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Chapter 650: The Secret of the Three Divine Seeds

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“Not many of my comrades were left after the battle. Some are dead, while others are crippled. Despite being the weakest one alive, I am the only one who can once more set my foot on this soil. Perhaps, I’m the only one who can obtain the fortune we’ve been seeking.”

The old woman laughed wryly with a sullen expression on her wrinkled face. She looked at the landscape emotionally and reminisced about the olden days.

That was because she was young back then, and moreover, she could kill unscrupulously here. She felt a great sense of accomplishment as she killed the evolvers of the eleventh planet in the starry skies.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh…

Some of them tried to flee during her reminiscent daze because they knew there was no escape from a horrifying death if they continued to stay here. The pile of human skins lying on the ground amplified their fear, and they did not want to end up like them.

“Kids, come on down. Grandma loves you all very much!” The old woman smiled as she lightly shook the Divine Blood Banner in her hands. Bloody qi filled the air and engulfed everything in its path, especially those who had fled. Their remnants fell from mid air—the only thing left of them were piles of skin and bones.

“Senior, my grandfather was once the disciple of the Purple Python Saint and was a close friend with the Godly Spirit Race. I beg for your mercy to spare me, please allow me to leave.”

The haughtiness on the purple-robed young man vanished as he flung away his fan with both his knees dropped on the ground to beg for mercy, cowering in fear.

She sighed and said, “What a headache. The time to reveal the existence of the Divine Blood Banner is not ripe and will definitely cause a massive problem once the news is leaked. I think ending your life now would be a better option as a dead man tells no tales.”

The old woman shook her head with an indifferent smile

“Senior, please have mercy! I have a secret that you may be interested to know to trade with my life!” the Purple Python Spirit yelled loudly.

The old woman’s interest was piqued. “Oh, and what would that secret be?”

“The Purple Python race is the direct descendant of the True Dragon race, our bodies deteriorated into snake form due to certain accidents. But there are some ancient items to be found in the sacred ground, and one of my ancestors had once found a stone wall carved with primeval inscription. On the stone wall, there was a sentence that reads ‘Kunlun may have…'”

The snake spirit paused intentionally.

“Why the pause? I hope you are not waiting for me to force it out of you.” The old woman snickered coldly.

The snake spirit replied, “I hope that Senior can vow by the name of the founder of the Spirit Race that I will be released and sent home to my Grandfather without harm in return for the secret.”

“You are rather brave trying to coerce me, aren’t you?” she coldly uttered.

“I dare not, I just wanted to make it out from here alive. At the very least, if Senior attempts to use force against me, my spiritual energy will explode and I’ll be bringing the secret to my grave!” the Purple Python Spirit stood his ground and answered with full resolution.

“Very well, then.” The old woman vowed that the Purple Python Spirit would be released without harm should the secret be deemed valuable to her.

Truth to be told, the snake spirit was fairly passive and scared at the moment. He was worried that there would loopholes in her vow, but with the vow done, he was left with no choice but to reveal the secret in the end.

“It was a very succinct sentence stating that there may be seeds of the Yang-Realm sealed in Kunlun!” The snake spirit solemnly revealed.

As soon as she heard the ‘secret’, the old woman’s expression darkened. “You dared to claim these few words you spew out is this so-called ‘secret’? Do you take me for an old fool?!”

However, Chu Feng, who was slightly further, away trembled as he heard the words. He gave it some thought and soon realized that the ‘Seeds’ mentioned could very well be the things he had been carrying with him all along!

The snake spirit was startled by the old woman’s reaction and hurriedly explain further, “You may not be aware, but the inscription on the wall in our sacred ground was verified by the saints. It was a relic, carved by the most ancient True Dragon Race, the leader of the very first group of heaven-illuminators who had passed on during the ancient times.”

“Hmm?!” The old lady was stunned for a moment after hearing it. She took in the information and thought about it seriously.

The first leader of the True Dragon Race was the most ancient dragon with unmeasurable supremacy and most likely was the strongest character across the cosmos.

“According to some clues we found, it was assumed that the inscription was carved by the dragon during its lucid consciousness right before its death when it deducted Kunlun was the right place.”

The old woman’s expression turned extremely terrifying, and her eyes erupted in golden radiance when she heard what the Purple Python Spirit had just said. She went up to the snake spirit and grabbed his collar before he could react to extort more information.

The serpent hung a wry smile on his face and said, “In the primeval times, no one knew where and what a place Kunlun was, or even mentioned about it during that time.”

He helplessly continued, “Only when the Earth took form and became the 11th planet did the name ‘Kunlun’ was made known across the cosmos. However, that was something that happened a billion years later after the death of the true dragon.”

Then he sighed and revealed a hypothesis. The Purple Python Race believed that the Deity Race may be aware of this secret as well, hence, a war was initiated during the ancient times to annihilate Earth completely.

“The reason the Deity Race had attacked this planet back then wasn’t just because they felt threatened and worried that the 10th place will be snatched. It was plausible that they harbored schemes regarding the fortunes here such as the breathing techniques, The Primal Chaos Inheritance Pagoda, and more importantly… the seeds of the Yang-Realm deduced by the most ancient dragon on its dying breath!”

