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After Chen Xiang found out about the location of the Yuan Shi Tao School from the luckily, he immediately rushed over. It was quite a distance away from here, if he were to walk, it would take around a month.

As for Chen Xiang, when he flew over, he would occasionally use teleportation to get there very quickly.

"Lin Xirong's father might be in the Yuan Shi Tao School!"

Chen Xiang floated in the air and took out the Emperor seal. It was Lin Xirong's father who had left the Emperor seal behind, and he had obtained the latter half of the Emperor seal's strength.

Chen Xiang spent a day's time and had already arrived in the vicinity of Yuan Shi Tao School. Yuan Shi Tao School was located on top of the Primal Sky Mountain and the entire mountain was protected by a formation.

Beneath the mountain, there were a few cities which were also built by the Yuan Shi Tao School and which used these cities to earn Dao crystal s.

"This Yuan Shi Tao School has such a good reputation, and has been there for many years already, the environment inside should be pretty good. Hopefully, Lin Xirong's father is here, if I can find him, I can give her an explanation."

Chen Xiang had been in the Divine Wasteland for a long time, and would think of the people in the Natural Law World from time to time. But now, in order for the Natural Law World to be safer in the future, he had to find the Natural Law Divine Lord and grasp control of it firmly.

"Waiter, when did this Yuan Shi Tao School start accepting disciples?" Chen Xiang asked, he had already settled down at an inn.

"It has been a month, but it is still possible. I. Ben. Read. "The novel's registration!" The waiter tidied up the rooms, smiled and replied to Chen Xiang: "There are more people here this year, your luck is not bad, to be able to find an inn to rest."

"Then how do we sign up?" Chen Xiang immediately took out a few Dao crystal s and handed them over.

The waiter walked away and laughed, "Esteemed guest, it turns out that you do not know much about this! They should have just gotten out of here! "

Chen Xiang nodded.

"Below the primal sky mountain, there is a special area for registration. Below the mountain, there are 4 cities, and after registering, there will be an exam within these 4 cities too." The early, middle, and late stage Three profound realm are split into three groups, and the top thirty in each group will be able to enter the Yuan Shi Tao School. "

Chen Xiang felt that such an assessment was not difficult, as he opened his profound door to a test that was comparable to the early stage of Six Gods Stage.

"Can I enter the Yuan Shi Tao School like this?" Chen Xiang felt that it was too easy.

"Yes, you can …" However, he was not a completely new disciple, just an outer sect disciple! If a sect was like this, if they could stand out in the outer sect, then they could naturally enter the inner sect and become a true disciple... Of course, this is very difficult. It has already been more than a hundred years, and there are no new Successor Disciples. " The waiter shook his head: "Moreover, many of the disciples that enter the Yuan Shi Tao School every year are unable to hold on any longer and will be gone in a few months."

"Can't bear it?" Chen Xiang immediately thought of a few harsh conditions.

"The main reason is that Yuan Shi Tao School's cultivation is extremely arduous, and not something normal people can endure … If I am unable to complete my cultivation mission, I will be punished. Although I won't die, it will still be very hard for me. " The waiter sighed: "But it's good for people. Although many outer sect disciples leave the Yuan Shi Tao School, they have improved greatly in all aspects."

"Customer, looking at your appearance, you shouldn't be able to endure suffering, right? Forget it! " Seeing Chen Xiang being so generous, the waiter thought Chen Xiang was a son of a rich family.

"Don't worry, I can bear the hardships!" Chen Xiang laughed, what had he not experienced before?

… ….

Chen Xiang rested for a day. In the morning of the second day, he went to queue up to register. As for the Yuan Shi Tao School disciple in charge of registration, his efficiency was also very high, so Chen Xiang did not line up for long.

After registering and obtaining a signboard, Chen Xiang was given a safe preliminary competition. It was to this city that the people registered and would be participating in the competition here.

Chen Xiang quickly ended the match. He easily defeated his opponent, and then looked at the rankings of the Primordial Southern City. The top thirty people all defeated many people, and all of them won in a row without losing.

"It looks like I have to win many matches in a row in order to enter the top 30!" Chen Xiang suddenly felt that things were not so easy anymore. The Flying Dragon Pagoda was like a vast world, the number of humans here far exceeded his imagination, there were definitely many geniuses here too.

In each of the four cities, there were 90 slots for each city. In each city, there were 30 slots for Late period of Three profound realm, but there were a lot of people registering.

"Right now, he is only at the registration stage, and he already started arranging the matches. It seems like the Yuan Shi Tao School is in urgent need of outstanding disciples."

Chen Xiang received the notification of the next battle. He heard a lot of people discussing, saying that the top thirty rarely met, and it was obvious that they had an arrangement.

However, those who just signed up, it was very possible that they would meet those who were ranked very high!

If he won one match, he would get a point, but if he lost one match, he would get deducted 10 points.

"Even if you lose the match, you will not be kicked out. As long as you are prepared, you can apply for arrangements. If you win consecutively, you can start again with negative points!"

There was still a month's time until the end. If he couldn't enter the top 30, then he could only wait for next year. After all, he was a month late.

"Looks like I have to fight through the night!"

Chen Xiang had already understood that there were a lot of people who would also fight in the night. All these people had very low points, as long as they applied, they could fight at any time and then wait in the plaza for arrangements.

"The thirtieth place in the Late period of Three profound realm is 130 points. I need to fight 130 battles before I can enter!" Chen Xiang had just finished a match, he had already gotten two points.

He was the same as many other people here. Just finishing the match, he immediately went to queue up to apply for the next battle. Fortunately, this square was very big and there were over a hundred fighting stages.

"Motherf * cker, I just won enough points. After losing one match, my score became zero. This is a battle that cannot be lost!" A person was standing in line, cursing and swearing. There was a bruise on his face.

"Not bad, you got zero points. Right now, I have negative points everywhere, even if I have negative points everywhere."

"It's fine. He won't die anyway, so let's fight a few more rounds. It's the equivalent of cultivating."

Chen Xiang felt that he would definitely not lose 100 points, he would have to lose 10 matches consecutively, this was not easy!

"Look, isn't that Liang Youxing? This guy is the thirtieth! You're still queuing up at this time of the night? "

"Of course. At the very end of the ranking board, he could be pushed down at any time, so he must improve his own ranking so that he can stay firmly in the top thirty."

"Whoever encounters him will be in for a bad time, it's equivalent to giving him points."

Chen Xiang looked at Liang Youxing. He was dressed extravagantly and had a proud face, probably being a descendant of some noble family. He was looking at the list in front of him right now and did not look at anyone, not putting any of the people here in his eyes.

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