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Chapter 148: Feng Lixin is fake

Actually, Xueluo understood it very clearly: This kind of relationship was not only humble, but also one filled with shamelessness.

If word of this got out, she, Lin Xueluo, and the Feng Brothers would definitely be condemned by the heavens. And she, Lin Xueluo, was the main culprit! There will always be notoriety.

She, Lin Xueluo, deserved her death, but if it involved Feng Brothers, then she would be the one who deserved it!

"Duo Duo, you're thinking too much. These kiss scars were really left by my Lixin. Other than the surface of Lixin's body being burnt, my family's health is still very good. " Xueluo said indifferently. She would never admit to anyone that she had cheated on Feng Xinglang.

Yuan Duoduo stared at Lin Xueluo who refused to admit it even if he died, and let out a long sigh, "Fine! You have the right to preserve your emotional privacy! Don't be sad, I won't ask. I'll just pretend that I didn't see anything and don't know anything! "

This concerned the face of the Feng Family, and even if Xueluo died, he would not admit it, so it was inconvenient for him to continue this line of questioning and evaluation. Feng Family was an illustrious family in the Shen City, so he could not allow gossip and slander.

"Duo Duo, I'm sorry, I … …" Xueluo said apologetically. Yuan Duoduo treated her as a good friend, but she couldn't tell her the truth.

"Xueluo, don't say that, I know the seriousness of the situation! But you also have to protect yourself. If there is really any gossip, at most, everyone will just say that Feng Xinglang is an elegant and elegant man, I am afraid you, Lin Xueluo … " Yuan Duoduo swallowed back his words.

In fact, she wanted to remind Xueluo: If something bad were to happen, Feng Xinglang would at most act like a playboy. Nowadays, the common folk liked to pick on the soft persimmon!

"Duo Duo, thank you. I understand. It's almost time for class. Hurry up and go wash up. "

Xueluo arranged his collar, took out a silk scarf from Yuan Duoduo and wrapped it around his neck, hiding the kiss marks.

Looking at the red marks the man made on his body, Xueluo wished that he could not fall in love with him. However, there was one thing that was incomparably clear in Xueluo's heart: If he did not cut through this mess quickly, he would drown in the abyss where Feng Xinglang was bewitching him and he would not be able to save himself!

Just as he left the girls' dormitory area, a figure suddenly appeared behind a lush wutong tree. It was Fang Yiyan.

Seeing that, Yuan Duoduo hurriedly stepped forward, blocking in between Fang Yi Yan and Lin Xueluo: "Fang Yi Yan, what are you trying to do now? Xueluo is already married to someone else, how are you going to pester her? "

Xueluo was in a very bad mood today. She really didn't want to argue or explain anything to Fang Yi Yan. At the same time, she understood that Fang Yi not only treated her as his girlfriend, but also a lot of their friendship.

"Duo Duo, I'm not here to bother Xueluo. I really have something to say to Xueluo." Fang Yi Yan explained tiredly.

His eyes were clearly bloodshot from staying up late. The normally refined him had actually become unkempt. There were many differences between him and the literary young man.

"What do you have to say to me?" Yuan Duoduo was still in between Fang Yi and Lin Xueluo, and then, he turned to Xueluo, who was behind him, and reminded him, "Xueluo, you go to the lecture theater first. I'll stop him. "

Xueluo was not in the mood to explain anything to Fang Yi Yan today. He nodded silently, turned around, and started to walk around the flower garden.

"Lin Xueluo, I feel that this matter is more important than your lessons!" Fang Yi Yan waved the newspaper in his hands towards Xueluo.

There were two newspapers. Xueluo had seen all of them before. One of the newspaper was a little old, and on it was the one that Feng Lixin had been sneakily photographed a few months ago when he was in the hospital for emergency treatment. The other one was the one that Xueluo saw when he went to Xia Family to meet Xia Yiqin for their blind date. That was the scene from when she helped Feng Lixin organize the wind repellent at the school's gate. She still had one in her handbag.

From Fang Yi's manner, it seemed like he did not want to grumble and ask her why she wanted to marry Feng Xinglang. The two newspapers in his hands caught Xueluo's attention.

Seeing that Xueluo had stopped in his tracks, Fang Yi continued: "Xueluo, could it be that you never suspected that your husband, Feng Lixin, was very strange? If you want to clear your mind, come with me. "

Finished speaking, Fang Yi did not continue to pull on Yuan Duoduo, but turned and left.

Fang Yi's words immediately made Xueluo decide to chase after him.

"Duo Duo, you go to the lecture theater first. I'll be there in a bit." Xueluo gave the textbooks in his arms to Yuan Duoduo. He chased after Fang Yiyan, who was about ten meters in front.

"Xueluo... Xueluo... Be careful. "Protect yourself well." Yuan Duoduo anxiously reminded Lin Xueluo.

Xueluo had never worried about his own safety when he was with Fang Yi. If anything happened, or it wasn't safe, it would have happened in two years. Fang Yiyan always respected her.

Xueluo chased after him, following Fang Yiyan's footsteps all the way to the English corner of the school's south district. It was almost time for class, and there weren't many people inside. Fang Yiyan had always been one of the people in charge of English Corner.

"Fang Yiyan, what are you trying to tell me?" Xueluo finally caught up to Fang Yiyan's footsteps. He was already panting heavily.

"Xueluo, tell me honestly, have you ever seen the real Feng Lixin?" Fang Yiyan turned around and asked seriously.

This sudden sentence of his really stunned Xueluo: Of course I've seen Feng Lixin before! But why did Fang Yi emphasize the word 'true' so heavily?

The feedback to Xueluo was: Could it be that the Feng Lixin that I have seen is not the real Feng Lixin? How could this be possible!?

"Of course I've seen Feng Lixin before!" Xueluo answered Fang Yi Yan's question with an affirmative tone.

"The one who picked you up at the school gate on Friday afternoon?" Fang Yi questioned him once more.

"Yes!" It's Feng Lixin! " Xueluo confidently added: "My husband, Feng Lixin!"

A strange smile appeared on Fang Yi's lips. He stared deeply into Xueluo's eyes, and then said word by word: "Unfortunately, that person is not Feng Lixin!"

Xueluo was severely shocked, and even his words started to tremble, "Fang Yiyan, what did you say? That person … That person was not Feng Lixin? "How is that possible?"

Then, Xueluo laughed coldly, "How could I not recognize my own husband? Fang Yiyan, thank you for your good will! I'm going to class. Goodbye. "

Xueluo wanted to leave, because Fang Yi's words were just too unbelievable. If the man on the wheelchair wasn't Feng Lixin, then who else could it be? Could it be that someone was going to pretend that Feng Lixin was so angry that he looked completely different and come to pick her up after school?

"Xueluo!" Fang Yi stopped Xueluo who was about to leave, "If I didn't have sufficient evidence, I wouldn't have said such irresponsible words!"

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