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Chapter 520: In a ruthless and barbaric manner!

The little friend Linnuo was indeed establishing a relationship with his father, Feng Xinglang.

In a violent and unreasonable way!

The little thing had already ruthlessly bitten off the back of Feng Xinglang's hand and wrist a few times, but Feng Xinglang didn't have the slightest intention to let go of the little guy.

From the teahouse to the GK VCs, and from the GK VCs to the Feng Family.

Originally, Feng Xinglang wanted Feng Lixin to bring Wu Guike back to the Feng Family. However, Little Bun had to keep following little brother Linnuo. Furthermore, Feng Lixin was also very worried about how long this father and son duo would have to keep at it, and would follow them the entire way, acting as their mediator.

In the spacious Mercedes-Benz, was holding a small ball in his arms. His bright eyes shone as he glanced at Linnuo's little friend from time to time.

Compared to the cuddly, very cute and sweet little ball of blood that was cuddled in Feng Lixin's arms, Linnuo's little friend had goosebumps all over his body.

Feng Xinglang's hand that was reaching towards his face was mercilessly opened by the little guy.

Touch again, hit again;

Keep touching, keep fighting!

However, Feng Xinglang's persistence had completely exceeded the imagination of Linnuo's little friend, and after he opened it countless of times, Feng Xinglang came over again.

Unable to bear it any longer, the little fellow bit onto the back of Feng Xinglang's hand. The bite was not heavy, but it was not light either. The wound was faint. However, it was not to the point where blood would flow.

In the end, it was still a victory. Feng Xinglang had successfully touched the little fellow's face.

He could touch it, but he wouldn't lose a piece of meat! The little fellow seemed to be tired of making a ruckus, as if it was yawning non-stop.

From time to time, the little guy would force himself to open his sleepy eyes and take a peek outside the window.

The little guy was still thinking about running away and Mommy to get reinforcements. My foster father dotes on him so much, so he should bring Old Tweleve and the others over to eliminate Feng Xinglang soon.

"Papa, is big brother going to stay with us tonight?"

Feng Xiao Pan asked Feng Lixin with his weak voice. Her large watery eyes were filled with joy. Although little big brother didn't really like her, but little big brother was still very happy to be able to go home with her.

Feng Lixin lightly pecked her daughter on the forehead, and patiently and good-naturedly whispered, "Our home, is also little big brother's home! Little big brother is family with the group! From today onwards, you and Big Brother Nuonuo will be in love, understand? "

Feng Xiaozhen nodded his head obediently. He paused, then raised his head and asked: "Does this mean that we can kiss each other, and Big Brother Nuonuo can also kiss each other?"

In the cutie's understanding, a blind date was the same as kissing each other's lips!

Feng Lixin laughed, "I guess so."

"But Mommy said: you can't kiss people." The little cutie was somewhat conflicted.

"Big Brother Nuonuo is from the same family as Bound Boat … It's not a random kiss. "

Feng Lixin pecked her daughter's face lovingly.

Little friend Linnuo was not interested in any 'mutual love'. He was only interested in when his foster father would come to save him.

"Tell Dad, what are you thinking?"

Feng Xinglang tightly embraced his own son, and used his chin to lightly rub the little fellow's head.

"None of your business!" The little guy still rejected Feng Xinglang's question.

"I don't care who cares? I'm your father. Your only father! "

Feng Xinglang said in satisfaction. With a slight hint of arrogance.

"Is daddy that amazing?"

The little guy gave Feng Xinglang a cold glare.

"Of course it's amazing! You're not like Zhang San, you're not like Li Si, you're just like me! Your only father! "

With his own son in his arms, the more Feng Xinglang spoke, the more energy he felt from his words. He could see that he was grateful for his son's recovery.

"Little papa, Bound Boat looks like you too."

Feng Xiaozhong seemed to have become a little jealous. "Hualala!" "Hualhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Feng Xinglang's brows furrowed slightly. He did not directly answer but looked towards his big brother Feng Lixin.

Feng Lixin slightly raised his daughter's childish and sweet face, "Isn't it good for the guild leader to be like a big papa?"

"But Pan also wants to look like little big brother, like little papa."

Little Princess Feng Xiao didn't understand the meaning behind her birth parents' words. She was so childish that she thought she could easily choose who she looked like.

"Why?" Feng Lixin asked.

"Because... It's because I like little big brother. "

The cute girl was a little embarrassed, and immediately buried her head into Feng Lixin's embrace after she finished speaking.


"Mommy... Mommy. Little big brother is here... "Little big brother is here..."

Feng XIao ran into the Feng Family's living room as if he was a little milk. He couldn't wait to tell this' joyous news' to his mother, Lan Youyou.

Lan Youyou closed a new makeup magazine that was published in his workshop, opening his arms wide and grabbing his daughter who was flying towards him.

"What little big brother?" Didn't you go to work with you? "

There were indeed a few little boys around the same age as Little Princess Feng in this villa. It was just that Lan Youyou didn't want his daughter to play with them.

When Lan Youyou saw Linnuo, who was being forcefully pulled into the Feng Family's living room by Feng Xinglang, she finally realized who the "little big brother" her daughter was referring to.

Lan Youyou was shocked. Feng Xinglang actually got Xiao Ye back from the Hetun?

This, this is impossible! With the Hetun's strength, how could he let Feng Xinglang bring the foster son that he had painstakingly raised back home?

And behind Feng Xinglang, there was no one following those from Xing Ba's side!

"Little big brother, little big brother, this is a group of mommy, the most beautiful mommy. You can call her Mommy too! "

Feng Little Squad was very enthusiastic. He was so passionate that he was willing to share his own mother and brother.

"I have my own mommy! I don't care about your mommy! "

Linnuo coldly snorted. A tyrannical demeanor of a little shota.

"Hey, Nuonuo is back? Quick, let Grandma An see … "

Hearing that, the Nanny An rushed out of the kitchen. When he saw the living Linnuo, he was extremely happy.

Towards the sudden display of enthusiasm from strangers, Linnuo's little friend was rejected.

This little fellow's intelligence was more than enough, his EQ still needed to be developed.

"Feng Xinglang, why did you bring him back?"

Lan Youyou asked almost instinctively. Although this question made her appear very clumsy.

Feng Xinglang glanced at Lan Youyou with cold eyes and asked sinisterly:

"He's my own son. Why do you think I brought him back?"

Feng Xinglang's ear-piercing words made Lan Youyou feel uncomfortable.

"Feng Xinglang, don't forget, you already have a daughter, Feng Tuantuan!"

Lan Youyou announced her and her daughter's important status in this family with the attitude of a mistress.

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