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Chen Xiang thought about it, he felt that the Flying Dragon Envoy might have guessed that he was going to use the Heavenly Alchemy to refine pills, but he did not inform the people from the seven big sects.

"Senior, do you know where the Flying Dragon Envoy is? I want to go to him. Get rid of him. " Chen Xiang said.

The wine cup in his hand almost fell down. However, when he thought about the concealment technique that Chen Xiang used to sneak attack the two Leader s, he felt that Chen Xiang had sufficient confidence to say such words.

"Flying Dragon Envoy is in the middle stage of Six Gods Stage, he is way stronger than me." Yi Tianqi said: "Let's put it this way! The profound doors between me and those Leader s are all opened at around fifty years of age, and we are all at the early stage of Six Gods Stage … But Flying Dragon Envoy's Gate of Wonders is still around seventy years old and is still at the middle stage of the Six Gods. "

"You should be clear about the difference between the early and middle stage of Six Gods Stage! Your profound door is completely open, and you're also using the Late period of Three profound realm, so you can fight evenly with an early stage Six God. This is already very impressive, but a Flying Dragon Envoy at the middle stage of the Six God Realm, even if it s not as strong as you by ten times, it would still be about four or five times. "

Chen Xiang now had a plan in his heart, and nodded: "Alright, I have a rough understanding of Flying Dragon Envoy's strength now! But I still want to try. Senior, do you know where that guy is? "

"It should be in Azure Dragon School! Azure Dragon School has always been the leader of the seven major sects. If you cannot beat them, you must run away quickly. " Yi Tianqi patted his (1) (Fiction) head on. Chen Xiang's shoulder: "I don't wish for you to die in that guy's hands!"

Chen Xiang and Yi Tianqi drank a cup of wine and laughed, then said: "Just sit here and wait for news of his death!"

… ….

After parting with Yi Tianqi, Chen Xiang returned to find Wu profound. He asked about the location of the Azure Dragon School from Wu profound, told him that he wanted to make a trip to the Azure Dragon School, and then bade farewell to Wu profound.

The Azure Dragon School was not too far away from the Flying Dragon City. Wu profound said that if he were to walk by himself, he would need around a month or so. If he were to fly, he could reach the Azure Dragon School in ten days or even a few days.

Chen Xiang was flying in the air right now.

"Heavenly Alchemy art! I never thought that there would be a second volume of the Heavenly Alchemy, I actually didn't know about it. The Heavenly Alchemy art in the Heavenly Alchemy shouldn't have much to do with refining! Maybe it is just a method to teach us how to use the Heavenly Alchemy Dao line. " Chen Xiang thought to himself. It wouldn't be so easy for him to step into the Six Gods Stage now.

He could only use pills, but he did not know what kind of pills were useful in breaking through to Six Gods Stage. He felt that he should go to a higher floor to search.

The Azure Dragon School was located in the middle of a large river, like a huge island in the middle of a large river.

Chen Xiang had already arrived at Azure Dragon Island, and looked at the peak of the mountain where ancient buildings stood not too far away.

On Azure Dragon Island, there were four big cities. The four cities were respectively east, west, east, and west of Azure Dragon School, and Chen Xiang had already arrived at the southern city.

Azure Dragon Island had existed for many years, and the four cities on top of it had all grown prosperous. These four cities allowed the Azure Dragon School to earn a lot of Dao crystal.

"Azure Dragon School is indeed very big!" Chen Xiang strolled around the city, wanting to see if he could gather any useful information.

After strolling around, he only knew that Azure Dragon School was preparing to choose a new chief disciple. At that time, the new chief disciples of the seven major sects would gather here.

The new Qilin and Black Tortoise Leader s had already been selected and would be coming when the time came!

Chen Xiang felt that the seven major sects were not gathered here for the new chief disciple, but for the Heavenly Alchemy art.

"I came at the right time, I will sneak into the Azure Dragon School tonight to check. If all the fragments of the Heavenly Alchemy art are here, that would be for the best." Chen Xiang did not want the seven major sects to go all over the place. Moreover, if he obtained one piece, the other sects would definitely be on their guard.

… ….

When night fell, Chen Xiang used an Invisibility Spell and sneaked out of the Azure Dragon School!

"Those with powerful defensive arrays must have heard of it!" When Chen Xiang approached, he could feel that the great formation was continuously releasing a repelling force. As long as he got near, he would have a feeling that he would be blown away at any time, which was why ordinary people did not dare to barge in.

However, this kind of formation array to Chen Xiang was illusory. The reason he cultivated the spatial dao vein was to deal with this kind of situation.

With just a single White Tiger jump, he could easily pass through the formations and enchantments protecting the outside of the cave.

"This Azure Dragon School is truly rich, to maintain these large formations and barriers, it needs to consume a lot of energy." Chen Xiang turned around and looked back, secretly rejoicing in his heart. These powerful formations that required a large amount of resources to circulate, he could easily break through.

Although it was night time, the Azure Dragon School was brightly lit, and the highest tower, the Azure Dragon Pagoda, was sparkling with azure light. It was also the most important place in the entire Azure Dragon School.

"Let's take a look over there first!" At the moment, Chen Xiang was invisible, so no one could detect him.

When he approached the Azure Dragon Tower, he suddenly saw a middle-aged man wearing a white tiger skin rushing over. This was the Leader of the White Tiger Sect.

"It's me, the Leader of the White Tiger Sect!" he shouted in a low voice.

After which, the door opened and the Azure Dragon Leader urged, "Come in quickly, we're waiting for you!"

When Chen Xiang heard it, he immediately teleported and entered through the door. He then held his breath and floated on top of it! Although he was very confident in his invisibility skills, he was still very nervous, because there were two powerful Leader below him.

"On the way, I was delayed because of some things. I ran into a transformed Dragon beast and fought with it for a while. If it wasn't for the fact that I was worried about him, I would have definitely caught him alive and brought him back!" From the looks of it, he was also exhausted. It could be seen that he had been through a fierce battle just now, and the opponent was not weak either.

"Transformation Dragon beast? It was very hard to see in these hundred floors! What type of Dragon beast is it? " The Azure Dragon Leader brought the White Tiger Leader up the stairs and asked.

"It's a lion. The scariest thing is that this fellow obtained a large number of Spirit Transforming Law beads s from who knows where and actually led a pair of huge armies in the shape of a Dragon beast. The disciples that I brought over were slightly injured." The White Tiger Leader said.

Chen Xiang immediately thought of a fellow — Longhua Lion!

At first, when he helped the Longhua Lion refine a Spirit Transforming Law beads, he had the Longhua Lion create a large group of mutated Dragon beast. Their overall strength was extremely strong, and now that the Longhua Lion had reached the Hundred Floors, it was very possible that they knew about him.

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