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Chen Xiang also wanted to go find Longhua Lion s, but he didn't know how to contact them.

"Wait till we obtain the Heavenly Alchemy art!"

Chen Xiang followed them up to a hall in the tower. Chen Xiang did not dare enter the innermost part of the hall, but chose to stay outside the door instead. He was worried that he would be discovered by the Flying Dragon Envoy.

The Flying Dragon Envoy appeared. Wearing a golden Soaring Dragon Golden Armor, he looked very young and handsome, but his expression was ice-cold, as if he was a proud and cold person.

"Greetings Envoy!" The Leader s of the seven sects hurriedly got up and said.

"Sit down!" Have you brought the things? " Flying Dragon Envoy took out a large black box and said, "Flying Dragon Palace told me to temporarily store the remaining parts of the Heavenly Refining Ring away because your strength is worrying me too much."

The two Leader s from before were instantly killed by Chen Xiang, who didn't know this! Flying Dragon Envoy's worry at this moment was also normal.

Even though the seven Leader s were being looked down upon, they did not dare to say anything. The person in front of them was stronger than them, moreover, his position was honorable, and was not someone they could offend.

Chen Xiang watched from outside the door, staring at the small jade pieces that the seven Leader s took out.

Flying Dragon Envoy took the jade pieces and placed them into the black box. He then activated a small scale formation on top of the black box.

"Is there any news of Chen Xiang?" Flying Dragon Envoy asked in a deep voice, "You must capture this person. He has at least a few Heavenly Alchemy rule Beads in his hands!"

Previously, when the disciples of the seven major sects entered the Myriad Tao Divine Tablets Formation to condense Heavenly Alchemy rule Beads, the Flying Dragon Envoy only deduced this reason because they were unable to use a normal amount of Dao crystal.

"Not yet... His friend was Wu profound, but Wu profound had already gone into hiding! This fellow is extremely intelligent, it would be very difficult to find him. " The Black Tortoise Leader shook his head and said, "When they attacked the profound Marital School back then, they should have captured him."

Previously, Chen Xiang was also worried about the Mei Jing Sisters, but after knowing that the Mei Jing Sisters left with an old granny, it was very clear that the Grandma Jiang took them away, which also made him feel a lot more at ease.

"Then let's properly discuss a plan now. We must quickly capture Chen Xiang!" The Flying Dragon Envoy's voice was stern, showing how much he cared about this matter.

Chen Xiang used the Dao heart Eye to look at the black chest. He was in a dilemma on whether he should make a move now or not, if Flying Dragon Envoy kept the chest inside the Storage magic treasure, it would be difficult for him to get his hands on it.

"The White Tiger's jumping strength should be able to penetrate that box's formation. That way, I can retrieve the items from the air and steal the fragments inside." Chen Xiang clenched his teeth, planning to take a risk and give it a try.

If he did not succeed, then it would very likely cause these people to be wary of him. He would be surrounded and attacked, and there was also the fact that the other party would definitely be able to protect the fragment even more.

The Flying Dragon Envoy looked at the Leader s and placed both hands on the black chest. Chen Xiang panicked and immediately made his move, channeling his spatial energy to cooperate with the White Tiger's jump to allow his spatial energy to penetrate the black chest. He then used his spatial energy to retrieve the items from the chest and teleport them out.

In just an instant, Chen Xiang succeeded, he was overjoyed and excited, and in the moment after he succeeded, Flying Dragon Envoy also placed the black chest into his Storage magic treasure, if he was slightly slower, he would have missed this chance!

After Chen Xiang succeeded, he did not stay any longer and immediately activated the White Tiger's Teleportation Technique to leave the tower. There were seven Leader and a strong Flying Dragon Envoy here, if they found out about them, he would not be able to fight them.

Furthermore, he had obtained a piece of the Heavenly Alchemy art, so he couldn't wait to take a closer look at it.

Chen Xiang ran as fast as he could to distance himself from Azure Dragon Island. He wanted to find a quiet and safe place to study the piece of Heavenly Alchemy art!

Ever since he managed to cultivate the Heavenly Alchemy Dao line, he had been feeling very uncomfortable. It was as if his teeth had been stuffed and his whole body was in a bad mood.

After flying for several days and nights, he arrived at a mountain that was filled with ancient trees. He dug a cave into the belly of the mountain before taking out the few pieces.

The fragment looked snow-white like jade, and there were some cracks on its surface. It had been here for quite some time, and it was obvious that it was an ancient artifact.

"You need to be in the Myriad Tao Divine Tablets Formation to activate it? I just so happen to be able to refine all of the Myriad Tao's Divine Stele into pellets and eat it. I will try to use the power that I have released from the Spirit of the Dao gods to see if it can be activated. "

Chen Xiang held onto the broken piece tightly, and then activated the Spirit of the Dao gods and released some Dao Energy.

His Dao Energy immediately gushed out and poured into the shard. The shard reacted and emitted a faint white light!

"Good, it's working!" Chen Xiang was extremely excited as he continued to pour Spirit Qi into the furnace. After another two hours, he stopped.

"Bottomless Pit!" Chen Xiang let out a long sigh. It would not be as simple as he thought it to be if he wanted to activate all of these pieces.

Chen Xiang now had a general understanding of the process of fusing these broken pieces. First, he had to "live" every piece of the broken pieces, which required a lot of Dao power.

After all the fragments were activated, they would merge together on their own.

"For the Heavenly Alchemy art, let's go all out!" Chen Xiang caught the remaining seven pieces of the Primitive Tao Power in his hands, and then released them.

His Spirit of the Dao gods could continuously release dao energy, so he did not feel very tired. After all, this was not a battle, and neither his body nor soul need intense activities.

A year passed in a blink of an eye, yet Chen Xiang had not activated a single fragment of it, but it was able to sustain and release light from every single fragment!

"Anyway, I have a lot of time now. I'll go out and take a breather first!" Chen Xiang left the cave and came to a city to inquire about the movements of the seven major sects over the years.

At this time, not only were the seven major sects looking for him, they were also looking for Wu profound. They had even opened a hundred million Dao crystal s to each place a bounty on them.

"Hehe, looks like they still haven't found the fragment was stolen. Otherwise, the bounty on my Dao crystal won't be just a hundred million." Chen Xiang strolled around outside for a few days, then returned to the cave and continued activating the fragment of Heavenly Alchemy art.

Spring left and autumn came, time flew by. Several years had passed, Chen Xiang had stayed in this mountain cave for a few years, and had succeeded!

Because today, the fragment in his hand trembled. He immediately released his grip, and the seven fragments began to emit intense white light as they slowly floated up, then began to attract and gather together.

"It's about to merge!" Heavenly Alchemy art, I have waited far too long. " Chen Xiang clenched his fists tightly, and watched the seven pieces of the spirit pellet collide against each other in excitement.

The moment the fragments came into contact with each other, they burst out with an even stronger white light and fused together, turning into a large white jade piece!

Chen Xiang touched it and felt that it was extremely hot. That burning sensation made him feel pain, and this made him even more excited!

The light emitting from the jade piece gradually weakened, the scorching heat gradually disappeared, and when Chen Xiang saw the jade piece falling, he immediately grabbed it!

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