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The sudden domineering hug made the entire plaza suddenly quiet down, as everyone stared at Xuanyuan Li Er with their eyes wide open.

Because …

Everyone present knew that Xuanyuan Li Er was Zhou Yuan's fiancee, and was even her daughter-in-law who hadn't passed yet. Did they want to give Zhou Yuan a lesson in front of so many people?

"Is he crazy?"

"Is he courting death?"

"It's over, he's dead for sure!"

"You dare to snatch Young Sect Master's woman? Does he want to die? "

"Does he think he can really do whatever he wants just because he won a match? Doesn't he know that the Holy Maiden is Young Sect Master's fiancée? "

… ….

Many people began to mutter in their hearts.

Even if Long Fei won, even if Mr.Celestial agreed to Long Fei's gamble in front of the entire sect, but... After all, he was the Mr.Celestial, the sect master of a fatry sect.

Long Fei did not give any face at all?

In the hearts of many elders, Long Fei was a complete failure.


The killing intent that pervaded out of Zhou Daoren's body was dense and cold. Many of the elders' hearts trembled, and could not help but taunt Long Fei.

"He doesn't know how high the sky is and how deep the earth is!"

"Why don't you see who the woman you're carrying is!"

Zhou Daoren was furious, I am afraid … Long Fei did not have a good ending.

All the elders knew.


Xuanyuan Li Er's heart was also clear that she was moved. Tears welled in her eyes and she wished that she could hug Long Fei tightly. A hundred years of waiting, a hundred years of longing. In the end, she held it in.

Because …

She could not harm Long Fei!

She was very clear about Zhou Daoren's methods.

He also knew that Zhou Yuan had killed a lot of male disciples that he had contact with all these years.

Zhou Daoren was too strong.

Even with the eighteen fairies supporting him, Long Fei still might not be his match.


Overlord Stronger Man made his move, killing him in one move.

Even if eighteen fairies wanted to help Long Fei, he was afraid that he wouldn't be able to stop Zhou Daoren's sneak attack.

Long Fei's life was in danger.

Xuanyuan Li Er forcefully struggled free from Long Fei's embrace, her voice somewhat ice-cold, and said. "Please behave yourself!"


Xuanyuan Li Er retreated half a step, his eyes ice-cold as he said: "The reason why I agreed earlier, was to motivate you, and was because fatry sect wanted you to defeat seas sect. Now that you have won, I congratulate you!"


"I promise you, I'm not giving myself to you. I have a fiance!"

As she said these words, Xuanyuan Li Er's heart was bleeding. She silently thought in her heart: "I'm sorry, Big Brother Long Fei.

She wanted to cry. She wanted to cry.

But she couldn't.

She couldn't let Long Fei see her pain.

Only then would she be able to save Long Fei.

To her, it was already worth it to see Long Fei again after waiting for a hundred years. Even if it meant waiting for a thousand years, she was still willing.

Long Fei was startled, he took a step forward and said: "Li'er, weren't you waiting for me? I am Long Fei, aren't you waiting for me? "I just won, now you're free. There's no marriage contract, no restrictions. You're mine now."

He believed that the queen of blood moon would not lie to him.

Xuanyuan Li Er was definitely his woman.

However …

Xuanyuan Li Er's expression made his heart slightly sink.

Xuanyuan Li Er took another step back, and said: "The person I am waiting for is indeed called Long Fei, but it is not you, and I have always been free to do so without any restrictions.

"Like I said before, the reason I agreed to your request was to motivate you. Now that you have won, you can help fatry sect get back at him, I congratulate you."


"Please remember, I'm not yours."

After he finished speaking, Xuanyuan Li Er's eyes were filled with coldness, stranger, as though he had turned into another person.

At the same time.

She felt the killing intent on Zhou Daoren dissipate, and the corner of her mouth curled into a satisfied smile.

Long Fei was stunned, looking at Xuanyuan Li Er, he felt extremely unfamiliar, he even suspected that they were people with the same surname?

"Is it really wrong?"

"Isn't it her?"

"Damned god's tribe, damnable emperor Xuan, fuck your ancestors, give this daddy's memories to the Seal!" Long Fei clenched his fists tightly and cursed in his heart.

If not for the memory Seal, he would have recognized Xuanyuan Li Er.

The surrounding people couldn't help but laugh.

"So a toad wants to eat swan meat." Hahaha... Like I said, why would the Holy Maiden set her eyes on someone like him and win over her just because of refining? So what if he won? Have you seen the weapons he forged? If not for seas sect's refiner admitting defeat, who knows who would win in the end?!


"Kid, recognize the reality."

"You dare to snatch Young Sect Master's woman, it's better to wash up and sleep."

"Hahaha …"

… ….

Many people began to mock him.

Xuanyuan Li Er remained indifferent. Her eyes were still ice-cold, she did not say anything on Long Fei's behalf.

However …

These mocking words made her heart ache, as though her heart was pierced with thousands of holes. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry … I'm really sorry. "

Long Fei didn't say anymore, and laughed at himself for a bit. He lightly said: "I was just thinking too much."

And then …

Long Fei turned and walked back to the plaza.

At that moment … Xuanyuan Li Er almost couldn't hold back her tears. It was unbearable, suffocating, she felt that her heart would not even beat, it was like she was dead.

She would not be able to take it!

Looking at Long Fei's back, Xuanyuan Li Er's heart was weeping blood, but she did not regret the decision she had made.

Because …

Only then would he be able to save Long Fei!

The corner of Zhou Daoren's mouth raised, he secretly laughed, and the killing intent that he released out from his body disappeared, but … The killing intent in his heart did not disappear, "It doesn't matter if you are the one the Holy Maiden is waiting for, you cannot stay in this world. She was prepared for Yuan'er!"

He would definitely not let a single mistake in Zhou Yuan's Devil Tribulation.

But he had to be absolutely sure!

Long Fei's existence was a threat, they had to get rid of him!

grand defence presbyter walked to Long Fei's side and said, "Where on earth is there no grass? There are a lot of beauties in fatry sect. "I've decided for you."

Long Fei laughed and shook his head: "No need!"

And then …

Long Fei's gaze moved as he looked at the great monk from the seas sect and said: "If you touch my woman and anger this daddy, you will only have one outcome!"


Long Fei held back a ball of anger in his heart.

Xuanyuan Li Er's unfamiliarity made the rage in his heart burn even more furiously.

The monk's eyes turned sinister as he thought to himself, "You are ruining my plan. I will never forgive you!"

Long Fei immediately provoked: "For the remaining three challenges, I'll take them all by myself!"

"Do you dare?"

With that said, everyone in fatry sect was shocked.

What was he trying to do?

Confession failed, had he gone mad? Or could it be... Long Fei wants to die?

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