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Wu profound helped Chen Xiang contact Yi Tianqi, and the better time it was to meet him.

Chen Xiang's impression of Yi Tianqi could also be considered to be pretty good, and when Yi Tianqi wanted to meet him, she said that she had helped him out that day in order to thank him for his help.

The better the place Chen Xiang came to, the further away from the Flying Dragon City, in the forest beside a large river.

Chen Xiang found a tree with the word "Qi" on it. This was the place where he met with Yi Tianqi.

"Chen Xiang, you are really punctual!" Yi Tianqi suddenly descended from the sky and laughed.

Chen Xiang cupped his fists and smiled: "I wonder what Flying Dragon City wants to see me about?"

Yi Tianqi waved his hand and sighed: "Don't mention it, I'm no longer some City Lord!"

"Look at me, I've forgotten about this. Wu profound mentioned this to me not long ago." Only then did Chen Xiang remember.

Yi Tianqi was no longer a City Lord, it was obvious who he had offended. Chen Xiang also wanted to know what kind of terrifying power the seven major sects had behind them.

"This is all the doing of those fellows from the seven major sects. Fortunately, they lost two Leader s, which weakened their overall strength a lot." Yi Tianqi said with a face full of resentment, "Not only did they make it so that I couldn't do anything about the City Lord, they even tried to kill me in secret. Luckily, I was alerted and could sense that something was wrong, so I hurriedly left the Flying Dragon City." A novel

"Senior Yi, then what kind of power is it to take away your position in the City Lord?" Chen Xiang asked again, "What ability do the seven major sects have to be able to mobilize such a strong force? Could it be the Flying Dragon Divine General? "

Yi Tianqi took out a table and two chairs, letting Chen Xiang sit down, and poured Chen Xiang a cup of wine.

He toasted Chen Xiang and said: "Not the Flying Dragon Divine General. Although the Flying Dragon Divine General has such power, the matters of the City Lord are not under their control. They are only responsible for maintaining order!"

"There is someone else supporting the seven great sects." Yi Tianqi lowered his voice and said: "Brother, have you heard about the matters in the Flying Dragon Palace?"

Chen Xiang shook his head, but he could guess that it was a powerful force in the Flying Dragon Pagoda!

"The Flying Dragon Palace is located at the top of the tower and they are the ones controlling the entire operation of the Flying Dragon Pagoda. They are the ones controlling the time when the Myriad Tao Divine Stele appears."

Yi Tianqi's words shocked Chen Xiang!

The Myriad Tao's Divine Stele would only appear once in awhile, appear once in awhile, and then disappear. This was the reason why it was extremely difficult to obtain the Law beads inside the Flying Dragon Pagoda.

"Doesn't that mean they know the exact location of the Myriad Tao's Divine Stele every time it appears?" Chen Xiang said: "To think that I thought they would always go through so much trouble to look for me!"

"Yes, every time the Myriad Tao Divine Stele appears, the people of the seven major sects will be able to immediately know its location. This has allowed the seven major sects to amass a large number of Dao crystal s over the years, and they will regularly supply these Dao crystal s to the Flying Dragon Palace." Yi Tianqi said: "I only just found out about this matter. Even though I was once the Flying Dragon City's master, I am only in charge of managing the entire Flying Dragon City."

"So you're saying, the Flying Dragon Palace is protecting the seven major sects?" Chen Xiang said, "Looks like I'm in even greater danger now."

"The ten great Flying Dragon Divine General s are all from within the Flying Dragon Palace! On every hundred floors, there are seven sects like the seven great sects helping the Flying Dragon Palace gather their Dao crystal. It is normal for them to protect the seven great sects … " Yi Tianqi said: "However, I am still a City Lord, and was assigned by the Flying Dragon Palace to be a servant here. But now, they have pulled me down, and there are other things that are related to me."

Chen Xiang could tell from these words that Yi Tianqi had some background in the Flying Dragon Palace.

"What is it?" Chen Xiang was even more curious now. It was clear that the seven major sects monopolizing Myriad Tao Divine Tablets Formation s had other motives, but this time, it was destroyed by Chen Xiang.

"Have you heard of the Heavenly Refining Laws?" Yi Tianqi asked.

When he was in Myriad Tao Divine Tablets Formation, he already knew that the seven major sects were continuing their Heavenly Alchemy rule Beads s.

"I've heard of it. Could it be that the seven great sects have something to do with this?" Chen Xiang asked in shock.

"That's right!" It was extremely difficult to condense Heavenly Alchemy rule Beads, because when one condensed the Myriad Tao Divine Stele, each required more Dao crystal than the last! Even though the Flying Dragon Palace is doing everything they can to collect Dao crystal, the Myriad Tao's Divine Stele above the thousand storeys right now requires hundreds of billions of dollars to be able to condense one pellet. That's why they thought of the floors below. "

Chen Xiang had a deep understanding of this, even with his ten billion, it was only enough to condense ten pills!

"What use do they have in asking for the Heavenly Refining Laws? Could it be that this is a very terrifying law? " Although Chen Xiang had cultivated up to the Heavenly Alchemy Dao line, he didn't know how to use it. Right now was an opportunity to let him know how to use the Heavenly Refining Rules.

"I don't know what's the use of it either! In short, the higher ups of the Flying Dragon Palace are trying their best to gather Heavenly Alchemy rule Beads s, so it can be said that the refining rules will have a great use tomorrow. " Yi Tianqi shook his head: "Although I do not know what use it has, but I do know that if I want to use the law of heaven, I need a cultivation technique called the Heavenly Alchemy art. I heard that this is the second volume of the Heavenly Alchemy!"

Chen Xiang was overjoyed, there was actually a lower volume in the Heavenly Alchemy, but where could the lower volume be located? Now he understood why he was unable to use the Heavenly Alchemy Dao line.

"When I was in Myriad Tao Divine Tablets Formation before, I knew that the seven major sects would send people to congeal Heavenly Alchemy rule Beads s. Was this what the Flying Dragon Palace entrusted the seven major sects to do?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Definitely! Furthermore, Flying Dragon Palace had even given the seven great sects a fragment of Heavenly Alchemy art. It is seven pieces of jade and currently, they are all placed in the seven great sects.

Speaking to here, Yi Tianqi laughed: "But Myriad Tao Divine Tablets Formation has already been destroyed by you. If you want to fuse these seven broken pieces, you can only wait until the next time Myriad Tao Divine Tablets Formation reappears! It was also because of this that Flying Dragon Palace was so furious, that my position as City Lord was taken away from me. "

"I'm so sorry, I've dragged you into this." Chen Xiang said somewhat embarrassedly.

"It's okay, it's okay. I didn't like them for a long time, so I'm very grateful to you now!" You have to understand that the seven major sects have Flying Dragon Palace s backing them up, so even if they killed me, they wouldn't have anything to worry about. Yi Tianqi sighed, "It was only when the Flying Dragon Palace s of the seven major sects came to find me and were extremely strict with me that I found out just how powerful the backers of the seven major sects were."

"Flying Dragon Envoy?" Chen Xiang felt that this fellow must have come here for the Heavenly Alchemy art fragment. He really wanted to obtain the Heavenly Alchemy art now, this way he would be able to use the Heavenly Alchemy Dao line that he had trained so hard to obtain.

"Hmm, it is said that he will be staying here for a long period of time. When the Myriad Tao Divine Tablets Formation reappears, to people like them, this amount of time will not count for much …" "Of course, this guy wants to catch you. You'd better be careful if he obtains that miraculous pill refining skill from you." Yi Tianqi warned.

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