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Chen Xiang thought it was strange. At this moment, only Li Li had attacked him and the elders from the other sects had not moved.

When he saw Li Li rushing towards him, he did not dodge. He only saw that one of his arms had suddenly turned into a Qilin arm, and on the Qilin arm was an azure dragon coiled around it.

The moment Li Li's fist rushed over, Chen Xiang struck out with his fist, hitting Li Li's fist!

Boom! The moment the two fists collided, the air surged and waves of energy surged!

Li Li's arm suddenly exploded, blood and flesh splattering in all directions, and there seemed to be many lacerations on his body.

"s with all their doors opened, you … Just you wait! " never thought that Chen Xiang's strength would actually be so terrifying. Earlier, he was very sure that Chen Xiang's profound door was completely open.

"I don't have that kind of patience. I don't want to wait any longer. Go and die right now!" Chen Xiang summoned his Heavenly magic sword, activating the power of the Sword Spirit, he slashed towards Li Li who was running far away.


Countless sword rainbows flew out with rays of red light as Sword Qi engulfed the sky. With just a hack from Chen Xiang, a deep ravine appeared on the ground in front of him. Li Li, who was flying far away, was hit by the strongest sword beams, and was instantly torn into pieces, becoming ashes that floated in the air.

"Is it over?" Chen Xiang looked around, searching for the sect elders, but they were all there. Unseen: "You sure run fast! Are they all from the Three profound realm? "So afraid of me!"

Chen Xiang immediately flew towards the Center of Flying Dragon City. The Myriad Tao Divine Tablets Formation would appear there, and he did not know what else he would face there!

Everyone looked at Chen Xiang walking far away, the shock in their hearts still did not dissipate.

"This is too terrifying. The Laws of the Flying, the Laws of the Dragon …" And such a terrifying power! "

"Qin profound is actually dead, and this guy who is normally so arrogant is actually dead."

"Yes!" Qin profound, who has always been called a super genius, is actually dead, I truly do not dare to believe that he is still alive and kicking after an hour. "

"And those chief disciples, they are all dead!"

Everyone swallowed their saliva. Even the chief disciples of the seven great sects, with their esteemed status and unlimited potential, were killed within an hour!

"I wonder what will happen next!" That Chen Xiang even killed the person in charge of the Flying Dragon Association. "

"Hmph, those fellows deserved to be killed. Everyone must have seen how evil Flying Dragon Association was this time!"

"Exactly, that guy saw that Qin profound had been killed, and attacked Chen Xiang. I never thought that this trash would actually be killed!"

"Haha …" The funniest thing is that he actually told them to wait for him, but they didn't have the patience to just kill him off. "

"Oh right, isn't there another Wu profound? Is he dead? "

… ….

Wu profound did not die. He had already recovered quite a bit, and came out of You Yao Mountain Villa to find out what happened afterwards from Chen Xiang.

After he finished listening, he found it hard to believe as well, but seeing Chen Xiang's invisible might, he did not dare doubt it.

"When will the Myriad Tao Divine Tablets Formation arrive? "When that time comes, I will definitely go in. If anyone stops me, I will risk my life to fight them." Chen Xiang's voice carried a domineering aura, causing him to feel somewhat fearful.

"It will appear in a short period of time, but there will definitely be someone to host it. As for how it is, I don't know. At that time, the trouble will definitely not be small." Wu profound sighed.

Chen Xiang nodded his head: "Rest well, I'll go out and check the situation!"

At this moment, the Flying Dragon City was just a part of Chen Xiang's legends, it could be said that he had made a name for himself in one fight.

Chen Xiang walked around, he did not manage to find any useful information, but when he returned to the profound Wu Dan Pavilion, he suddenly felt a strange feeling, he could sense that something was in the vicinity.

"Like Snow!" Chen Xiang was shocked, it was Feng Ruxue.

Because he had used the Flight rule beads that Feng Ruxue had refined before, he had this kind of mysterious reaction with Feng Ruxue.

Feng Ruxue must be here to find him!

"Ruxue is currently at the Phoenix Sect. I wonder how she's doing inside! I have just killed Phoenix Sect's chief disciple, so the enmity between Phoenix Sect and has already been settled! " Chen Xiang did not know how to face Feng Ruxue either. After all, he was now enemies with Feng Ruxue.

"You're not going to see her?" Chen Xiang shook his head: "Forget it, let's still have a good talk with her and let her leave Phoenix Sect. This kind of sect is not a good place!"

Knowing that Feng Ruxue was about to come, Chen Xiang waited for him at the entrance of the profound Wu Dan Pavilion.

Feng Ruxue was wearing a conical bamboo hat and a black robe. When Chen Xiang saw her, he nodded towards her and then walked into the profound Wu Dan Pavilion.

Chen Xiang brought her to the top floor before asking: "How have you been?"

Feng Ruxue chuckled: "Of course it's good, don't tell me that I look very down and out right now?"

Chen Xiang also laughed: "You aren't wearing any beautiful clothes, and indeed look a little down and out."

They entered a secret hall. Feng Ruxue took off her bamboo hat, revealing her charming and noble face.

"You know all about me, right?" Chen Xiang sighed.

"How can I not know? Your improvement is truly terrifying! " Feng Ruxue exclaimed, her eyes flickered, looking at Chen Xiang's handsome and resolute face.

"Phoenix Sect is not a good place. Your entire family better not join in on the fun." Chen Xiang said very straightforwardly: "One day, I might even push Phoenix Sect to the ground. I have already killed Phoenix Sect's chief disciple, this enmity has already been formed."

"You have done a great favor for our family. After we found out about this, we immediately decided to leave Phoenix Sect! We just joined Phoenix Sect not too long ago, so we don't have any sense of belonging, not to mention that we know Phoenix Sect so well today. " Feng Ruxue nodded.

Chen Xiang heaved a sigh of relief, knowing that his previous worries were unnecessary.

"Oh right, my grandfather has news that he wants me to pass on to you! He said that the Leader s of the seven major sects were already discussing this matter and should be on their way. Other than Li Li, there were a few other elders who were previously in charge of managing the Flying Dragon Association. Feng Ruxue said.

"When will those Leader s arrive?" Chen Xiang thought about it and asked.

"Within a few days after the appearance of the Myriad Tao Divine Tablets Formation, it was a long journey, and although the elders here have access to the Six Gods Stage, they do not dare to act rashly." Feng Ruxue gave a sweet smile, "Now, even Six Gods Stage is a little afraid of you!"

Chen Xiang was a little afraid of the sect's Leader, because they were all at the late stage of Six Gods Stage. If he had dared to fight at the early stage of Six Gods Stage, he would definitely have to weigh the pros and cons of them.

At the very least, he knew that those Leader s came here after the descent of the Myriad Tao Divine Tablets Formation. That meant that he could still enter the Myriad Tao Divine Tablets Formation.

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