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Liang Youxing already knew his plan for dealing with Chen Xiang, so he shouldn't have used it. But Liang Youxing was an arrogant and proud young man, he was not convinced that Chen Xiang had the strength to defeat him on his weakness.

"As you wish." Liang Youxing shouted to Chen Xiang.

"Then I will do as you wish." Chen Xiang laughed, he opened up his arms and shook them, releasing a burst of force.


A large amount of water suddenly gushed out, all of these were formed by Chen Xiang using his dao energy. Although he did not cultivate the water Rule Dao line, the Primitive Tao Power that he released from his Spirit of the Dao gods contained all sorts of laws, and he did not have any water type dao veins, it was just that the water was not strong enough.

However, such a bizarre scene had already appeared in the very beginning. The spectators all stared intently as they had never seen such a sight before.

None of them had heard of Chen Xiang's name, as in their eyes, Chen Xiang was merely someone who was giving Liang Youxing points.

"What's going on, what kind of fight is this, will Liang Youxing be defeated by this kind of trick?"

"I don't know. Liang Youxing is so powerful, he wouldn't lose, right? The person Liang Youxing fought isn't a descendant from a famous family, he's just an ordinary person."

"That's right, the people who can enter the top thirty are practically all members of prestigious families. Liang Youxing himself is one of them, and he even practices the absolute arts of their Liang Family."

"This man wants to make a surprise victory, and defeat Liang Youxing."

Everyone was only looking at the flowers in confusion, not knowing what Chen Xiang was doing.

A large amount of water, under Chen Xiang's control, formed into a huge water droplet that covered Liang Youxing in an instant. The power of lightning that Liang Youxing released was extremely wild, as it continuously hacked at the water, creating an extremely high temperature that wanted to evaporate the water.

However, Chen Xiang was continuously releasing a large amount of water, and this water contained an extremely strong amount of Dao power, which was used to suppress Liang Youxing's Thunder power.

Liang Youxing's Thunder power raged in the water, and at the same time, returned to his body, forming a cycle. Just as Liang Youxing was about to use an even stronger power, a current of lightning energy that was not his own suddenly entered his body.

Chen Xiang had also released a burst of lightning dao energy just now, although it was not as strong as Liang Youxing, but he could control it. After entering Liang Youxing's body, he controlled the lightning dao energy to explode.


Liang Youxing could not help but shout, his body shook, and the berserk Thunder power gushed out, causing a shockwave that blew away all the water that shrouded his body.

Liang Youxing released the power of lightning from his body, causing his entire body to feel pain.

Seeing the pain on Liang Youxing's face, everyone was shocked. Liang Youxing was favored by everyone, and was a genius, moreover after so many battles, he had won easily, but now, his face was filled with pain.

Just at the moment when Liang Youxing's entire body was in pain, Chen Xiang stepped on the Shrinking step, flying over like a ghost. By the time Liang Youxing reacted, he felt a majestic and vast amount of Dao Energy enveloping him, and the pressure it produced made him almost kneel down.

Chen Xiang had already arrived in front of him. "Boom!" The moment the Heaven Blasting Palm came out, it shook the heaven and earth.

Although the Heaven Blasting Palm looked to be extremely violent, the palm force that was released was suppressed by Chen Xiang to a very gentle state. It only created a strong wave that swept Liang Youxing's body out of the fighting arena in pain.

When Liang Youxing was brought out of the stage, he could still stand steadily and was not injured, but he was so angry that his entire body was trembling.

He had actually lost.

Furthermore, he had also realized that Chen Xiang could defeat him even if she didn't attack his weakness. Just now, he knew that Chen Xiang's strength was very strong, and the strength of that Dao power was terrifying even to him.

Of course, the competition grounds were covered in array formations, and all the Qi inside had not been released, so the people outside did not know how terrifying Chen Xiang was.

Liang Youxing took a deep breath. Even though he was arrogant, he knew that he had lost because the other party possessed absolute power.

"Big brother Liang …" That guy must have used some sort of trick. " Xu Junlin immediately went to support Liang Youxing.

"F * ck off."

Liang Youxing waved his hand vigorously, shaking Xu Junlin off before quickly leaving the arena. After failing, he would need to apply for the competition at least another six hours.

"Hmph. Who would look down on a guy like you?" Chen Xiang glanced at Xu Junlin, then went to queue up, and applied for the next match.

Liang Youxing had been defeated, and a huge uproar was stirred in the plaza. Because now, another genius that could place in the top thirty had appeared.

Liang Youxing was already strong enough, but to be able to defeat Liang Youxing in a short amount of time, he was definitely not too weak.

The competition held by the Yuan Shi Tao School had many restrictions that made it difficult to use one's skills. However, this was also the most test of one's strength.

It was a test of one's control over one's strength, and at the same time, it required a certain amount of mental energy and combat experience. If one had a lot of combat experience, they would test the opponent's strength in the beginning, suddenly increasing it bit by bit, and then gently put it down at the end.

Therefore, it was extremely difficult to not break the rules and win.

"He's only at the fourth rank. He still has a month's time, I wonder if he can make it into the top 30."

"It's hard to say. If he came a month earlier, it would be very possible."

"Fighting ten matches a day. If he can win for a month, that would be 300 points. That might be possible."

"Isn't he resting? Who would have the energy to win ten matches in a row? Moreover, those guys in the top thirty would have their points kept rising."

No one would underestimate the fact that Chen Xiang was able to defeat him. At this time, everyone was paying close attention to him, as they just wanted to see if he was able to catch up and enter the top thirty, to become the disciples of the Yuan Shi Tao School.

It was dawn. Chen Xiang had fought another three rounds, and he was already 7 points, but he was still in the middle of the queue. He looked very energetic, without any signs of tiredness.

Chen Xiang had fought seven matches, and apart from spending a bit of effort on the match with Liang Youxing, the rest of the matches were extremely easy.

When dawn arrived, the people who were at the top of the rankings also continued to arrive and lined up in the plaza. They were all aware of the fact that Liang Youxing had been defeated, but they did not take the disciples of the famous families to heart.

Originally, those in the top thirty could become the disciples of the Yuan Shi Tao School, but right now, they can only enter the Yuan Shi Tao School if they are the top ten disciples of the. " An old man's voice suddenly spread throughout the plaza.

Many people thought that it was nothing much, but they were a little surprised. After all, they had no hope of becoming the Yuan Shi Tao School's disciples.

Now, it was the people in the top 30 who were in a hurry, especially those in the top 11 to 30.

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