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Even though Long Fei had the artifact soul clan's Refining Technics, but... How was the Sky Sword recast?

What materials do I need?

He had no idea.


The Sky Sword Spirit had told him to find the god's design craftsman.

Probably, in this world, only the god's design craftsman could recreate Sky Sword.

Long Fei gave the heart of the Sky Sword to god's design craftsman, and said lightly: "Senior, I'll leave everything to you."

god's design craftsman said: "I'll be counting on you too."


He turned around and walked into the cave. He then shut the door with a bang.

He only left behind a confused expression on his white brows.

Abbot Whitebrow ran to the front of the stone door and shouted, "Teacher, master, master …"

"This, this …"

"Master, come out of your seclusion. It's good for you to go to the Tian Ji Summit."


However, no matter how much he yelled, it was useless. The god's design craftsman had no intention of listening to him.

Long Fei said lightly: "Let's go."

Bai Mei turned to look at Long Fei, her eyes filled with anger. She had been unwilling to accept it since the start, but now that the god's design craftsman was no longer around, she directly revealed it.

Staring at Long Fei, her white brows sunk as she said, "Brat, I don't care what you have done to Master, just stand to the side when we reach the Thousand Revolution Peak."

it did not look good for Long Fei at all.

Abbot Whitebrow's temper was rather explosive. If there was anything, it would be written on his face.

If his master did not specifically instruct him, he would not even pay attention to Long Fei.

Don't even bring him to the Tian Ji Summit.

Long Fei laughed bitterly and said: "Whatever you say is fine."

Abbot Whitebrow let out a cold snort. He looked at the stone door with resentment and his heart sank. "What should we do now? It is simply impossible for Senior Brother and I to stop him with just our level of artifact forging. "

"What should I do?"

"Does Master really just watch helplessly as the god's design attic is destroyed?"

"Sigh …"

"A great disaster is about to befall us."

Abbot Whitebrow was depressed.

He was now incredibly worried, because towards the Long Fei beside him, he did not hold any hope, so who would place their hopes on someone with a Warrior Realm?

A fool is about the same!

… ….

Tian Ji Summit.

"I can't see my boss!"

"As expected!"

"The boss didn't come."

"It's not a matter of whether he comes or not. Is he dead or alive?"

In the dark.

Xiao Bai and his group kept on attacking the people in the plaza, but.. No matter how many times they checked, they could not find any trace of Long Fei.

Fu Xishan also walked into the room, shook his head, and said: "I asked for the name of the elder at god's design attic, but Long Fei's name was not found."

queen of blood moon's eyes went cold, "Then … Has husband not come back yet? "

su su's tears fell down his face, "The black hole engulfing everything! The entire western regions is gone, big brother Long Fei …"

The more he spoke, the more tears welled out of his eyes.

Lan Mei's eyes also tensed up, his fists clenched tightly as he stared at the nearby presbyter of god's tribe who was flaunting his strength, his teeth chattering loudly, before he shouted, "god's tribe!"

Xiao Bai said: "I believe Boss is still alive, it's just that he hasn't appeared here. Boss has experienced countless calamities, and every single time he has not escaped with his life, nothing will happen to him."

Bing Huo immediately said, "I believe it too!"

"Huff …" Elder Swordsman let out a long breath, and said: "Since Long Fei did not appear, then we must change our plans."

tan dapao said solemnly: "Change what? The boss is not here, this daddy is going to fight with the god's tribe dog."

tang long stared at the two veiled demon dwellers, wanting to rush out several times.

The Senior Mie said solemnly: "Elder Swordsman is right, since we think that Long Family is still alive, then we must continue to endure, the current god's tribe is so powerful, we cannot fight head on, we can only wait for the right opportunity."

Fu Xishan said: "Follow me back to the Merchant Union?"

"My Fu family controls the Secret World several times. As long as we hide inside the Secret World, it would be very difficult to find the people from the god's tribe."

"I will keep a close eye on Long Fei." Fu Xishan was also anxious in her heart, it was just that she did not reveal it.


Fu Xishan looked at the plaza, and said: "It's just that this time, whether or not the Thousand Revolution Pavilion can protect themselves."

"If the god's tribe wants to use the god's design attic, I'm afraid that the god's design attic will not be able to escape this time."

A sinister look appeared in everyone's eyes.

His eyes were filled with hatred, but even more so, it was filled with unwillingness.

If they were strong enough, they wouldn't be able to avoid cowering like a turtle.

After a long while, the Elder Swordsman said slightly: "Let's plan this out first, we will hide with Business Alliance of Fu Family first, as for god's design attic … There's nothing we can do. "

The aura of the two ancient demon dwellers was extremely dangerous.

It wasn't something they could deal with.

Fu Xishan said: "Then you guys wait a moment, I'll take you guys to leave after I deliver the goods."

… ….

In another place.

Li Yuanba's gaze was also constantly searching, "Boss, Boss, are you really not here?"

Last time he missed the opportunity, Li Yuanba was extremely frustrated.

He felt extremely regretful in his heart.

This time he entered the god's design attic in advance because he was afraid that he would make another mistake.

However …

He checked everyone who entered the Tian Ji Summit but there was no sign of Long Fei.

Qing Yi comforted her: "Don't worry, he will definitely be fine."

Li Yuanba's heart sank, "Boss, where exactly are you? "There's really not much time left."

… ….

Oya was watching.

He also did not find Long Fei.

Her heart was equally worried.

After all, it was a black hole devouring.

She didn't see Long Fei's figure, so she kept holding onto her heart and felt very uncomfortable.

… ….

"Nephew, my nephew, are you here yet or not?"

"Where are you?"

"I'm really going to be driven crazy by you."

Murong Xiong kept looking through them, but they were all … Nothing.

There were tens of thousands of people in the plaza of Qianji Peak. It was very difficult to eliminate each of them one by one. Moreover, without a specific aura or special characteristics, finding a person was too difficult!

Of course.

That was not the absolute reason.

They only placed their target in the middle of this group of people. They never would have thought that Long Fei would be brought to god's design attic by White-brow.

"Who is he?"

Grand Court looked at Long Fei.

The white-browed man said angrily, "A useless person."

"Senior Brother, let's not talk about him anymore. Tell me about the current situation?"

He did not want to introduce Long Fei.

He was even more unwilling to call Long Fei the Ancestral Founder.

Long Fei was basically useless in his eyes.

The Grand Court looked at Long Fei, and then his eyes turned serious as he said: "Murong Xiong is right, this time the god's tribe is going to take advantage of us, the god's design attic."

"Everyone here, all the artificers are from the god's tribe."

"These weapons craftsmen from the various transcendent sects are still alright. The key is just those two."

His eyes looked at the two demon dwellers with veils.

Abbot Whitebrow's eyes narrowed, "A powerhouse from the ancient world?"

The Grand Court nodded.

Long Fei also took the opportunity to take a look.

In that instant. His eyes lit up with excitement, "F * ck, two big BOSSes shining with golden light!"

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