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The third time Qin profound used that ferocious demon arm to wrap around Chen Xiang, he did not succeed in delivering that thing into his body the previous two times.

But this time, he succeeded!

After Chen Xiang consumed those Law Pills, he had a feeling that the thing Qin profound channeled into his body was a turbid and scalding power. After it entered his body, it was as if it was gnawing on his flesh and bones, causing him to wish that he were dead.

"Just you wait!"

Chen Xiang roared out in his heart, and at the same time, used his own willpower to control the power of the Rules Pellet after it melted, and channeled it into his own Spirit of the Dao gods.

"What kind of expression is that?" When Qin profound saw that the despair in Chen Xiang's eyes had disappeared, he immediately stomped his foot on Chen Xiang's face.

"Do you think you still have a chance to turn things around? "Haha …" Qin profound laughed sinisterly: "Don't worry, what I said before, I won't kill you. I will only make you live a life worse than death."

An hour would soon pass, Chen Xiang knew that even if it was time, he himself would definitely fall into their hands.

This group of people had their eyes on his cultivation technique and pill refining skills. They wanted to obtain them, so they wouldn't let him go!

The three chief disciples and the Three profound realm Rankers were watching from the side. They did not know what Qin profound was doing, but seeing Chen Xiang's painful expression, they knew that Qin profound was using some sort of method to wreak havoc on Chen Xiang. It was equivalent to torturing him.

What made them fear was that when Chen Xiang was enduring this pain, he actually did not shout out. He only furrowed his brows and silently endured it!

What had Chen Xiang not experienced before? Although Qin profound was wreaking havoc like this, he could still endure it. He had long gotten used to it.

"Just you wait, as long as I successfully step into the Three profound realm, all of you will die." Chen Xiang's eyes that were filled with killing intent swept across the crowd, causing them to feel a chill down their spines.

This kind of gaze that was filled with endless hatred and killing intent, actually made them feel fear. When they came into contact with Chen Xiang's gaze, it was as if they were facing the threat of death.

They had never experienced something like this before!

They had all seen Chen Xiang's strength just now. If not for the two Late period of Three profound realm s, even if there were a few in the early and middle stages of the Three Profound Realm, it would have been difficult for them to defeat Chen Xiang.

Even Qin profound, who everyone was afraid of, was being beaten up by Chen Xiang. If it was one on one, Qin profound would have already been beaten to death!

Chen Xiang closed his eyes, enduring the pain while cultivating with his will!

There were three balls of white light within his Spirit of the Dao gods. At this moment, these three balls of white light were crazily absorbing the energy released by the Law Pellets, unceasingly growing.

Chen Xiang firmly believed that as long as these three balls of white light were powerful to a certain extent, they would be able to sense each other. At that time, the Three profound Divine Junctures would be able to take the third profound level and he would be able to step into the Three profound realm!

His current strength was ten thousand, if he stepped into the Three profound realm, it would at least increase by ten times. Adding his Divine Equipment, he would need to deal with the Late period of Three profound realm!

Time trickled by, the sand in the hourglass was running out, while the blood vessels on Qin profound's ferocious arms were wriggling, a type of power that could make one feel pain beyond death was continuously destroying Chen Xiang's body!

At this moment, Qin profound was also secretly shocked, although Chen Xiang had suffered such a destructive attack, his physical body was actually still relatively good. If it was any other person that was affected by it, their physical body would have already been destroyed, what caused him to be most alarmed was that Chen Xiang's consciousness was still extremely clear, clearly showing that he had some ability to resist this kind of pain!

Qin profound had planned to use this pain to destroy Chen Xiang's mind from the start and turn him into an idiot. At that time, it would be much easier to search for the memories in Chen Xiang's soul!

However, up till now, other than enduring the pain, Chen Xiang had not reacted in any other way that Qin profound was familiar with!

Suddenly, Qin profound saw Chen Xiang's body was glowing with a white light, and the white light looked extremely abnormal, as though there were three layers of white light overlapping each other!

"This is …" At such a time, he actually managed to combine three profound strengths and step into the Three profound realm! " Seeing that, the expression on an early stage Three profound realm Ranked Elder's face changed, his voice carried an incomparable fear, his body was actually trembling, and could not help but retreat, because he no longer had the guts to take action against Chen Xiang.

Such a young man could break through under such vile circumstances!

Everyone knew how much rage Chen Xiang was suppressing and how much humiliation he had to endure to break through!

"The Three profound realm! Isn't he just an early stage Heaven realm? How did it become the Three profound realm? "

"Doesn't that mean that he's much stronger than Qin profound?!"

"Time is almost up. I wonder what will happen next!"

"This is definitely going to be a good show. It seems like those guys are going to suffer. Look at how scared they are!"

Qin profound's eyelids violently throbbed as he looked down, his heart starting to feel an inexplicable sense of fear.

Chen Xiang who was lying on the ground had many claws that were six inches long, infused with a type of energy that was extremely harmful to the body, it looked like he was half dead!

But now, Chen Xiang stood up, his eyes full of killing intent!

"Quick... Hurry and do it! "

Qin profound could clearly feel that the Chen Xiang in front of his eyes was just like a mountain that could not be seen from high above. He could very certainly determine that he absolutely had no strength to kill Chen Xiang, and he didn't even have the strength to retaliate.


Chen Xiang shouted explosively, the sound wave shook the heavens and earth, the surrounding mountains that stretched for thousands of kilometers collapsed. Under the pressure of the boundless might, Qin profound fell to his knees with a loud thud.

As for the three chief disciples and the early stage Three profound realm's elders, they were already lying on the ground due to the incomparably mighty might, and the surface of their bodies was starting to crack.

Even the two old men from the Late period of Three profound realm had bent their knees and were being attacked by the pressure released by Chen Xiang.

"Qin profound, I am not as vicious as you are. I will let you die a quick death!"

Chen Xiang's voice was deep and cold. When he struck out with his palm, the primordial dragon energy howled like ten thousand dragons roaring together. His aura swallowed the mountains and rivers, transforming into a bolt of lightning, blasting towards Qin profound's body!


After Qin profound was struck, his body split into pieces and turned into a cloud of dust, even with his indestructible body, he was unable to withstand a single blow from Chen Xiang's powerful force!

"You guys also killed a lot of people just now, I'll send you guys to meet them!" Chen Xiang had already floated high up in the sky as he took out his Emperor seal.

The gigantic Emperor seal roared and roared as it was pressed down by the true dragon. With a boom, a berserk power broke through the protective magical formation and the entire mountain collapsed in an instant. Many people used flying divine tools to escape from the area.

The remaining chief disciples and Three profound realm s were all killed by the Emperor seal!

"Chen Xiang, you madman …" Li Li roared in rage, flying towards Chen Xiang, his fist releasing a black Qi, striking Chen Xiang.

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