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At night, Wu profound came to find Chen Xiang and bring him into a very luxurious hall. Now, Chen Xiang knew that many disciples of famous sects would like to board this ship.

Wu profound was dressed extravagantly and had a heroic air about him. A smile hung on his face, making him look like a very confident person.

Chen Xiang was dressed simply and followed behind Wu profound.

As soon as he entered the spacious and luxurious hall, Chen Xiang could feel the hostility from Qin profound. Qin profound was also one who didn't know how to restrain himself, especially in this kind of place where all sorts of heroes fought, and he raised his aura to the limit.

"Yo, look who's here, this is the son of the former Leader, the former disciple of profound Marital School's eldest disciple Wu profound, Young Noble Wu." A handsome man with a long shawl on his back suddenly laughed loudly. His laughter was filled with ridicule.

Chen Xiang did not know that Wu profound actually had such a title, his father was actually the former profound Marital School, and was even her eldest disciple.

"Hey, hey, don't forget, Wu profound's mother is also the former Great Elder of the profound Marital School, and master is also the former very high Elder.

"Isn't that so... The elders in the family are all important figures, and my uncles are all once elders of the profound Marital School. "Cough, cough."

Now, Chen Xiang understood why there were so many connections with Wu profound. Originally, the entire clan used to dominate the profound Marital School, but now that things had declined, they should have been overthrown by another power within the profound Marital School.

"I say, your mouths still need to be slapped. It's a pity that I can't beat you, or else I would have already slapped you fiercely a few times."

Wu profound laughed at himself: "Little brother hasn't even fallen to this stage, stop making fun of me, this is something that happened many years ago. You are all famous youths in the sect now, what meaning do you have in mocking a person with such a difficult life like me?

"It's rare for you to have such self-awareness. It seems that your family's fall in profound Marital School has allowed you to grow up a lot." The beautiful man said with a smile. His clothes were engraved with the design of the Vermilion Bird Sect.

Chen Xiang looked at the youngsters inside. They were all outstanding disciples from the seven great sects of the Divine Beast, and their clothes had patterns of Divine Beasts engraved on them.

After his careful observation, he found that the disciples of the seven great Divine Beast Sect were all present. This was because there were as many Divine Beast images on their clothes as there were on Qin profound's.

Wu profound was from profound Marital School, but he wasn't wearing profound Marital School's clothes, so was profound Marital School's current disciple.

"Wu profound, are you here to participate in the Flying Dragon Association as well?" A beautiful woman wearing a red dress walked over. Her long skirt had the picture of a Qilin on it, and it was even ten Qilins. This was a seating disciple.

The disciple of the Qilin Sect was actually a woman.

"It's just joining in the fun. I don't expect to get a spot." Wu profound picked up a cup of wine and said, "Ren Lingyi, you've become a disciple, let me toast you."

"When I became your disciple, you did not even give me any face when you did not come. How could a cup of wine from you be enough? One vat." Ren Lingyi laughed coquettishly and took out a large wine jar.

Chen Xiang was shocked when he saw the large vat that was half the height of a human. If it was normal wine, it would have been fine, but the wine inside looked like lava, and when it emitted a strong smell of alcohol, it also gave off a scorching heat wave.

"The Fire Qi Lin Dream that was brewed with the Fire Qilin blood is red, this … This time, it's going to kill me. " Wu profound was immediately drenched in sweat, it did not look like he was pretending.

"Haha …" Wu profound you cowardly, let me tell you, if I don't kill you with this wine, at most I can just let you lie in bed for a year or so. " A tall and sturdy handsome young man said with a smile. His clothes had the design of an idol, and it should be part of the Celestial Phenomenon Sect.

"Drink it."

"Drink, drink."

The group of people jeered blindly, they were all here to watch the show, and there were even a few disciples who ridiculed Wu profound.

Wu profound finished the cup of wine in his hand, then laughed: "I drank it. Honestly speaking, your jar is too expensive, it's at least worth a billion, I'm not willing to drink it."

Ren Lingyi giggled with a mocking expression on her face, "Do you really think I would give you a drink? Even Qin profound doesn't dare to drink it all in one go …. This is a Dao crystal worth one and a half billion, it is my Qilin Sect's congratulatory gift to Flying Dragon City Lord. "

Wu profound frowned, and said: "Originally, I did not want to drink it, but after being provoked by you, I do want to try it. Even if I have to lie in bed for ten years, I will drink the gift that your Qilin door was prepared to give me."

"Oh, are you sure you're going to break after ten years of lying in bed?" Ren Lingyi laughed tenderly and looked towards Qin profound, who was not far away, "Qin profound originally planned to do the same, but he just drank a bowl and was unable to hold on any longer, he gave me a hundred million Dao crystal."

Wu profound was a little surprised: "I still need to give you the Dao crystal if I can't drink it."

"Of course, this Fireshine Dream Red is very useful. It contains the Qilin Law and Dao Energy, and the blood can also strengthen one's body. It will greatly overrun the body of a fire refiner. A bowl of 100 million isn't an exaggeration." One of them said, "If you are not strong enough and drink too much at once, you will be crippled even if you don't die."

Wu profound looked at Chen Xiang and said: "Can you drink it?"

Chen Xiang wanted to try it, but he did not expect Wu profound to actually ask him.

"Who is he? Look at his clothes …" "Is he your follower? But aren't you being too stingy? Your follower is dressed so poorly." A man dressed in phoenix robes said. This was a disciple of Phoenix Sect.

"He... He's not my follower, he's the grandson of a friend of my grandfather. Don't look at him, he's an extremely amazing Alchemist … Alchemist is something that you should all know about, since you all spend all your time hiding in your rooms, so naturally you do not pay much attention to what you are wearing. " Wu profound laughed.

Chen Xiang was startled, he had previously agreed to it with Wu profound, and said that he was a follower, why did it change now?

"Alchemist huh? He looks pretty young, and it's indeed rare. I just don't know how good his pill concocting skills are, in general, young Alchemist like him only knows how to use their skin." The disciples of the Phoenix Seat looked at Chen Xiang with disdain.

"I don't have much skill in pill forging, but I can still drink that much …" "Among the pill techniques that my master passed on to me, there is a method to use the body as the furnace. Although this vat is powerful, I can refine it using my own body as the pill furnace." Chen Xiang said.

"You must be bragging. How is it that I've never heard of such an incredible pill cultivating technique?"

"There are a lot of things you've never heard of." Wu profound patted Chen Xiang's shoulders and said: "Brother, let's just forget about it. This is a gift that the Qilin Master's elder had given to others. Although she has brought it out to show off, it is still a very precious thing.

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