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Chen Xiang was not afraid of clashing with Qin profound, but he was worried that Wu profound would be implicated because of this, so he stayed in his room the entire time. He did not go out, as he wanted to avoid provoking Qin profound.

Wu profound also didn't know what to do. After all, what had happened was already happening and his was limited, so he couldn't help Chen Xiang fight against Qin profound. During this period of time, he was also very conflicted, because after offending Qin profound, the consequences would be severe.

"What's wrong with you these few days? Don't you want to be like this?" It had been several days since Chen Xiang arrived at Wu profound's room, when they had a conflict during the last banquet.

This fellow is extremely vicious, I'm worried that he would do anything to get revenge on you. " Wu profound said: "How about this, you don't need to participate in the Flying Dragon Association, once the Flying Dragon Association begins, something will inevitably happen. If you leave now, it will be much safer …" At worst, I won't participate, and will hide with you for a while. "

Chen Xiang laughed and said: "I was worried about you. I came to find you with the intention of warning you not to join the Flying Dragon Association, so that you could hide away for a while."

"This... "I don't have anything to be afraid of. It's not a problem for me to protect myself, I'm actually worried about you." Wu profound said somewhat unhappily.

"Believe me, I'll be fine, don't you know that I killed his disciple right in front of Qin profound's eyes, and took an injured person with me when I ran off? Even he couldn't do anything to me, let alone the fact that I was still in the tenth stage of the Tai Dao realm at the time, I'm already in the Heaven realm now."

"Heaven realm."

Wu profound did not know that Chen Xiang had already stepped into the Heaven realm.

"It's just that I've just stepped into the Heaven realm. My current aura is still weak, so you didn't sense it." The aura emitted by the profound God that Chen Xiang had just opened was not very strong.

Under normal circumstances, people who were also from the Heaven realm would more or less be able to sense a bit of the other party's profound God's Qi, and from then on judge the other party's cultivation.

"You … I remember that not long ago, you were only at the tenth level of Tai Dao realm. Not long after that, you actually … This is unbelievable. " Wu profound was extremely shocked. He knew that Chen Xiang's pill refining skills were strong, but he knew that pills could not help a person break through during the stage of the Heaven realm.

"Alright, I believe you. You are always so astonishing. If your heart is bad, you will easily be scared to death." Wu profound wiped his sweat, he did not know what kind of person Chen Xiang was, he felt that Chen Xiang definitely did not have any background here, he did not even have a master.

Because Chen Xiang had previously asked him about the Heaven realm, if he had a master instructing him, he would have known about it since a long time ago, but Chen Xiang did not.

When he thought about how he managed to cultivate Chen Xiang all by himself, he couldn't help but shiver. This kind of person was simply a monster.

In the next few days, the huge ship was enveloped in an extremely heavy and tense atmosphere, because when Qin profound was here, the person who killed Qin profound's disciple was also here.

What was shocking was that Qin profound, who was usually decisive and ruthless, was actually able to hold back and did not make a move.

And then, under this atmosphere, everyone finally arrived at Center of Flying Dragon City.

At this time, the Center of Flying Dragon City was very lively. All the heroes on the 100th floor of the Flying Dragon Pagoda were gathered there, preparing to join the Flying Dragon Association.

"This is the Center of Flying Dragon City, no matter how strong Qin profound is, he would not dare make a move here, there are many experts from the 200 th floor who are in charge of organizing the Flying Dragon Association, no one would dare to cause trouble here." Wu profound was finally relieved.

He looked at Qin profound who had just walked off the boat. He did not understand why Qin profound did not make his move on the boat and did not have any chances to get here. Unless there were other programs during the convention that required participants to compete with each other, it was impossible for Qin profound to make his move on Chen Xiang.

Qin profound's face did not look good. Originally, Qin profound had a cold expression on all day, but now, it looked even worse. When children saw him, they would definitely be scared to the point of crying.

On the other hand, Chen Xiang was smiling all day without feeling any pressure at all.

Seeing Chen Xiang's candid smile, Wu profound suddenly understood why Qin profound did not make a move on the ship, because Qin profound did not have the confidence to kill Chen Xiang.

"Let's go." Wu profound said, then walked down the boat with Chen Xiang.

The other disciples stayed far away from Wu profound and Chen Xiang, because they were all afraid that Qin profound would hate them.

After getting off the boat, Wu profound led Chen Xiang to the residence area, which was profound Wu Dan Pavilion.

"This really is a place full of rich people." Chen Xiang saw that there were many people on the streets, the accessories on their bodies were all special, they were not gold or jade or anything similar, but Law beads s.

To wear a Law beads as an accessory would directly tell others about one's identity and status, and would allow one to show off more.

"That's right, he only has 1 billion yuan worth of jewelry on him, how can he not be worried about being targeted?" Wu profound had once been glorious, but he couldn't understand why this was so. He was very rich now, but he would never show it off like this.

Chen Xiang was even more so.

"Flight rule beads, spatial Law beads … It's actually just hanging on my waist. " Chen Xiang saw a youth in the distance and couldn't help but twitch his mouth.

"They are only one. Most of them do not have one, and the best way to show off is not to hang so many of these Law beads, but to cultivate more tens of billions of dao veins." Wu profound laughed. He was sure that Chen Xiang had two rare Dao Veins, Dragon Path Veins and Flying Dao Veins. This added up, it was worth sixty billion Dao crystal.

"Chen Xiang, you asked me to buy a spatial Law beads before. Could it be that you want to cultivate a spatial dao vein?" Wu profound asked. He had already brought Chen Xiang to the Center of Flying Dragon City.

Although Wu profound's elders lost their power and influence in profound Marital School, but a skinny camel is bigger than a horse. His family still have many forces, so this profound Wu Dan Pavilion belongs to his family.

"No, I was just researching. I wasted a lot of Dao crystal." Chen Xiang shook his head and sighed. He did not want others to know how powerful the spatial channels he cultivated were.

If others were to know that he had this kind of ultimate move, they would definitely be wary of him or find a way to deal with him. It would be disadvantageous to him.

Chen Xiang sat by the side of the bed, looking at the other side of the street, suddenly seeing a familiar figure, his face changed greatly.

"What's wrong?" Wu profound asked anxiously. When Qin profound was angry, Chen Xiang did not have such an expression.

"Old enemy." Just then, he had seen the people inside the Myriad Tao City who were possessed by the Evil Soul, and one of them was Xue Yunxiong and Xue Qing.

These Evil Soul s actually came to this place.

"These Evil Soul armies... I wonder what is he doing here, could it be that he wants to participate in the Flying Dragon Association selection? " Chen Xiang pointed at the people in the distance: "Wu profound, have you heard of the Evil Soul inside the Myriad Tao Mausoleum?"

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