not expect him to be so powerful. If it was really as that person said, then the Profound Gate's opening at 90, then it would definitely be very strong. No wonder no one could be defeated near him.

"There are indeed crouching tigers and hidden dragons in this thousand layer. Opening the Gate of Wonders to reach ninety is not an easy feat." Chen Xiang sighed in his heart. He had experienced it himself, and that was because he was using his superior pill techniques to help others.

"It is said that the top five are all so powerful that their profound entrances are opened at least eighty times. Murong Jin's strength is considered very strong as well, but this fellow is rather lazy and rarely comes to apply. It is only because the rules have been changed today that he feels a little nervous."

And in order to conceal his strength, his performance was not very outstanding, it was just that he was able to win in the end. Of course, because he had won a few matches consecutively and even defeated Liang Youxing, many people still paid attention to him.

After Chen Xiang finished fighting himself, he went to apply for the next battle, then hurriedly ran to the side of Murong Jin's fighting arena. At this moment, there were already many people surrounding him. Most of them were women.

Although Murong Jin's battle ended rather quickly, many people still wanted to see his battle.

Chen Xiang saw Murong Jin from afar. He was indeed a very handsome man, wearing white clothes that fluttered in the wind, looking very handsome. His temperament, coupled with the charming smile on his handsome face, was extremely harmful to girls, causing them to come over to watch.

The person fighting Murong Jin was also a man. Although he was handsome and his strength was strong, his temperament was far inferior to Murong Jin's. From this alone, one could tell that he was much weaker than Murong Jin.

The difference in strength between the fifth and twelfth rank was something everyone looked forward to … Of course, this was what the man expected, but all the women present only liked to see Murong Jin's elegant and unrestrained movements.

"Begin." An old man's horn shouted.

Murong Jin gently waved his hand, and an imposing Qi swept out in all directions. Even though there was a fighting arena array formation between them, he could still feel it from outside.

"A very strong sword force." Chen Xiang frowned, this was much stronger than his, after all he was not an expert in sword arts.

With a wave of his hand, Murong Jin released a terrifying sword force. A translucent sword appeared in his hand, and the other party had already rushed forward with his fists like a torrential storm, with fist images covering the sky. His Qi was like a dragon as he enveloped Murong Jin within.

With the sword in his hand, Murong Jin moved gracefully. As he waved the sword, the sword light flashed, the Sword Qi became like wind, sweeping towards the incoming fist shadows. In the blink of an eye, all of the fist shadows were swept away by the sword wind and disappeared.

As for his opponent, he was also forced to retreat by his strange sword wind. In order to stabilize himself, that person poured in an extremely powerful strength into his legs, so when he retreated, the instant he stomped his feet on the ground, the arena trembled a few times. However, he was still unable to stop Murong Jin's sword wind, and was forced to the edge of the arena.

At this moment, the group of women were already cheering loudly. When the men behind them heard this, they could only frown and shake their heads …

Murong Jin saw that the person had not yet appeared, so he pointed his sword towards his opponent. The sword that was formed from sword force flew out from his hand, turned into a gentle yet extremely powerful gust of wind, and pushed the person out of the fighting arena.

"Murong Jin wins." One of the elders standing by the side nodded his head, his eyes full of admiration.

"It's indeed very strong." Chen Xiang could not help but exclaim in his heart: "I hope we do not meet here, if not, victory or defeat will not be decided."

Chen Xiang suddenly felt that it would not be easy to enter the top ten, especially since time was running out.

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