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Chapter 451 - You will know once you go to Feng Family to take a look

When Hetun asked this question of Lil Thing, he could tell that it was on purpose.

Thinking about it, yes, how could he not know about everything that had happened in Shen City?

Whether it was the Feng Brothers, Lan Youyou, or the unknown Feng Tuantuan, they were all within the knowledge of the Hetun.

Therefore, he could foresee that coming to Shen City this time would not necessarily be a pleasant journey to find his father.

It was obvious from the fact that the little guy had just cried in his mother's arms.

When Hetun asked this question, the already nervous Xueluo's heart instantly leaped into his throat.

She could not help but think: Would the tears her son Linnuo was crying have anything to do with him?

Hetun and Xueluo were both waiting for Linnuo's little friend's answer.

However, the little thing stopped crying and then shook its head.

"I can't find it!" He didn't want to look for it either! Godfather, bring me and Mommy back to Pater Castle! "

The little guy sniffed himself, "After 15 years, I will obediently train and listen to my foster father's words … Father, can you not lock my mother up so that she can leave the Pater Castle? "

His son Linnuo's words, made Lin Xueluo instantly shed tears.

Vaguely, Xueluo felt that his son Linnuo must have seen or heard something, something that he shouldn't have heard or seen.

"Since we're already here, let's just stay in Shen City for a few more days! Shen City is your mother's homeland. She must want to walk around a lot. "

Hetun said meaningfully as he kissed the little fellow on the forehead.

It was only then that Xueluo realized: The Hetun bringing the mother and son pair back to the Shen City was all part of his plan.

It wasn't because of his kindness.

And his son Linnuo's wish, was only a method for Hetun to carry out his scheme.

Xueluo remembered that when she escaped from the Pater Castle five years ago, she asked the Hetun: Why did he imprison her in the Pater Castle?

Hetun said at that time: I don't want to tell you now! Waiting … Five years from now!

And now, five years later!

Xueluo was at a loss for a moment.

Was it to let the Hetun bring the mother and son back to the Pater Castle and continue living under someone else's roof?

Xueluo thought about his own childhood, how he was raised in his uncle Xia Zhengyang's home, and what kind of life he had to live. She really didn't want her child to have the same fate as herself.

If they didn't return to the Pater Castle, then where could he and his son go? How could he resist the restrictions and restrictions of the Hetun?

One had to seize every opportunity one had.

"Nuonuo, your foster father is right: Shen City is Mommy's homeland. Mommy really wants to stay in Shen City for a few more days."

At least, staying in the Shen City was better than returning to it, and it had a better chance of escaping.

The little fellow meekly nodded in agreement. Because wherever Mommy was, he was there.

And there was a little bit of unwillingness in the little guy's heart. Or perhaps it was because of mother, Lin Xueluo.

That bad guy must have forgotten Mommy and him, so he had another child with another woman!

The little guy no longer wanted to call Feng Xinglang daddy in his heart anymore!

At the dinner table, there were only the Hetun and Xueluo. Even Xing Shi'er did not know where he went.

Xueluo kept on paying attention to Xing Shi'er's figure from time to time.

It was impossible for Xing Shi'er to let a child who was only five years old wander around Shen City by himself to find his father;

Sensing her son's deep sadness, as well as his sullen expression, which made her extremely reluctant to speak, Xueluo could not bear to ask any further questions. She wanted to get more direct and comprehensive information from Xing Shi'er.

"Fifteen, why aren't you eating?" Doesn't fit in, does it? My foster father went to the cook and did it again. "

Hetun's doting towards Little Fifteen was not only manifested in his usual closeness and companionship, but also in the small details of his daily life. He would always pay attention to the little guy's food and sleep.

"Nuonuo, this Eastern Slope Meat is delicious, try it. It's not much worse than the taste in the Pater Castle. "

Xueluo really didn't want to see the innocent chefs laboring and starting anew just because his son didn't have any appetite.

The little fellow reluctantly opened its mouth and took a small bite.

Afraid that the little fellow would be bored, Xueluo fed it another bowl of rice.

"Mommy, eat. Nuonuo can eat it herself. "

The little guy didn't want to worry Mommy Xueluo, so he picked up the small bowl and spoon and started to eat.

Whatever the Hetun gave him, the little guy would eat.

It was as if there was no longer the usual haughty, picky, quarreling.

He didn't know why, but perhaps it was due to the little fellow's sullen expression and lack of appetite that caught his attention, Hetun had no appetite for dinner at all.

"Fifteen, if you don't want to eat, then don't. Go for a ride with your godfather. "

In the Shen City, one could not ride a horse; one could only use a mechanical iron shell to replace a horse.

While talking, Hetun had already reached out his iron arms to carry Xiao Wu, and walked out of the villa.

"Be careful on the way."

Xueluo knew that he wouldn't be able to stop Hetun. Rather than saying a bunch of useless nonsense, it was better to just remain silent.

After hearing the engine sound of the car leaving, Xueluo immediately put down his cutlery and went to look for Xing Shi'er.

It was a pity that even after searching through the entire villa, he could not find any trace of Xing Shi'er.

This place was the same as the Pater Castle, Xueluo still did not have any communication device to contact the outside world.

After waiting for more than an hour, Xueluo finally returned to the villa.

Xing Shi'er had come back to eat. While we're at it, look at Little Fifteen.

Xueluo did not ask in a hurry, but helped the chef heat up the food once again.

In Xueluo's eyes, Xing Shi'er was just a big brother who cared and cared for his son. She had almost never thought of Xing Shi'er as the ruthless executioner.

"What about fifteen?"

Xing Shi'er asked while eating.

"Your foster father took me for a ride."

Xueluo responded to Xing Shi'er's question.

"Oh right, Twelfth, where did you take Fifteen today?" "Little Jun has been sulking, and your foster father has not been happy about it."

Xueluo's way of speaking had always been gentle and gentle. There is no feeling of resistance or unwillingness to answer.

"Just depressed?"

Xing Shi'er was startled, I thought that the little thing would cry when it saw you! It's probably because I cried for too long during the day, so I don't have any tears to cry at night! "

After saying this, Xing Shi'er seemed to have realized this: I seem to have promised this little thing that I would keep a secret!

"What?" Nuonuo cried for a long time in the day? He … Why is he crying? "

Xueluo became nervous once again.

Xing Shi'er glanced at the extremely nervous Lin Xueluo and said indifferently:

"Why don't you go to the Feng Family and take a look yourself? You are free to go in and out of this place. "

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