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When the three people were attacking Chen Xiang, they instantly died the moment they entered. All the sect elders who were watching the battle felt a heart-wrenching pain.

All the disciples from the various sects were young and outstanding disciples, and were raised to be the heirs of Leader.

But now, three of them had been killed by Chen Xiang in an instant.

It was not because those disciples were too weak, but because the Chen Xiang they were facing was someone who was stronger than Qin profound. Even Qin profound was unable to do anything to him, let alone those disciples.

Chen Xiang had already seen it, a few clan elders wanted to come in, but this competition ground was protected by a big array, before an hour was up, the array would not stop working, unless the array was broken by force, and the people inside would be affected.

The massacre of the three disciples was something that many people would love to see. Many people had long seen through the layers of darkness in the Flying Dragon Association, especially those who had withdrawn from the competition.

Everyone thought that the organizers of these events must be those great sects and Flying Dragon Association s. Just a moment ago, those disciples had already massacred a lot of people.

And now, their disciples had been massacred, and their elders actually wanted to interfere.

Why was it that when ordinary people were massacred, these elders didn't have any reaction and instead watched on happily. And now that their disciples had been slaughtered, they had to intervene.

Many people were extremely pleased with this, secretly praising Chen Xiang for killing so well.

"Senior Li, is there any way to remove this formation? If we don't, I'm afraid our people will die." An elder of the Phoenix Sect asked.

"No." Li Li also looked solemn: "We have underestimated Chen Xiang's strength, but you don't have to worry, we still have a few Three profound realm s here, and two of them are at the late stage."

In the fighting arena, when the remaining three disciples saw the Azure Dragon that Chen Xiang had released was so powerful, they were all terrified and did not dare to approach. They had all personally seen the Azure Dragon kill three people of similar strength as them just now, and it was only a matter of time.

As for the elders of the Three profound realm, they were also extremely cautious, they did not dare make a move, and were worried that Chen Xiang was hiding his strength.

"The Three profound realm's ability to hold Chen Xiang back, to let Qin profound recover, and then to kill him together. Our Late period of Three profound realm is so powerful, there's no need to be afraid of him." An old man from the Late period of Three profound realm said: "Do it, there is not much time left. We must defeat Chen Xiang, we must not let him enter the Myriad Tao Divine Tablets Formation."

After he finished speaking, the elder frowned, and used a burst of majestic Dao energy from his body to pressure Chen Xiang like the collapse of the heavens.

"Pu!" Chen Xiang was struck by this berserk force from all directions and couldn't help but spit out a large mouthful of blood. The dirty air in his body ached faintly, as if it was going to be crushed.

Even if it was a very ordinary expert at the late stage of the Three Profound Realm, the minimum strength of the Dao would be around two to three hundred thousand, while Chen Xiang's current Dao strength was no more than ten thousand, the difference between the two was extremely huge.

Another old man of the late stage of the third selection also followed suit and struck at Chen Xiang from a distance, the berserk fist wind created thunderous winds that tore through the sky, shaking the entire sky. Although it was separated by an array, the entire world still surged with wind.


The moment Chen Xiang was struck by the fist force, he flew and struck the stone wall, as though his body was going to break apart.

"Is that guy from the Late period of Three profound realm really that strong?"

Chen Xiang laid on the ground, looking at his own Qilin arm, it was already dripping with blood. The green dragon had also been swept away by the fist force, and now it had returned to his second Divine Sense Sea, looking dispirited and dispirited.

"Let's go."

Seeing that Chen Xiang was currently heavily injured, the old man shouted out, and several disciples of the stage and the elders of the Three profound realm rushed up, bombarding Chen Xiang with attacks. In an instant, the sounds did not stop, and there were waves of exposure.

"Don't go too far." The moment everyone attacked together, Chen Xiang had already teleported into the air to dodge, summoning his Emperor seal.

The Emperor seal immediately became huge, like a giant boulder floating in the sky. It covered the sky and covered the entire mountain pass, making the people above unable to see what was happening below.

"Receive it, you bunch of bastards."

Chen Xiang fiercely stomped against the Emperor seal, using all his strength, causing the Emperor seal to sway violently and fall down.

The Emperor seal trembled from the green light, as if its pressure could destroy the heavens and the earth.

Rumble …

When the seal fell to the ground, the other Three profound realm s all took action as well, using their strongest powers to attack the giant seal, causing an even more intense movement. At this moment, the entire mountain was shaking, and many rocks were already rolling down.

"Get down." Chen Xiang increased his strength and stepped on the seal, causing the seal to continue to press down, but the power below was stronger than him, it was actually able to resist the impact of the Emperor seal.

"Is it because my Azure Dragon was injured just now, causing the movement of Emperor seal to be limited?" Chen Xiang frowned, while he was struggling to hold on, he suddenly felt something wrapping around him.

It was Qin profound.

Qin profound recovered and became a blood mist, wrapping around him and making it impossible for him to unleash his powers.


Without Chen Xiang's support, the Emperor seal was instantly blasted away and turned into a small seal which entered Chen Xiang's body. As for Chen Xiang, he was entangled by Qin profound's few sinister arms, and just like before, his body was pierced through by multiple claws.

"Is it time to play?" Chen Xiang didn't know what Qin profound wanted to send over through his devilish arms, but he knew that it definitely wasn't anything good.

Roar …

Chen Xiang's body flashed with a white light, and a tiger's roar filled with endless killing intent came out, the power exploding out once again shattered Qin profound's arm.

White Tiger.

Previously, after Chen Xiang released the Qilin and the Azure Dragon, he also released a White Tiger.

The ones who were the most shocked were naturally the divine beast sects. It was extremely difficult for them to cultivate even one of them, but Chen Xiang was able to cultivate three of them. They were all curious to know what kind of cultivation method Chen Xiang cultivated.

"Quickly kill the White Tiger."

roared. At this point, he had to admit that it was extremely difficult for Chen Xiang to deal with him, he was proud and arrogant, but he was also willing to accept others helping him out, because at this rate, he would be the one to die.

The late stage Three Profound Realm old man threw a punch, instantly dispersing the White Tiger.

Chen Xiang landed on the ground, and looked at the white tiger that had turned into a cloud of mist with some despair. It was one of the three divine beasts that he had obtained after breaking through the three profound God s.

All three divine beasts had lost their powers and needed some time to recover before they could be used.

"Hahaha …"

Qin profound looked at Chen Xiang's despairing eyes, and laughed out loud, the Demon arm that was shattered earlier extended out once again, enveloping Chen Xiang, and the tip of his claw pierced into Chen Xiang's corpse once again.

"I haven't lost yet..." Chen Xiang immediately used the power of space to move all of the remaining Dragon Way Law Pills into his mouth and swallowed them.

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