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Chen Xiang grabbed onto the broken piece, his hand trembling a little, the Heavenly Alchemy art was inside.

This jade piece was made from a special material, the method used to make it was extremely high. Chen Xiang was able to read a large number of new chants and annotations immediately after he entered his mind.

Before, he was worried that the Heavenly Alchemy art would be extremely obscure and hard to understand, but he never thought that there would be a few annotations inside, it was clear that it was specially added by the person who refined this jade piece.

"Who exactly is the one who kept the Heavenly Alchemy art in there? What is the meaning of that?" Chen Xiang closed his eyes and relaxed his entire body, allowing the information from the jade slip to enter his brain and fuse with his memories; this would allow him to understand and comprehend this more thoroughly.

After three days and three nights, Chen Xiang was wild with joy, because at this time, he could already grasp the essentials of the Heavenly Alchemy art.

"Let's give it a try." Chen Xiang took out the ingredients needed to refine the Tianhun gold Dan, placed them into the pill furnace, and then used the power of the Heavenly Alchemy Dao line according to the method inside the Heavenly Alchemy art.

He had cultivated the Heavenly Alchemy Dao line for a period of time, but he did not know how to use it. No matter how he tried before, he was still unable to make the Heavenly Alchemy Dao line unleash any of its power.

But at this time, after his dao energy passed through the Heavenly Alchemy Dao line, he had a reaction. This was something that he did after learning the Heavenly Alchemy art.

"Now, let me see if my forty billion Dao crystal s were spent for nothing." Chen Xiang had high hopes for the [Heavenly Refining].

Very quickly, after the Heavenly Alchemy Dao power rushed out and entered the pill furnace, the herbs inside were instantly refined at a very fast speed.

He could refine the ingredients in an instant without using the Heavenly Alchemy Dao power, and he could release the flames with his eyes.

However, there was a huge difference between using the Heavenly Alchemy Dao power and using his eyes.

After using the Heavenly Alchemy Dao power to refine the medicinal herbs, he could feel that the quality of the medicinal liquids had greatly improved.

"It's fused." Chen Xiang only moved his mind a little and used his consciousness to knead the medicinal liquid together, making it into a ball. When he gathered, he did not encounter any sort of assistance.

In just a few seconds, it was refined from five Tianhun gold Dan, and the quality was extremely high.

"This is at least equivalent to a pill that has undergone the experience of the Five Crash s." Chen Xiang took a deep breath. To have such high quality was only possible through the use of Heavenly Alchemy Dao power.

"To me, this Tianhun gold Dan is not difficult at all. I just don't know what will happen if I refine those extremely difficult pills." After Chen Xiang consumed one pellet, he confirmed that its quality was very high. If he used another Crash method, it would be even higher.

"Heavenly Alchemy art shouldn't just be able to refine pills." Chen Xiang threw a palm strike across the air at a rock, causing the Heavenly Alchemy Dao power to rush out fiercely, transforming into a wave of energy that struck the rock.

There was no sound from his palm, nor was there any wind. It was extremely strange. After it landed on the stone, it instantly turned into a faint mist.

"It has transformed into an Earth Attribute Dao Qi." Chen Xiang was a little surprised: "I wonder what it will be like when we use it to fight? If it was on someone's body … Just what kind of reaction will there be? "

Chen Xiang looked at his own palm, and then released a surge of Heavenly Alchemy Dao power, muttering to himself: "Looks like this can't be used as I please, even I feel that it's a bit scary."

After cultivating the Heavenly Alchemy art, Chen Xiang was able to use it, and the power of the Heavenly Alchemy Dao power did not disappoint him.

"Since I haven't broken through to the Six Gods Stage's pills, I should go to a higher level to look for them."

Chen Xiang felt that it was time for him to leave. Right now, he was in the Late period of Three profound realm, and because the Profound Gate was open, he had the power that was comparable to an early stage Six Gods Stage.

The previous Flying Dragon City Lord came down from the Thousand Floors, so he felt that there shouldn't be a problem going to the Thousand Floors.

… ….

"We're going to the Thousand Layers so soon. This is the height that I can only look up to right now." Wu profound and Chen Xiang were drinking wine, and the reason Chen Xiang came to find him was also to say his goodbyes, at the same time telling him a few things.

In his eyes, Chen Xiang was like a good brother to him. Now that Chen Xiang had left, he was also extremely reluctant.

"I've already told you about the Flying Dragon Palace. They are currently looking for me, but they don't have any clues, so they're also looking for you. It's because your relationship with me is very good." Chen Xiang said: "You must be careful of them, especially the Flying Dragon Envoy, who is in the middle stages of the Six Gods Stage and is extremely powerful. The last time I met him, I already felt that it was very difficult to deal with him."

"Don't worry, I know. Even if I get caught by him, I won't reveal anything related to you to them." Wu profound laughed: "Although I cannot go to the Thousand Floors immediately, I can still go to the two hundred floors. My family members also have such plans, when they recover from their injuries, we will immediately set out and quietly leave this place."

"Alright, let's hurry up." Chen Xiang was worried that the Flying Dragon Envoy would explode with rage after knowing that the Heavenly Alchemy art had been stolen. Who knew what they would do.

Wu profound nodded, then chatted about other things with Chen Xiang. They did not know when they would be able to meet again after this separation.

Chen Xiang bade farewell to Wu profound and immediately left the Hundred Floors. He also had a map of the two hundred floors.

It was very easy to obtain a map like this, one could just use a few Dao crystal to buy it. With this kind of map, it would not be hard to find a staircase to the top of the stairs.

As for the map to the 300th floor, it could only be bought when one reached the 200th floor.

Right now, to Chen Xiang, going to the Thousand Floors was only a matter of time.

"There is an exit to the thousand floors that allows one to leave the Flying Dragon Pagoda. I wonder what the situation is like, I can only find out after reaching the top." Chen Xiang was rather curious about the thousand floors.

Even though he was only a Late period of Three profound realm, he still had a lot of confidence in his own strength. Flying Dragon Envoy should have a high position in the thousand floors and above, and he was only at the middle stages of Six Gods Stage.

With the help of spatial teleportation and flight techniques, Chen Xiang quickly arrived at the 500th floor, and it had not even been a month's time. Furthermore, he had previously used a lot of things to get to the 100th floor from the bottom, those days had left him feeling very tired just thinking about it.

"It's already at the 500th level. If I want to go to the 1000th level, it should only take a month. It won't be too long." Chen Xiang was currently stopping at the Flying Dragon City on the 500th floor.

There were Flying Dragon City s on the two hundred floors and three hundred floors below, as well as seven major sects. However, they did not seem to have much energy on the surface, mainly because their resources were scarce, because the higher they were, the stronger they were. On the other hand, their strength was not much stronger than those people on the one hundred floor.

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