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Chen Xiang stayed on each floor for one or two days to understand the pill prices, but that greatly disappointed him.

These floors were all devoid of energy and were a complete mess in terms of pills. Therefore, he did not plan on staying on the other floors for too long. As long as he could purchase a map, he would rush straight to the thousand floor!

A month of time passed in the blink of an eye. Chen Xiang had already arrived at the Thousand Floors!

When approaching the thousand story floors, he had met many people, and most of them were fighting the powerful Dragon beast!

"As expected of the thousand levels, there are a lot of Three profound realm s!"

When Chen Xiang was on the road, the majority of the things he encountered were Three profound realm s. Previously, he had heard that there were many Three profound realm s that would travel together to the thousand floors.

"The nine hundred floors are all stagnant water, so this thousand floors shouldn't be like that!" Just as Chen Xiang walked up the stairs, he saw a city in front of him, and this staircase was surrounded by buildings.

It was just that after arriving at the Thousand Floors, he had encountered a scene of such prosperity, so Chen Xiang felt that the thousand floors would definitely not disappoint him.

"Little brother, is this Late period of Three profound realm?" Chen Xiang had just walked more than ten steps when a small old man ran over happily and asked.

"Senior, you have a good eye. I am indeed from the Late period of Three profound realm." Chen Xiang nodded: "How did you know?"

Ybdu. Chen Xiang did not conceal his Qi, after all, it was common for Late period of Three profound realm s to be here.

"I guessed it! Did he just arrive from the nine hundredth floor? Generally speaking, people of the Late period of Three profound realm, as long as their luck is not too bad, they would be able to make it to this thousand floor. Furthermore, everyone who comes here have similar eyes, because they would be able to see this lively scene from the very start. " The old man stroked his beard and chuckled, "Now do you see? Compared to here, those floors are as different as the sky and the earth."

Chen Xiang knew that this old man definitely had some sort of goal, otherwise he wouldn't talk so much nonsense with him.

"Senior's words have caught my attention, this place is not disappointing." Chen Xiang laughed, this old man was also from the Late period of Three profound realm.

"That's right! When I first came here, I thought so too … Of course, when I first came here, I was only at the early stage of the Three profound realm. The little old man laughed. The reason he was saying all this to Chen Xiang right now was just to get closer to him.

Chen Xiang smiled and nodded.

"Oh right, little brother, you have just arrived here, you are unfamiliar with this place, you must not have too much money, I can help you find a job, it can help you quickly earn the Dao crystal!" The old man said with a smile.

Chen Xiang knew that he definitely had a reason just now, he was not lacking in Dao crystal s, but he was indeed unfamiliar with the place. This old man came here at the early stage of Three profound realm, and since it was already in the late stage, it was definitely a long time ago.

"Senior, thank you for your good will!" I am indeed unfamiliar with this place, can you tell me about the situation here? I'll return a bit of the Dao crystal's gratitude. " Chen Xiang took out a small bag of Dao crystal s, which numbered more than five thousand.

"Little brother, you're too polite. How can I be embarrassed?" Although the old man said it like that, he had already accepted the Dao crystal that Chen Xiang handed to him. He then brought Chen Xiang to a small village at the side, where he had a small house.

Chen Xiang arrived here from the 900 floor in one breath. He needed to rest. All he knew about this thousand level was that there were Flying Dragon Palace s here, but he did not know the specifics.

The old man's name was Wan Xin, which was also the new name he came here to name. He came up from the 900 floor mainly due to luck. He said that he was a very lucky person.

"Old Wan, are there any floors above these thousand floors?" Chen Xiang asked because he had heard that after leaving the Thousand Floors Tower, they would become even stronger.

"Of course there is. However, it is occupied by the Flying Dragon Palace, that place is called Flying Dragon Experience Place, and there are many types of experiences and experiences there. As long as you go out of the Flying Dragon Experience Place, you will be able to obtain very strong power." Wan Xin replied: If you know about it like this, then don't think about it. Flying Dragon Palace and those guys won't casually send people to the Flying Dragon Experience Place.

"How can the Flying Dragon Palace be so tyrannical?!" Chen Xiang was suddenly very curious about Flying Dragon Experience Place, he felt that he would definitely go there in the future.

"There's nothing I can do, he claims to be the master of the Flying Dragon Pagoda." Fortunately, he shook his head and said: "There are benefits from doing so, otherwise who knows how many people would send themselves to their deaths. That Flying Dragon Experience Place is truly deadly, many late stage Six Gods Stage s were unable to pass it … Furthermore, those from the Tai Zun realm have also died before, but not many. It's mainly because those from the Tai Zun realm know that the place is very frightening. "

Chen Xiang felt that before he stepped into the Six Gods Stage, he shouldn't go against it.

"What about the seven great sects? "How's the power here?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Of course they are strong. If we join forces, they can fight against the Flying Dragon Palace! Of course, these thousand floors are filled with talents. After so many years have passed, other than the seven great sects, there are also many other powerful sects. These sects are also the ones that the Flying Dragon Palace and the seven great sects fear the most. " Luckily, he smiled: "Unfortunately, my aptitude is too poor. They won't accept me."

"Senior, you're from the Late period of Three profound realm, yet you aren't even willing to accept such a gift?" Chen Xiang was very surprised.

"The opening of the Mysterious Gate isn't good!" There are different grades of Late period of Three profound realm! Some of the doors will open at twenty, some at thirty, and some at fifty. Luckily, he laughed at himself.

"Then, what kind of sect is senior's favorite?" Chen Xiang laughed: "I also want to try and join a sect. There are a lot of benefits!"

"As long as it's not one of the seven great sects, there are indeed a lot of benefits. If you perform well in the sect, you will be rewarded with Law beads s and pellets." Wan Xin hastily replied: "My favorite sect is called Yuan Shi Tao School!"

Yuan Shi Tao School. This caused Chen Xiang to think that the Primitive Land he was in before was actually his own Yuan Shi Tao School!

"What's so good about Yuan Shi Tao School?" Chen Xiang asked again. The main purpose of Yuan Shi Tao School was to cultivate the Six Realms magic kungfu, and now that there was such a thing as the spring water in the thousand floors of Flying Dragon Pagoda, he felt that there must be a connection between this and the Six Realms magic kungfu.

"Yuan Shi Tao School has a very powerful cultivation technique called Six Realms magic kungfu. You should have heard of it." Luckily, she said.

Chen Xiang nodded, he had not only heard of it, he was also in the midst of training! However, he had not cultivated for several years.

"What else?" Chen Xiang asked again.

"My good friend is the good reputation of Yuan Shi Tao School …" Even if they did not need any Law beads s, they would still possess powerful strength! Furthermore, Flying Dragon Palace once had a huge war with Yuan Shi Tao School. When that war broke out, I wasn't here yet! "

Fortunately, this matter was brought up, and his expression immediately became serious: "That big battle could be said to be world-shaking. Although Flying Dragon Palace is very powerful, he actually did not gain any advantage in that big battle. Because after that huge battle, the Flying Dragon Palace became even more afraid of the Yuan Shi Tao School! "

"How do I get to the Yuan Shi Tao School?" Chen Xiang decided that he wanted to go to Yuan Shi Tao School. When he was there, he promised a woman to look for her father.

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