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Chapter 227: Girls nowadays are hard to coax!

Looking at the woman's red face, Feng Xinglang's handsome face was filled with an evil and playful smile.

"Such a shy appearance really makes one want to viciously crush you!"

Feng Xinglang didn't deliberately conceal his own body, and would occasionally let his own body do as he pleased. "It's just that there's one more spectator today." Feng Xinglang, can you put on your clothes first? "

Xueluo really couldn't stand being honest with a man like that. Although it was not his first time seeing him act this way, Xueluo still felt embarrassed to raise her eyes and look at him, even if it was just a glance.

Two light knocks came from the door of the lounge. It didn't disturb the people inside but it served as a reminder.

"Come in." Feng Xinglang replied in a low voice.

What? Come in? This man was completely naked. Did he want someone from the outside to come in?

In Xueluo's state of shock, the door opened, and then automatically closed.

Xueluo recognised the woman who entered. She was one of Feng Xinglang's secretaries, Nina. As for whether there was a deeper relationship, perhaps only the two of them knew.

From the fact that a man was able to calmly face the incoming Nina, it was obvious that their relationship was not ordinary.

On the other hand, Feng Xinglang didn't seem to feel the slightest bit of shyness at the existence of Nina.

Perhaps in the eyes of this man, being seen naked by a woman was something he was used to.

Xueluo remembered back then at the Feng Family, when this man clearly knew that the one who was standing outside was her, Lin Xueluo. However, the moment she entered, he was also this undisguised.

Was this man crazy?

"Good morning President Feng. Good morning, Madame Feng. "

Nina is more gracious. When she saw Feng Xinglang's naked body, she didn't have the slightest shyness to do anything;

These two were truly two amazing figures!

To be honest, at this moment, Xueluo was so ashamed that he wanted to escape. She really did not think that Feng Xinglang would actually be able to so brazenly let a stranger in.

Okay, maybe in Xueluo's opinion, Nina was indeed a stranger, but this Nina and Feng Xinglang's relationship might already be close to the point where she was alone.

The "morning Madame Feng" caused Xueluo's entire body to be shrouded in a deep sense of guilt.

Feng Lixin's wife had appeared in his brother Feng Xinglang's resting room. Furthermore, the man still acted so shamelessly.

Xueluo felt that if he did not put on the mask now, he would never be able to go out!

She lowered her head to reduce the feeling of her own existence. She was on the verge of losing her face.

Nina took out a nightgown from the closet and draped it over Feng Xinglang's shoulders.

His gaze swept across Feng Xinglang and teasingly asked: "President Feng, you didn't do anything last night?"

Just with a quick glance, she was able to tell that Feng Xinglang and Lin Xueluo did not do anything intimate with each other last night.

"You can see that?" Feng Xinglang seemed to be helpless as he ridiculed, "It's not easy to coax young ladies now!"

"Why didn't Overlord force his way in? It's really rare for you to be so protective of a woman. "

The woman called Nina smiled flirtatiously and gently tied up the belt on Feng Xinglang's waist that was as smooth as water.

"If you say it like that, Madame Feng will misunderstand!" Feng Xinglang said meaningfully.

He simply treated her as a transparent person! How dare he talk about such domineering and heart-rending joke in front of her?

Xueluo couldn't help but think about it. Isn't this Nina too familiar with Feng Xinglang?

From work to body!

"Madame Feng has asked me to prepare some clothes for you. Try them on. I believe in President Feng's eyesight. This set of clothes definitely suits you! It's all washed and dried, so you can wear it without worry. "

After Feng Xinglang was done, Nina brought the exquisite paper bag over and placed it in front of Xueluo.

Was this clothes for him? Xueluo was startled for a moment, and instinctively extended his hand to receive it. It would be great if he had a woman's outfit. It was much better than if he was wearing this nondescript man's robe and going out the door.

"Thank you." Although he was embarrassed, Xueluo still thanked him.

"No need to thank me." Nina's professional smile.

"President Feng, your breakfast with Madame Feng has been prepared. Is it for you? Still eating at the bar? "

"Send them in." Feng Xinglang humphed in agreement.

Nor would a woman be generous enough to go to the bar with him.

"Oh right, President Feng, Assistant Ye will be here at 8."


The soft waist wool cardigan, the casual and comfortable Harlem pants, and even the upper body and lower body parts had just fit together. Xueluo really liked this set of clothes.

It was not as agile and old-fashioned as a professional female outfit, nor as childish and casual as a student costume.

"Nina has good eyesight, this outfit suits you very well."

After Xueluo finished dressing himself, Feng Xinglang then slowly walked into the locker room. He warmly opened his arms and wrapped them around Xueluo's waist.

Xueluo instinctively wanted to dodge, but he couldn't tear off the man's pince-like arms. He was always like this, using brute force to imprison her resistance.

"That Nina is quite suitable for you."

For some reason, Xueluo blurted out these harsh words. Of course, the so-called 'fit' referred to something else.

"I don't have such strong tastes!"

"I can't take it anymore!" Feng Xinglang added.

"What other woman is there that you, Feng Xinglang, can't handle?" Xueluo scoffed.

"I really don't have that sort of hobby!" Feng Xinglang gave Xueluo a shallow peck on the cheek.

"Feng Xinglang, would you die if you don't pretend? She knows you like that … "

Xueluo was too embarrassed to say: "Your Second Young Master Feng's punk has been seen by Nina quite a number of times, right?" You still have the nerve to pretend to be innocent in front of her?

"Just like me, she also has one! I really never thought of letting her off! "

Feng Xinglang rested his chin on Xueluo's shoulder, and used his slightly bearded lips to kiss her cheek, enjoying her smooth and gentle skin.

Was there such a thing before? What does that mean?

Could it be … Is Nina a man? But she clearly looked like a woman!

"Nina, she … She … She is. Someone with a different surname? Or a transvestite? " Xueluo asked in surprise.

"Don't make it sound so bad! She was born with two different surnames! Actually, it would be more accurate to call it developmental deformity. "

"Natural?" Xueluo was shocked.

"She tried very hard. Work seriously and loyally. So I kept her. "

"But... But I was looking at her. She was a woman! Even the voice she spoke in was the delicate tone of a woman. It was impossible to tell that she had the slightest trace of being a man! "

"You will know once you rip off her skirt! Ye Shaonian has done this before! "


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