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As she would be accompanying him into the Dungeon, Vahn spent the better part of three days working on a set of 'shorts' for Fenrir. They were closer to designer hotpants because neither Fenrir nor Lili wanted much fabric covering their thighs at all. This meant their design was closer to the bottoms worn by Ryuu in the past, before her pregnancy. The only real difference was that it had an elastic belt-strap loop that fixed firmly around her hips, leaving a hole for her tail that also allowed her to move about freely. Because of their combat style, Vahn had to make sure the 'shorts' were very form fitting while also ensuring they were elastic or it would chafe when they began sweating.

The final result had the somewhat embarrassing 'shaping' attribute, which seemed to 'plague' all the lower body armor that Vahn created. This made Fenrir, who typically didn't have a very fleshy butt, almost look like she had a small and perky bubble butt. When Lili saw this, she got very excited and was greatly looking forward to her completed pair. As for Fenrir, she seemed very happy with her newfound 'assets' and could be found checking herself out in the mirror as she patted her own butt with a silly smile on her face. She made sure not to use her claws, as that could still damage the fabric, and just used her fleshy paw pads, enjoying the feel and 'sponginess' of her own perky bottom.

Fortunately, though his main focus had been on completing Fenrir's [Aegis Shorts Mk 1], he also found time to forge Tione's new swords. Preparing the materials was actually the most time-consuming part and the actual forge process only took around seven hours. He modeled them after a type of weapon known as a 'kopis', as he figured Tione could benefit from the extended range after adapting to the length of [Gale] and [Tempest]. She originally used a weapon known a 'kukri', which was like an inward curving machete, so Vahn picked a weapon that was a good balance between a shortsword and a kukri, thus deciding upon the kopis.

He used a triple-layer structure, emphasizing the ability of the kopis to cleave and hack enemies, comprised of a spine made of Adamantine, a core made of Orichalcum, and the blade encasing out of Adamantine. Orichalcum was much softer and would act as a catalyst to allow mana to flow through the blade, this time with a focus on enhancing Tione's power instead of any other kind of magical effect. Vahn also wanted to make sure it had the Durandal attribute, which is why more than 70% of the entire weapon was made out of Adamantine. The handle was wrapped in Cadmus hide, matching the pristine white blade since it was also pure white in coloration. Many of the materials Vahn used were predominately white in their base states, but that also allowed him to color and treat them later.

When Vahn finished with the pair of kopis, which were nearly identical in weight with only a 350 microgram difference. Vahn could guarantee an almost machine level of precision by using his 'Oblivion' skill to shave off excess materials and have Sis accurately weight the materials before he moved on. The difference came from the Cadmus hide since, though he tried to keep it as accurate as possible, there were very small imperfections in the hide even when he purchased it through the system shop. A 350 microgram difference wasn't even noticeable at all but Vahn was a little annoyed since he had wanted them to be true twin blades, instead of simply 'similar'. Tione, seemed very satisfied with them, however, so Vahn got over it very quickly and named the blades [Twin Dragon Fang]s since they had been treated by soaking the blades in Frost Dragon blood to give them an icy blue sheen.

[Twin Dragon Fang]

Rank: A (Magic)

Slots: 0

P.Atk: 640+60

M.Atk: 220

Abilities: Durandal(A), Armor Break(B), Frost Dragon's Venom(D)

The elder of two twin kopis, capable of striking through the defense of enemies and cause a debilitating status affliction as a result of bathing in the blood of a Frost Dragon. The higher the defense of an enemy, the stronger this blade becomes, almost as if offended by the fact anything could resist its edge.

Restriction: Amazons Only

[Twin Dragon Fang]

Rank: A (Magic)

Slots: 0

P.Atk: 610+60

M.Atk: 330

Abilities: Durandal(A), Armor Break(C), Frost Dragon's Venom(C)

The younger of two twin kopis, capable of striking through the defense of enemies and cause a debilitating status affliction as a result of bathing in the blood of a Frost Dragon. Though not as capable when it comes to cleaving through armor, the amount of blood absorbed by this blade is much higher than its elder sister.

Restriction: Amazons Only

When he saw the parameters of the two kopis, Vahn was pleasantly surprised because having more than six-hundred physical attack in what was essentially a short sword was fantastic. However, when he read the Abilities and saw the differences in the parameters between each weapon, he was a little dejected. Though the weight difference was almost negligible, Vahn could now see he had made 'mistakes' in how the metals were treated, not accounting for the 'peculiarity' like one metal's ability to absorb more blood than another's. At least they were 'similar' enough for there not to be any great differences in their performance, though the 110 extra magic attack on the 'younger' kopis made it arguably the more superior blade. Since Tione had a bit of a complex against her 'younger' twin, Vahn decided to keep this a secret and simply refer to them as normal sister swords...

