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Chapter 192: Sir, you cheated us!

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“Those episodes are released!” Fang Qi pointed at the top of the small blackboard and said, “Today, the 7th and 8th episodes are released!”

“Sir! One bowl of instant noodles with one sausage and a bottle of Coke!” Ye Xiaoye touched her small pocket and then pointed behind her while saying, “It’s on my dad!”

Ye Songtao: “…”

“Isn’t that Faction Master Ye?” Lan Mo looked at the figure who had just entered the shop.

“Jade Dynasty? What’s that?”

“No!” Jun Yangzi, Li Haoran’s master who was in the deep-blue robe, said in bafflement, “To learn the scientific approach of making artifacts, we must play Resident Evil and Counter Strike, right?” They were about to push open the door when a few people appeared in front of the internet café, creating a gentle breeze!

“The man who just walked in seems to be An Huwei?” Lan Mo froze.

“Yeah,” Jun Yangzi said, “The two guys with An Huwei seem to be Master Ouyang of the Ouyang Family and Master Bu of the Bu Family!”

“Ugh?” They looked at each other before walking into the shop.

“He is indeed An Huwei!” Lan Mo finally confirmed his suspicions.

An Huwei paid at the counter and then went to the cupboard to pick up a purple bowl-shaped box before tearing open the seasoning packages.

On the other side, Ye Songtao carried a box in his left hand which looked the same as the one in An Huwei’s hand, and there was a bottle of a black drink in his right hand.

“Huh?” They gaped at this sight.

“Ugh? Alliance Master Lan? Master Jun Yangzi?” Ye Songtao’s eyes lit up. “How come you’re here as-as well?”

Lan Mo snorted. “It’s my question for you guys. Faction Master Ye, you guys don’t want to go to the Cultivation Realm. Instead, you all come to this remote place. What are you up to?”

“About that…” Ye Songtao called out, “Xiaoye, prepare two bowls of instant noodles for your Uncle Lan and Uncle Jun Yangzi. Remember the sausages!”


“Let’s go and watch the TV series!” Ye Songtao led them to the counter to pay.

“Watch… the TV series?!” They looked at each other in bafflement.

Soon, they found two seats under Ye Songtao’s guidance.

“Ugh? Alliance Master Lan and Daoist Jun Yangzi? You’re here?” Xue Daolv walked over with a group of disciples.

“You’re here, too?!” Lan Mo exclaimed, “How come you’re all here? By the way, what is this Jade Dynasty that Faction Master Ye just mentioned?”

“You’ll know it after watching!” Ye Songtao clicked open the Super Theater for them.

At this moment, Ye Xiaoye came over with two bowls of instant noodles.

“Wow! This smells so good!” The two put on the virtual reality headset and picked up the bowls of instant noodles. “Hiss! This Green Cloud Faction is magnificent!”

“Still, it’s not as good as our Wuwei Daoist Alliance!”

“Yeah! Yeah!”

“Hiss! This Ancestral Master…”

“Is he an immortal?!”

“He’s flying on a sword?! So fast?! There’s such a faction in the world?!” They enjoyed the instant noodles while watching the TV series with great interest.

“His cultivation strength has reached the peak!” They exclaimed as their eyeballs almost popped out of the sockets!

“I wonder what will happen when the Bloodthirsty Bead and that black staff combine with each other!” Su Tianji said as she opened Jade Dynasty.

“Will Xiaofan die?”

“Master! Master! Hurry and watch!” At this moment, Yuexin who had opened the TV series before the others exclaimed.

“What?!” Su Tianji immediately opened the TV series and watched as the Bloodthirsty Bead and the Soul Absorbing Staff experienced a strange transformation, and Zhang Xiaofan was hit by it since he was the closest to it!

After absorbing a large amount of Zhao Xiaofan’s essence blood, they began to merge into each other instead of fighting with each other!

“How could this happen?!”

“They were two conflicting fierce objects. Is it possible that they now share the same aura after swallowing Zhang Xiaofan’s blood? And that is why they stopped fighting?” Su Tianji murmured to herself at this scene, “That should be the general idea… But the details are probably very complicated!”

“I can’t believe that this big problem is solved in this way?! It was a narrow escape!”

“This should be a very special artifact making technique!” Xue Daolv said in excitement, “It’s such a coincidence that these two fierce objects merged and triggered this special artifact making technique!”

“It looks to be a treasure!”

“However, this is the only good news for Zhang Xiaofan. He likes his senior sister, but she likes someone else. Also, his bro has far surpassed him in cultivation strength. It doesn’t look good for him if this trend continues!”

“I’m full after eating the instant noodles!” Su Tianji patted her belly. “To avoid getting hiccups, I’d better eat a container Haagen-Dazs.”

At this moment, players were still activating Silent Hill 2. People could accumulate their cultivation strengths slowly, but it was hard to increase their mental strengths, which was why they were eager to use this game to achieve this purpose.

Meanwhile, Lan Mo and Jun Yangzi were talking about the TV series. “This Tai Chi Mystic Pure Dao is so good?!”

“We need to upgrade the basic cultivation technique in our faction… Ours seem to be weaker than those in the TV series…”

“They are not weaker… Isn’t the fundamental level of the Blue Flame Heavenly Scroll, the ultimate technique of our faction, very powerful?!”

“However… Compared with our technique, this technique has its unique features. The Tai Chi Mystic Pure Dao is worthy of learning. Erm, I think the high-level techniques in our faction can be improved!”

“Right! Right!”

“Does it mean that the Cloud Ocean Faction and the Liuyun Daoist Palace had begun making improvements long ago?!” Lan Mo slapped his hand on his thigh.

“We can’t let the situation continue like this! By that time, the people of the Cloud Ocean Faction and Liuyun Daoist Palace will travel on swords, and we would still need to travel on spiritual boats with our disciples, being left behind in the dust! It will be humiliating!”

“Wang Kuan, the special messenger, didn’t even report this to me!” Lan Mo said angrily.

“Ugh… Senior Brother, I remember that you scolded him for speaking nonsense…”

Lan Mo’s face twitched. “Did I?”

“Forget it! We’ll study the so-called Tai Chi Mystic Pure Spell first!”

At this moment, Su Tianji and the others had finished watching the two newest episodes.

“Fortunately, the TV series didn’t end at a critical moment!” An Huwei said.

“Sir!” Su Tianji complained. “Can you release two more episodes today?! I finished them in an instant!”

“Yeah!” Ye Xiaoye protested. “I feel like today’s two episodes were very short! Did you cheat us on the episode length?!”

Fang Qi had just finished watching as well. “Look at the time yourself! Each episode lasted 55 minutes! Not one minute less!”

“You might have adjusted the time forward a bit,” Nalan Mingxue said the words with a straight face; she looked very sincere.

Fang Qi’s face twitched. “Can’t you stop accusing me unfairly?!”

Then, he glanced at his task list and said, “Today, there’s a new TV series. Do you want to watch it?”

With that said, he added a new line on the small blackboard.

[Today’s New Item: The first four episodes of the TV series – Wind and Cloud.]

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