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Chapter 417: You dare to play scheming with me?

Xueluo clearly knew that the activation of this tracker meant that someone had discovered her hiding place.

Regardless of whether it was Cong Gang who saved Feng Xinglang or the Butler Mo, at least Xueluo was no longer feeling helpless, and now she had hope.

Xueluo had hoped even more that the one who would save her would be Cong Gang.

Someone who could save Feng Xinglang from the Hetun, could naturally also easily save her from Lan Youyou and Subakui.

Xueluo was worried that if it was the Butler Mo that came, he wouldn't be able to beat the cold-blooded Subakui.

But, how did Lan Youyou know that she had a tracker on her?

If Xueluo found out that it was Ye Xiaonian who accidentally exposed himself to Lan Youyou, she would really let Feng Xinglang teach him a lesson for his greed.

He and the little boy in his stomach were one dead and two alive! Could it be that it's even more important than him taking the girl for a living?

Xueluo forced himself to calm down. If the tracker was activated, that meant Cong Gang and the others had discovered him.

Therefore, stalling for time was the most important thing to do.

"Lan Youyou, why are you so crazy now? If you can't find Feng Xinglang's whereabouts, you can't vent your anger on me either. "

Xueluo calmly reached his hand out, wanting to take out another piece of pizza from the box.

"Lin Xueluo, you slut! You actually dare to play scheming with me? "

Lan Youyou waved his hand and directly flipped the entire box of pizzas over.

"Subakui, strip this woman's clothes off! I want to see where else she can hide! "

The enraged Lan Youyou was heartless: she actually wanted a man to take care of all of Xueluo's clothes.

Subakui was just an obedient machine. Normally, he would listen to and do whatever Lan Youyou said.

He walked towards Xueluo; Xueluo instinctively shifted his body.

"Don't come near me!"

Xueluo yelled as he picked up a simple chair to the side and smashed it onto Subakui's head.

But she never thought that Subakui would actually not dodge at all, and actually used her own head to block the chair that Xueluo smashed towards her.

The chair instantly cracked into pieces, but Subakui's head remained unharmed.

Just as Xueluo was stunned, a ripping sound came out as the upper half of Xueluo's crew uniform was ripped off.

Fortunately, Xueluo was still wearing his knitted skirt, otherwise, revealing his true colors during the Spring Festival Gala would definitely be a surprise.

"Continue to tear!" Hurry up! Feng Xinglang and Yan Bang are about to rush over!

Lan Youyou rushed forward and tore off Xueluo's clothes together with him.

Feng Xinglang and Yan Bang?

Feng Xinglang would also come? He … Was he out of danger?

Before Xueluo could rejoice to himself, his crew pants were ripped off by Subakui.

Thus, Lan Youyou saw the tracking device that flickered with a weak red light inside Xueluo's stockings.

Because of the dim light in the underground parking lot, the red light was even more clearly visible. When Cong Gang struck its biceps, it would not emit light, but Xueluo could only hide on the surface of his body.

Xueluo knew what it meant when Lan Youyou found out about the tracker. She had had enough of the inhuman days when she was imprisoned like an animal.

Therefore, Xueluo took a step forward, grabbed the tracer from the silk stockings into his palm, and threw it into his mouth.

Xueluo didn't know what kind of adverse reactions she would get after eating this tracker, but at this moment, she couldn't care less.

"Stop her! This slut wants to swallow the tracker! "

Lan Youyou roared.

Xueluo's tracker had just been put into his mouth, and before he even had the chance to swallow, Subakui had already slashed his hand across the back of Xueluo's neck.

Xueluo was almost knocked unconscious by Subakui's blade; the tracker in her mouth also reflexively flew out of her mouth.

Lan Youyou immediately went up and picked up the tracker that rolled on the concrete floor, and even wrapped it with a tissue in disgust.

Seemingly unable to resolve his hatred, Lan Youyou pulled out a spear from Subakui's body and pointed it at his head.

"Slut!" You dare to play tricks on me? You want to die so badly with that little bastard in your stomach? "

At this moment, Xueluo was afraid, even more so.

She knew that Lan Youyou's viciousness was the kind of willful recklessness that would disregard the consequences whenever he was angry.

"Lan Youyou, you can't kill me! Feng Xinglang already knows that I am in your hands and that his child has been beaten to death by you.

No matter what, Xueluo would always use this' Feng Xinglang 'to stimulate that last bit of conviction and fantasy in the bottom of Lan Youyou's heart.

"How dare you talk back? I let you talk back. I'll let you talk back! "

Lan Youyou repeatedly smashed the butt of the spear onto Xueluo's forehead a few times, until it became a bloody mess in front of Xueluo's forehead.

Xueluo tried his best to snatch the spear from Lan Youyou's hands, but he was pulled away by Subakui's brute force.

"Subakui, take this tracking device and drive my Maserati towards the shallow end, luring Feng Xinglang and Yan Bang away. I will drive this woman away in your car!"

As expected of the adopted daughter of the Battle Family, Lan Youyou's way of thinking was extremely sharp compared to her anti-reconnaissance consciousness.

"No …" No …. Let me go! "

The only thing Xueluo could do was stall for time as the tracker was still around her.

But in the end, Xueluo's struggles and struggles were still unable to overcome Subakui's violence. The blade that was at the back of Xueluo's neck just now made Xueluo's entire body weak.

It had to be said that this Subakui was extremely vicious. They did not even see Xueluo as a living person.

Once again, Xueluo's hands and legs were bound, and his mouth was sealed as he was thrown into the trunk.

Only last time it had been Maserati's trunk, this time it had been the trunk of an SUV.

Subakui then brought along the tracking device and drove Lan Youyou's Maserati towards the direction of the Shallow Water Bay.

Half an hour later, all of the warehouses at Shallow Water Bay's pier were surrounded by Yan Bang's men.

As for Yan Bang and Feng Xinglang, they continued to track the direction the tracker was escaping in.

Just as Yan Bang's Bugatti caught up to the Maserati sedan, the Old Four and the Bugatti who had been hiding inside the Shallow Water Bay instantly flanked and attacked Yan Bang.

But this attack did not last long. Yan Bang's men immediately rushed over.

Subakui abandoned Maserati and escaped in the direction of Old Four and the anti-riot vehicle.

When Subakui left, he didn't take anyone with him.

Vaguely, Feng Xinglang realized that he had been tricked by Lan Youyou.

Sure enough, they only found the tracking device inside the abandoned Maserati. However, they didn't find any trace of Xueluo.

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