Tione noticed, from the moment Vahn named the blades in her hands, they felt far more comfortable than before. It was almost like they were made specifically for her, feeling far more familiar than weapons she had used for much longer periods of time. With a smile on her face, she waved them around in a playful manner and said, "Vahn, these weapons are amazing. Should I consider this your dowry~?" Hearing her words, Vahn snapped out of his train of thought and smiled before teasingly saying, "If I can get an exotic beauty as my bride for the price of two swords, I don't think thats a bad deal." As he spoke, Vahn stepped towards Tione and got within a few inches of her face, causing her to step back in a panic.

Realizing she had just 'retreated', Tione's brow twitched and she embedded both swords into the table so that she could 'deal' with Vahn. However, the moment she jammed them into the table, Tione was surprised when both blades passed through the hardwood as if she was cutting through soft tofu. She had become momentarily distracted by this and, as she had turned away from Vahn to set aside the swords, he managed to step in behind her and grab her waist. Tione startled slightly before biting her bottom lip when Vahn sent a stimulating stream of energy through her navel while biting her earlobe. Bring up his left hand, Vahn caressed the locket around Tione's chest and whispered, "Once I deal with Hippolyta and Kali, I'll make both you and Tiona my brides..."

Tione's body was already beginning to burn up under Vahn's touch, but it was like a fire had been lit in her heart when she heard his words. Unfortunately for her, Tiona had also been present so she laughed happily and said, "I'm really looking forward to it, ehehehe~." With Tiona's words sounding out, Vahn let go of Tione, causing her to give her little sister an aggrieved look with a fair amount of blame in her eyes. Tiona, completely unfazed by this, just hugged Preasia from behind and snuggled her shaggy hair while the petite sheep person just 'accepted' her fate.

Vahn chuckled at Tione's reaction and said, "We don't really have that much time to 'play' around right now since we need to be getting ready for dinner. The expedition is only three days away so make sure to familiarize yourself with those kopis before we leave. They are a lot stronger than your previous weapons, almost to a scary amount, so you'll need to adjust your strength a bit to avoid accidents..." Looking at his destroyed table, Vahn had a wry smile on his face that made Tione show a rare blush as she averted her eyes and mumbled, "Sorry about that..." Ever since she had been 'conquered' by Vahn, Tione had become progressively more 'obedient' and well-behaved, a sign that she was maturing and learning to control the urges in her body.

Tilting his head to the side in thought, Vahn walked forward and leaned next to the rapidly breathing Tione's ear and said, "Since we're setting up a permanant residence on the 39th Floor, we'll have plenty of time to spend together so look forward to it..." Though he had been putting it off during their previous trips, Vahn felt like this Expedition was a good opportunity to actually try having sex in the Dungeon. Building a house for himself and the girls on the relative safety of the 39th floor and then 'breaking it in' seemed like a pretty exciting idea. He expected they would get bored being cooped up in the Dungeon for so long, meaning they were bound to want to relieve a bit of stress after enough time passed.

Tione's breathing became a little hot and she was very tempted to reach out and 'take' Vahn since he was so close. Though she was learning to manage her urges better, it wasn't easy when he was obviously 'teasing' her in such close proximity. It was during moments like this when she regretted being weaker than him because, even if she wanted to 'take' him, Vahn would end up getting an advantage before the end. Though that could be exciting in its own way, Tione knew Vahn wouldn't have sex with her right now so she would just end up embarrassing herself unnecessarily. Biting her lip, she muttered, "You can't go back on your word...I always wanted to do it in the Dungeon..."

Vahn arched his brow and 'sneakily' kissed Tione's forehead before stepping away, winking as he said, "It's a promise." Tione balled her hands into fists before picking up her kopis and leaving the workshop, making a beeline towards the training grounds to let off some 'steam' before she lost her mind. Vahn watched her departing figure, waiting for her to get a fair distance before turning to Tiona and saying, "Go look after your big sis for me, Tiona. Make sure she doesn't break anything that can't be repaired easily..." Hearing Vahn's words, Tiona laughed as if she had just heard the most amusing thing in the world before releasing Preasia and running off after her sister. This left just Vahn and Preasia in his workshop, with the latter releasing a pent up sigh before asking, "Vahn, will you help pacify my uneasy heart...?"

Though she didn't mind being hugged and having the other girls touch her fur, Preasia still preferred when Vahn was the one doing it. She only allowed the other girls to do so because it was a little pleasant and also allowed her to get closer to them, making friends with those she had trouble connecting with in the past. However, 'nothing' could compare to the comfort Vahn's hands brought her, which was a sentiment shared by every Beast Human that had ever experienced his [Petting]. Everything else was like a 'shadow' of real petting, grasping at glory they could never obtain since they would always be overshadowed by Vahn's prowess.

