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Chapter 501: Wife, you've worked hard! ( supplement)

When Xueluo returned to the Shallow Water Bay from Yuan Duoduo's place, it was already the afternoon of the second day.

Just as he entered the villa, he saw his son, Linnuo's, Chinese teacher's face covered with dirt. There was no need to ask, this Chinese teacher must have been completely tricked by his son Linnuo!

Xueluo bade farewell to his teacher, ashamed.

I really don't know who my son inherited his naughtiness from!

When they were in the Pater Castle, those home tutors would usually teach them a lesson, and their son would even be able to learn and play seventy percent of the time.

Ever since he returned to the Shen City, the little guy was not used to this kind of teaching method;

If not for Xueluo's repeated requests, Hetun never would have thought to find some kind of tutor for Xiao Wu.

The Hetun himself was a big and coarse person, he did not expect Yue Yang to educate the little fellow into a courteous and courteous person.

"Kiss your mother … Why did you only just come back, your son will definitely miss you! "

Linnuo ran down from the study room upstairs and rushed towards his mother.

This time, Xueluo did not pamper his son, Linnuo, and instead pulled away the hands he used to hug her waist.

"Linnuo, stand properly for me! Mommy has something to say to you! "

"What's wrong with kissing Mommy? How can you be so mean to your own son? "

The little guy was acting cute and obedient. She continuously rubbed her face against Xueluo's leg.

"Linnuo! Why don't you respect your teacher? "

Xueluo asked. For this problem, it was not that Xueluo had never been gentle, but his son Linnuo had never listened to him, and continued to do as he was told.

"At the beginning of the day, when a person's appearance is as big as the hood of a carriage, or in the middle of the day, a person's appearance is like a plate. The person who is not far away but near is the person who is close to you?"

"The beginning of the day is cool, and the middle of the day is like a soup. Is it cool for those who are not near, but far away?"

"Even Grandpa Kong Zi himself doesn't understand. Why am I still learning from him?"


Xueluo was at a loss for words: This Chinese teacher is really something, it's not good to learn 'Kong Rong let the pear blossom', 'Cheng Men let the snow snow snow' and so on, but what Confucius and Mencius, it's strange for the little guy to be interested!

"This is not the reason for you disrespecting your teacher! "When teacher arrives tomorrow, remember to apologize to teacher first!"

Before Xueluo could finish teaching his son, Hetun's voice came out from the gym:

"Fifteen, come over here. Your foster father has modified the crossbow for you. You can shoot out two arrows at the same time."


"..." Xueluo was truly speechless.

With Hetun's protection, pampering, violence, and brutal nurturing, Xueluo was really worried about how his son would become in the future.

Xueluo's heart was in a mess.

However, the ringing of her cellphone made her even more confused!

Xueluo stared at the phone number for more than a minute, until it rang for the second round.

Vaguely, she seemed to realize who was calling.

Xueluo closed his room's door, and connected the call. The dissolution of Ferrari, as her son called it, more or less tugged at her heart. Perhaps the flowing water was ruthless, but the falling flower … In the end, it was Luo Hua who was too cheap!

"Hello, who is this?" Xueluo asked indifferently.

"It's me!" Feng Xinglang! "

Feng Xinglang's deep and gentle voice came out from the phone. It was no longer as overbearing and arrogant as it was before, but instead had an indescribable magnetism.

"I don't know him!"

Xueluo immediately cut off the call.

Do you have a grudge with that bastard man? Alright, he was too childish again!

He clearly knew why the man called, yet he still played this retarded game with him?

However, from the man's voice, he should still be alive; there were no signs of death.

Enough! Isn't it?

His phone rang again! Furthermore, the insistence continued to ring out, one that did not falter for a long time!

Xueluo picked up the phone again and roared: "Feng Xinglang, what are you doing? "Please don't bother me anymore!"

"Don't hang up!"

The man's low, pleading voice made Xueluo's anger drop by half.

"Wife, thank you for giving me a son, Linnuo. I've seen him, and he's handsome. "Like me!"

The man's voice seemed to be infected by magic, causing Xueluo to be unwilling to cut off his words as he listened.

"Wife? Hehe, Feng Xinglang, who do you call your wife? "

Xueluo scoffed, "Sorry! I, Lin Xueluo, am not your wife anymore! No! It's me, Lin Xueluo, who has never been your, Feng Xinglang's, wife! Stop shouting so arrogantly! "

"Also!" My son Linnuo has no relation to you! He's mine! It's all mine, Lin Xueluo's! Do you understand? "

Even Xueluo did not expect that his own anger would be so intense!

She thought that after five years, she had already put down her grudge and hatred with Feng Xinglang! However, he didn't expect that he still couldn't let it go when he was faced with it again.

"Wife, you've worked hard!"

Feng Xinglang's following words immediately made him want to cry.

"Feng Xinglang, f * ck off! Are you lying? How do you have the face to say that? "

"Carry Lan Youyou and your daughter and live your lives! You bastard who killed a thousand times! "

Xueluo couldn't help but cry out. The cursing of Feng Xinglang became more and more unpleasant to listen to.

But Feng Xinglang was quietly listening to Xueluo's catharsis. From every word she spoke, he could sense the grievances and hardships she had endured over the years.

After he finished cursing, Xueluo hung up.

Then he fell onto the ground and didn't move for a long time. His thoughts seemed to have been pulled away as he reminisced about the past.

It had to be said that this man was truly submissive for the sake of his children! He called her his wife?

What did she, Lin Xueluo, count in his eyes?

Just thinking about it made him feel sarcastic!

Ever since the day he had married into the Feng Family, had Feng Xinglang ever really looked at her?

He tried testing again and again, deceived again and again, insulted again and again …

He knew that he had safely given birth to his child, yet he shamelessly called her his wife?

What have you been doing?

Just thinking about it made him feel infuriated!

He really had a lot of face!

"Mommy... Kiss your mother … Your biological son is back! "

After's anger was almost gone, the little guy walked in, holding a plate of sweet potato pancakes that Lin Xueluo's mother liked and licking her face.

"A potato pancake just came out of the oven. Kiss your mommy and have a try."

The little guy acted cute and raised the plate in front of Ma Mi Xueluo.

The absent-minded Xueluo hurriedly wiped away the tears on his face. He picked up a piece of potato pancake and placed it in his mouth, trying his best to conceal his emotions.

"Kiss your mother and you're crying? "Don't, please don't. Your son knows his wrongs, so he will apologize to teacher tomorrow!"

The little guy had just finished admitting his wrongs when the phone beside him rang.

"Don't answer it!"

Xueluo bellowed.

However, he was still a step too late. The little fellow had already picked up the phone and opened up the answer button …

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