The expression on the old woman’s face changed greatly at the words spoken by the snake spirit. She was one of the Heavenly Knights who had once conquested this land and knew the attitudes of the Deity Race like the back of her hand.

She carefully recalled the details from her memory of that bloody occasion she was once a part of. She noticed that the Deity Race almost turned the entire Kunlun upside down as if they were looking for something.

Unfortunately, the work was discontinued midway due to a lack of time.

“What you said seemed to make sense but you actually dared to reveal this matter knowing that your race will face annihilation if leaked!” The old woman sneered.

“It’s indeed a secret that should never be leaked out due to the unpredictable consequences. That’s precisely the reason why I am trading it for my life. The Divine Blood Banner and the inscription on the stone wall are both things that shouldn’t be revealed at any cost. Hence, we should mutually keep these secrets to ourselves.”

“Stand aside for now.” It was obvious that her killing intent had not subsided, yet the old woman did not make a move on him immediately. She had to eliminate the rest to prevent the information from leaking out.


Mournful wails were heard from those who had succumbed to the horrifying death.

However, something seemingly caught her attention when it was Chu Feng’s turn. The old woman smiled to him and said, “What an inborn beauty this little one has. You’re already this lovely looking at such a young age, it’s only a matter of time before you grow up into a woman of ethereal beauty. Hm, not bad. You can serve as a maid to my 21st generation grandson after removing your memories.”

Chu Feng was immersed in his own thoughts after he heard about the seeds of the Yang-Realm and immediately thought of the three seeds he had been carrying with him. He knew that they must be something valuable as they were tightly sealed in the stone box, yet it did not cross his mind that it might even be more shocking than he had imagined.

The most ancient True Dragon, the cosmos’ strongest heaven-illuminator from a billion years ago, still sought it even on its dying breath!

Chu Feng’s deep contemplation was misunderstood as being confused in the eyes of other people. That adorable look made the old woman smile on her face as she waved her hands toward him.

“Little girl, come here. It isn’t an insult to you to become the maid of my descendant because only a girl with such ephemeral beauty and good body structure is worthy to be with him. Do you know who he is? He’s the Myriad Star Physique Xu Chengxian, one who’s destined to dominate the starry skies!

The old woman’s face was full of joy at the mention of him. He had always been her pride and joy because never in her wildest dreams did she expect to have a descendant with a Myriad Star Physique. She believed that this descendant of hers was destined to conquer and rule over the whole Spirit Race!

Chu Feng finally came to his senses. He was so vexed that he almost scolded, “You old bag of a crone must be joking! Me as a maid you say? I’m a man!”

He even wanted to yell out that it was 100 years too early for that Xu Chengxian to dream about an engagement with Qin Luoyin because he was nowhere up to her level!

Chu Feng knew that he was born to doom the Spirit Race!

The sullen expression and the flicker in his eyes were seen by the old woman. She put on a happier face and said, “We, the descendants of the Godly Spirit, are followers of God. Come with me and you shall enjoy boundless achievements.”

She tried to instill fear by saying, “Look at these skins here, it was because they were so weak that killing them is no harder than killing ants.”

Chu Feng prepared to attack as he was fumed with anger!

“Come here, child. I will bring you to look at the bloodbath from the beast tide uprising and harvest the fresh blood of the indigenous people. Oh, how I missed the days I once rode here with my good friends as we slaughtered countless weaklings and stirred the great unrest.”

Chu Feng almost went berserk when he heard her. However, in the end, he suppressed his wrath and obediently walked toward her in due caution. No matter how one looked at ‘her’, ‘she’ was pure and innocent like a little white bunny with a pair of big clear eyes.

The old woman was very satisfied with the child. “Well done, child, grandma loves girls like you the most. I can see that you have great potential in that little body of yours, you’ll definitely become an exceptional right-hand person of my good grandson.”

Undoubtedly, Chu Feng’s delicate appearance was perfect. That pair of crystal clear big eyes and the way he walked showed a little awkwardness and hesitation, much like a frightened little white bunny.

This was the first time he had made perfect use of the transformation on his body.


In the next second, a long deep scarlet blade in Chu Feng’s hand pierced through the air as quick as lightning, allowing no chance for anyone to defend against the close ranged strike.

The strike was fatally precise. The explosive scarlet glow swiftly sliced through the air and effectively cut through the body of the old woman.

“Ah…. You!!” The old woman was appalled by the sudden strike. She couldn’t detect any killing intent nor any suspicious movement from this cross-dressing young man.

All she saw was just an innocent and docile “young girl”, but in the end, an explosive strike of the scarlet blade charged toward her. In a blink of an eye, a slash befell on the old woman’s waist and everything was dyed red.


Blood splattered everywhere as her body was halved horizontally, separating her torso from the lower half of the body.

“Damned old Heavenly Knight, you were soaked with the blood of the innocent lives you had claimed and yet you dare set foot on these lands. Only your death can atone for the bloody massacre you have caused!

“Also, you old crone, you actually thought of giving me away as a maid to that idiot descendant of yours? Do you even know who am I? Take a good look at me, you damned thing. I am a man, goddamnit! ”

Chu Feng was raging with unspeakable anger even though he had successfully killed the old woman.

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