Checking the time through the system, Vahn tilted his head slightly in thought before saying, "I need to clean up before dinner anyway, so let's take a bath together. You can tell me about your dreams and the progress you've made in controlling your ability while I groom your fur." Vahn whisked out a very fine brush that made Preasia droopy tail wiggle slightly in anticipation. One of the 'best' things about having a fur-covered body was that Vahn often helped groom her at the same time as he used his [Petting] skill. It was unbelievably comfortable, pleasant, and moderately stimulating at the same time. After the first time he helped her groom, Preasia had 'dreamed' about it for five days straight and it was one of the things she most looked forward to.

Vahn saw the 'explosion' of her aura and smiled before leading the way as Preasia trotted behind him happily, snatching his hand after catching up to him. She unashamedly hugged his arm in an affectionate manner with a happy smile on her face and a glimmer in her light-grey eyes. Vahn, feeling the soft fur of her arms and the plush feeling of her breasts, felt a bit of pressure in the bridge of his nose as he continued forward with a bit of anticipation in his own heart. Preasia wasn't the only one that enjoyed their grooming sessions as Vahn felt like stroking her fur was one of the most comforting things he had ever experienced as well. He knew he had a bit of a 'petting' habit even before awakening the Development Ability and it always helped his mind calm down whenever he stroked one of the girls. Preasia was easily the 'most strokable' girl now, so Vahn had grown very fond of her in a relatively short period of time...

As it was nearly 5 PM, Vahn habitually pulled out Eva's orb to see if there were any changes and saw that there were now just two interconnected magic circles remaining. Realizing the time of his reunion with Eva was even closer, Vahn felt ecstatic so he tossed the orb back into his Inventory before picking up a slightly startled Preasia. With a massive grin on his face, Vahn embraced Preasia tightly and nuzzled against her head as he said, "I'm in a very good mood, Preasia...I want to share it with someone..." With his intent known, Vahn turned his head to the side and kissed Preasia's lips as he continued to navigate towards the bath. Even when he was 'distracted', Vahn could still walk through the Manor since he didn't just rely on his eyes to move around. His domain allowed him to map almost every point in space when it was active, so Vahn could even walk through a crowded street with his eyes closed if he wanted.

By the time they reached the bath, Preasia's body temperature had increased a bit and she suddenly felt it was way too hot to be wearing a sweater. Fortunately, Vahn quickly relieved her of it, revealing some of the only exposed skin on her entire body, currently glistening with a small amount of sweat. Vahn traced his hand up her side, touching her bra with his index finger as he stored it into his Inventory, leaving Preasia wearing nothing but a pair of small shorts and what he could infer were pink panties since he could see the edge peeking up through the small gap between her shorts and her abdomen. Bringing his hand down, causing Preasia to tremble a bit in the process, Vahn traced his fingers along Preasia's rump, sliding effortlessly into her panties because of how smooth her fur was.

Preasia moved closer to Vahn instinctually and pressed her chest against his body as he traced his other hand down her back and stroked her other butt cheek with his palm. Releasing a hot sigh against Vahn's chest, Preasia then kissed his pectoral muscle before muttering, "Please don't tease me too much..." Hearing her words, Vahn squinted his eyes slightly before pulling down his hands and kneeling down, allowing Preasia to pull her legs free of her bereft panties and shorts. He then guided her to the bath, which was rapidly heating up as a result of Vahn infusing flame elemental energy into it, before stepping in and pulling her into his embrace.

Though he had originally said there wasn't time to Tione, Vahn felt a little different about the matter since it was just him and Preasia. She didn't have the greatest stamina so it wouldn't take too long to satisfy her, giving him ample time to take a bath during and after the fact. Tilting Preasia chin upwards, Vahn kissed her lips as she moved into a position where she was straddling his hips. Preasia already knew what Vahn had in mind since she could always feel her 'power' become stronger whenever he was excited. At times, it was almost like her 'dreams' had seeped into reality and it felt like she 'knew' what was going to happen. She had a small vision where she and Vahn were having sex in the bath and now it seemed to have become a reality, making her heart beat with anticipation and excitement...

Unaware of what Preasia was thinking, Vahn stroked her back again, using both [Hands of Nirvana] and [Petting] to increase her excitement while simultaneously helping her relax. Preasia lowered her hips and, though it was a bit difficult since the hot water washed away her love juices, she slowly managed to 'seat' herself against Vahn by wiggling her hips around for a few minutes. Vahn already knew the 'mechanics' of having sex in water made it somewhat difficult but he also knew it was possible if the girl was aroused enough. They just had to go a little slow that water didn't accidentally slip into her vagina, even though the odds weren't that high since Vahn had a tendency to 'fill' the girls up completely.

Preasia began to take labored breaths as she moved her hips around in shallow movements while Vahn kissed around her neck and collarbone, simultaneously beginning to brush her fur with the fine-bristle brush. The stimulation was a bit intense for her, but Preasia tolerated it even though her lower jaw quivered and she wanted to cry out at the top of her voice. Unfortunately, Vahn had a bit of 'expectations' every time he was with Preasia so he tilted his head down and pushed up her breast with his right hand before sucking on her peach-colored bud. Preasia took a sharp breath and released a sensual 'hafuu' while leaning her body back to let Vahn have easier access to her breasts. She supported herself by placing her hands on Vahn's knees, grateful that her fur didn't extend to her palms so she wouldn't slip away...

Vahn continued to 'pamper' Preasia earnestly before his eyes snapped open and his movements came to a stop. Preasia was a bit confused because she had been nearing the peak and it was a little 'frustrating' for him to suddenly stop. She saw he had a serious expression though and immediately calmed down since he must have had a good reason. Hugging his body with a loose embrace, Preasia asked in a somewhat hot voice, "What is it, Vahn...?" Without answering directly, Vahn extended his hand and created a golden magic circle that caused several bands of runes to wrap around doorknob a few meters away. He then converged his domain and created a soundproof barrier as he explained, "Tina seems to have come looking for me, and my instincts triggered as a precaution..."

Everyone in the Manor knew of Tina's [Luck] at this point and Preasia immediately became a little pale when she heard Vahn's words. There were still an ache in her body, but she didn't want to be involved in one of Tina's accidents, especially in such a compromising position. Vahn, however, pulled her body closer to his suddenly before slipping his right hand between her thighs and saying, "Don't worry, I'm not going to leave you on the edge like that. Regardless of how powerful her [Luck] may be, there is no way Tina would be able to get through my least not any time soon." Before he had even finished speaking, Vahn inserted a thread of energy into his own penis before placing his thumb around the sensitive little nerve cluster at the top of Preasia's vagina.

Realizing what was going to happen, Preasia felt a strange sense of relief and hugged Vahn's body tightly before twisting her hips and sinking as low as she could on Vahn's penis before a massive wave of electricity passed through her body. She 'headbutted' against Vahn's chest and released a haggard "H-ah-ah-ah-aaaaah----fuuuu---uuuuuuuuuuuu~" as an almost indescribable pleasure wracked her body. Vahn hugged Preasia firmly in response and enjoyed the three constrictive points in her writhing and highly stimulating vagina, seemingly trying to 'milk' the vital fluid from his penis. There was a pleasant shiver running up his own spine but he remained relatively calm as he gently stroked Preasia's back to help her calm down...

Vahn helped Preasia quickly wash her body after she returned to her senses and was preparing to get out of the tub when he turned his head and became statuesque when he saw something 'impossible' right in front of him. Though the bindings were still on the doorknob, Tina was now standing right next to the bath, completely naked and covering her crotch with her small hands. She had a very flushed face and became very spooked when Vahn made eye contact with her, showing a confused and startled expression as she crouched down and covered her body. The same moment she did so, Tina actually shrunk down until she was only around 10cm tall, yet didn't seem to have noticed it herself.

Seeing this, Vahn understood what was going on and immediately activated his [Will of the Emperor] as the space around him collapsed into nothingness. The next moment, Vahn was in the bath with Preasia against and she was still twitching in the echoes of her powerful orgasm. He noticed there was a golden sheen to her fur and turned his perception to the small figure with a chaotic aura that was in the nearby corridor. Tina had fallen to the ground and had an almost sickly pink aura intermixed with purples and murky yellows, clearly confused about what just happened. Realizing she was in the hallway now, Tina looked around in a jittery manner before running off without continuing her search...

Though he had often underestimated the influence of Tina's [Luck], Vahn now realized, once again, that he had grossly underestimated it. He didn't even know when it happened, but he had somehow slipped into Preasia's dream and, perhaps as a result of her powerful emotions, her Innate had influenced her surroundings and actually pulled Tina in as well. Since time and space worked in very finicky ways inside the dreamscape, Tina had been able to completely bypass the dream version of his barrier simply because she was 'looking' for him. This brought her right to his side and allowed her to have a front-row seat to Preasia's orgasm and the subsequent aftercare. Because his ability to detect people was nonexistent in the dreamscape, Vahn had been entirely unaware of her presence...

Releasing an exasperated sigh, Vahn hugged Preasia's body and helped her calm down as a strange sense of dejvu enveloped him. Her Innate was more powerful than he expected but, even though that was the case, Vahn still felt like Tina's [Luck] was the superior ability. He was tempted to update her Status Board just to see if it had increased in rank, because it was very obviously working overtime for the small cat girl...

(A/N: Alternate Titles: 'Teasing Tione','Pampering Preasia','There is no Escape')


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